Patent Images Reveal Lineup Of Volkswagen Electric Vehicles


Autocar has come across a series of patent images tied to Volkswagen.

According to Autocar, these images show two different electric vehicles, with one being a sports car and the other a minibus.

Quoting Autocar:

“Volkswagen is planning to introduce an electric sports car and minibus to its new zero-emission line-up, with the brand’s patented images published on the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) website.”

The first car, seen above, is a sporty coupe-ish vehicle that appears to be extremely aerodynamic. It also features gullwing doors. This image is certainly the more dramatic of the two and likely shows a prototype electric car that VW will unveil at some point in the future.

The other image (seen below) shows us what VW has in mind for its promised electric minibus. The minibus image sort of resembles the 101 kWh VW Budd-e electric concept that’s been on display for quite some time now.


VW Electric Mini Bus

VW Electric Mini Bus (via Autocar)

Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept

Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept

There were no technical details released with any of the images (additional images here), but we do know that Volkswagen is planning to launch an entire lineup of electric vehicles on the scalable EV platform called MEB.

Those vehicles include Budd-e, as well as the small hatchback I.D. with 250-plus miles of range that was recently unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. Additional vehicle launches beyond these first two electric models have not yet been revealed by Volkswagen.

Source: Autocar

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Also emitting more vapor than official test results

They must have use a vapor defeat device during the tests. The scoundrels!

In all these stories of patent images of new EVs, I haven’t read an explanation of why these images are sent to the patent offices. What exactly are the innovations that these companies are trying to patent?

Q: “What exactly are the innovations that these companies are trying to patent?”

A: Mirror-less cars, with 10-series tires, which require no door handles, windshield wipers, or front license plates.

It’s called the US Patent AND Trademark Office. These car designs are in the process of Trademark.

Thanks for the explanation. I understand patents cover an idea and that trademarks are to cover design elements, not necessarily patentable.
I wasn’t aware that car companies submit their designs to the P&T office.
Is this something that the car companies have been doing forever and we’re just seeing some of these sketches because EVs are cool and people look for sketches, FCC designs, and other open-source info on them, whereas most people aren’t poring over patent sketches for Toyota Camrys?


These are probably Design patents. Design patents cover ornamental designs, not inventions. Those are covered by Utility patents.

Trust me, I know this stuff.

That Electric Mini Bus looks so much better that vague looking BUDD-e. A solar roof on it and the Electric Mini Bus would be the perfect Hippie bus v2.0, worthy replacing the Type 2.

Yes! I imagine it in the context of being shared between campus students, autopiloted for self-charging, and with free wifi of course. I think that has huge potential, especially if it resembles legendary Typ 2.

Nice to see VW starting to take aerodynamics seriously.

Who says these concepts are EV?
They look much more like down sized turbo diesel to me!