People Love Their EVs THIS Much – Infographic

NOV 13 2016 BY MARK KANE 14

Evatran Plugless

Evatran Plugless

Evatran, the company that stands behind the Plugless wireless charging systems recently released a great infographic entitled – People Love Their EVs THIS Much.

It would really be a shame to not use this “1-sheet” to spread the word about how good electric cars are.

“As makers of the world’s first wireless EV charger, everyone here at Plugless loves EVs. We had fun putting together some visuals showing just what makes your EV one of the coolest cars on the road”

Check out more info on wireless systems from Plugless Power here, or shop for a wireless unit of your own for the Tesla Model S, Chevy Volt or Nissan LEAF here.

People Love Their EVs THIS Much - Infographic by Plugless

People Love Their EVs THIS Much – Infographic by Plugless

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Nice infographic.

I wished they would break out the plug-in hybrids from the pure EVs, so the monthly fuel and maintenance savings would be much greater.


Battery life on many Electrics has been amazing. I’ve seen many models with good cooled batteries that should last 20-30 years. They also have a 2nd life for batteries as home and utility back up.
Charging Off Peak helps the GRID, many of us now have Solar PV ,Wind and even Geo-Thermal energy.

Kind of funny that Consumer Reports has recently down rated the 2013 Nissan Leaf “”Worst of the Worst””. Go figure!

The early battery.

Yeah, what’s up with that? Is the absence of active thermal management mostly to blame, or does the battery chemistry type play into the equation?

The early Leaf batteries are not suited for hot climate. They are only air cooled and the chemistry does not like hot temperatures. Thats it.
My Leaf has past 4 years and battery is still at 87%

Miles driven?

52 000 km (should be just over 32 000 miles). From other drivers in Norway with gen battery it seems first bar (15%) typically disappears around 4 years/100 000 km. I guess I will lose my first bar around 5 years 70 000 km.

Same here. Exactly at 4 year mark now and at 86%, 45000km. Car has spent 2 years in CA/San Jose and 2 in Finland. Almost zero degradation in Finland.

The 2013 model was the beginning of the ‘Lizard Battery”. I’ve just opened up both a 2013 pack and a 2015 pack, and they appear identical. SO, not the ‘early battery’ bringing down the 2013 score.

Actually the “lizard battery” began in 2015.

Louisiana and Iowa tied for #10, so don’t loose your mind looking for #11..

Also, KY is listed a #12 but the $$ puts it in the 30’s somewhere.