Pehlivan Electric Car From Turkey Claimed To Be “Better Than A Tesla”


It seems the name Tesla is popular in Turkey too, where a prototype electric car called the Pehlivan Elektrak was revealed; and the nation’s Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Isik was quick to state:

“Our car will be better and safer than Tesla’s car.” 

Ok, moving on.

The protoype electric car, partially support by the Turkish government, completed a two-week tour of Turkey and surrounding countries.

Few details are known in regards to this car, but we can say with certainty it ain’t a Tesla beater. For starters, it looks like some kind of kit car that been thrown together with random parts, including some sideview mirrors that are actually from a Ford Fiesta. It’s also not pure electric, but rather some sort of range-extended plug-in vehicle.

Minister Isik stated:

“We will need a producer to start manufacturing. We will announce crucial cooperation deals for this part very soon.”

Isik believes that this car and other electric car coming from Turkey will be able to compete with the likes of Tesla. We disagree, but the more electric cars the merrier.

Below is a video of the Pehlivan Electrak with this video description:

Students from a Turkish university made this electric race car that can reach a top speed up to 110 km/h. They are using it to compete with their counterparts from other universities. At this time they were making a tour around the region presenting their product. The rearview mirrors are from a Ford Fiesta (donation from a local Ford dealer).

Source: Washington Post

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I wonder how great North Korean EV will be. If partial Turkish government can make EV better than a Tesla, surely the socialist paradise’s dear leader could come up with something ludicrously great.

The Title is Misleading …They Say Their “Will Be” Better than Tesla ..Not THAT `Their car “Is`better than Tesla ….Maybe it will BE BETTER THAN TESLA … IN ANOTHER LIFE on another Planet !………L M A O…..cheers


70mph is hardly a golfcart. Fact is something like it can do 90% of US trips.
And done right as a 200 mile EV, it could sell for just $16k.
As it would only need a20kwhr pack to do that likely.

20 kWh to do 200 miles isn’t likely. I investigate scenarios where SparkEV (19 kWh) drag coefficient of 0.15, and range is only 120 miles at 60 MPH. If you want to see what I did, scroll down to “Hoping for SparkEV 2.0” in blog post “SparkEV range”

The Trick is not a 200 Mile Range, but – a 200 mile range at Freeway Speeds – in the Dead of Winter with a comfortably warm cab, frost free windows, and a place to quickly charge again, to keep going, else – you have a commuter car with extra range!

My Electricfly – – uses a minimum of 67-100 Wh/Km, a Maximum of 277-285 Wh/Km, and an average level Highway usage at 100 Kph of about 137-140 Wh/Km – so how much range do you think you could get from 20 kWh in that?

Math: Optimum at Minimum energy Usage = about 10-15 Km/kWh; Average = about 7 Km/kWh; Worst case = about 3.5 Km/kWh!

So – that means – it should do at least 70 Km’s (~45 Miles); it might get 142-145 Km in steady freeway driving (87-90 Miles); and a highest optimum of about 200 – 300 Km’s (125 – 187 Miles Range!

OK – So – in SOME Conditions – that car might reach 200 miles, but would it do it at highway speeds? Let us see the proof!

After seeing it from behind I hope it comes standard with backup camera.

“Our car will be better and safer than Tesla’s car.”

Hmmm, I would guess the only way it will be safer is if it’s a lot slower.

“…this electric race car that can reach a top speed up to 110 km/h.”

No, I meant more like jogging speed. 😉

PFFT! Criticize this car, and Erdogan will sue you!

Turks apparently have a tendency to self-confidence.

Just refer to it as the so-called not very good Turkish PEV and you should be OK.

I’m fine with them trying to build their own.

Maybe they’re going to try to copy China’s successful protectionism and favoritism.

Turkey is the new süper power.

Looks interesting and could easily beat Tesla in wthr/mile likely under 100wthr/mile if done right.
But in safety and most everything else, not a chance.

I thought there is no way this Pehlivan is “Better than a Tesla,” until that team of Turks pushed it up the ramp into the box truck. I’ve got to say, the Pehlivan Summons/Autopark function is way better than Tesla’s Summons/Autopark, which can’t go up even a slight incline. Hats off to you Pehlivan Summons/Autopark-car-pushing men!

Maybe they hired some wrestlers to do the pushing.

To paraphrase Obama: “Cynicism… is easy. Cynics also don’t do much.”

It would be sad to think your only purpose here is to mock Tesla at every possible opportunity. I just don’t get why. Were you traumatized by EVs as a child?

So says InsideEVs’ resident GM cynic.

Anon, reading comprehension is not your strong suit. FYI, I was mocking the Pehlivan EV and Turkey’s Science, Industry and Technology Minister, Fikri Isik, who claimed that the Pehlivan EV was “better and safer than Tesla’s car.”

Why am I getting personally attacked for making pro-Tesla comments? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I just hope it’s better than their BEKO white goods,

It’s hardly a Turkish Delight !

Its got a bunch of decals on it, maybe that means something.

The paint job was spotty….

I’ll bet they offered it for sale and 410k Turkish citizens put up a $1000 dollar equivalent deposit to be one of the first to get one.

Or maybe not.

How did it warp from students having fun to just about to sign a production contract?

Since the Turks can’t really compete with Tesla on engineering or safety or manufacturing, maybe they’re trying to compete on the level of hype? 😉

This Turkey EV makes the Bolt look like a dream. 🙂

Well, as I get it: It was a students’ project. For that I think it’s a great result.
I actually like a few things about it: The basic shape is to my taste (a little bit of Audi TT and VW XL1). The closed rear wheel housing (just like the XL1, too) is a good thing for aero drag. I just don’t understand why no volume produced car does have those.

I just have respect for the work of the students despite the rather not so sensible statements of the politician. Sad for the students somehow…

Will it be a Turnkey car or will it be sold in kit… ( joke here ) lol