Exclusive: Percentage Of U.S./Canadian Equipment (Parts) Content For EVs – Table

AUG 28 2014 BY MARK KANE 7

Tesla Model S Production Rate Now At 700 Units Per Week

Tesla Model S Production

InsideEVs has one of the best community and often its our readers in comments who provide us with some of the most interesting stuff. Recently, we found some percentage U.S./Canadian equipment (parts) content for EVs and quickly decided to explore the topic.

Based on NHTSA data inĀ American Automobile Labeling Act (AALA) for different model years, we prepared a list of models that we were able to identified. Year 2015 isn’t ready yet.

The odd observation is that “most American car” on the list is Wheego (oh yeah) – 73% for MY2011! At least this is what we found.

Besides Wheego, Tesla Model S reached the highest ratio of 55% US/Canada content for MY2013, however that figure fell back to 50% for 2014.

Chevrolet Volt increased from original 40% for MY2011 to 46% for MY2012 and basically stuck at 45% for another two years. Strange that data shows “Sources of Vehicle’s Transmission(s)” – Japan, then US, then again Japan (maybe bugs).

The Nissan LEAF began with 0% and since MY2013 has been going up with production in Tennessee – 15%, 35% and finally 40% for MY2015 (for the very first time U.S./Canadian equipment content will be higher than Japan). Why NHTSA’s data still indicates that the motor comes from Japan, when we know that Nissan announced production of motors in Tennessee remains unknown.

Ford Focus Electric did well with 45% for MY2014.

In general, both the U.S and Japan seems strong in the plug-in market.

Hat Tip to Brian Henderson!!!

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Three different plug-in models that have been made 100% in Japan.

Impressive domestic support by Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi.

Brian is the man!

The Fisker Karma is missing, final assembly was in Uusikaupunki, Finland.

The BMW i3 is also missing, final assembly in Leipzig, Germany.

They forgot the Ford Energi models.

so all the cost and risk of cell manufacture is ignored because its not a labour/materials cost.

Nissan’s and LGs? cell factories in USA, value is ignored.

(and there is a cost to the risk, just ask mitsubishi)

It will be interesting to see the effect on the American made content level for the Tesla when the Gigafactory is producing the batteries. I read an article recently that said it could possibly make the Tesla Model S the Most American made.

On a side note, I have grown to really prefer the Kogod American made auto index over any other. Much more practical approach to all of the considerations.

Damn . . . that list is disappointing. Just barely hitting 50% with a few models. šŸ™

C’mon Gigafactory! All hope lies upon you to deliver the EV biz from a small niche to the mainstream.

Rav4 EV built in Canada but not available in Canada… Toyota at its finest.