Patent Drawings Possibly Reveal New BMW i4/i5 Electric Hatchback


BMW i5 Patent Drawing Via Autocar

BMW i5 Patent Drawing Via Autocar

Patent images filed in Japan (hmm…why Japan?) reveal what’s being reported to be the next BMW i electric car.

According to Autocar:

“A large hatchbrack under the BMW i sub-brand has been revealed in patent images, and takes the form of a large hatchback.”

It’s clear from the images that this is a BMW i branded hatchback, but what’s odd is that the filing occurred in Japan and that the images were first discovered by a Canadian website (something seems a bit fishy here, but we’ll move on).

The four-door hatchback seen in the images makes use of the BMW i3’s somewhat controversial rear suicide doors. Those doors may be okay in the shorter i3, but in a larger vehicle like this i4/i5, the length of those rear doors could be problematic.

BMW i5 Patent Drawing Via Autocar

BMW i5 Patent Drawing Via Autocar

Autocar adds:

“It’s expected, given the recent news of BMW’s broadening planned electric vehicle lineup, that the car will be a pure electric vehicle, rather than a range-extended EV like the i3, or a petrol-electric hybrid, like the i8.”

BMW i5 Patent Drawing Via Autocar

BMW i5 Patent Drawing Via Autocar

We’ve long assumed that BMW’s next electric car in the i lineup would be something along the lines of what we see here. Meaning, we expect the next i car to be a midsize-ish hatchback with four door and more interior space than the i3. A crossover-like vehicle was even hinted at in the past.

These images likely reveal a very early design sketch of the next proposed BMW i car, which likely means that it’s still several years away from production. We mostly like what we see though, so perhaps it’ll be worth the wait.

Source nad more pics/details: Autocar

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there are pretty nice drawings. rear seat headroom might be a bit of a challenge, though. i’m not sure that i see the issue with the rear doors, though, but there isn’t enough information to tell.

don’t “suicide doors” require additional structural support in the roof? that would seem to me to be a bigger practicality issue, because such a limitation would seem to restrict you from being able to design lower profile cars because you need the additional height to provide adequate headroom in the passenger compartment.

No. Check the actual roof line, it doesn’t drop down, just the side sheetmetal.

it looks sloped to me

These are CG 3D “quick shade” renders, presumably from BMW CAD files; not drawings.

The fact that a paint shader was not used on the model, is particularly interesting. Grey renders are typically used to evaluate form during the early design process. Color and fancy specularity can be distracting…

Looks legit. Glad it’s a HATCHBACK!

It’s not unusual to file patents in countries around the world so as to hide development and R&D as long as possible from the competition.

We’ve seen “i5” leaks before. Going to go ahead and say take this with a pinch… er.. a whole bag of salt.

Anyhoo…can’t judge looks based on these characterless patent CADs that manufacturers have…

but, can’t resist… BMW iVenza?

Disclaimer: I do think the Venza is a nice looking vehicle and I do like BMWs. Not hating on it.

That’s what popped into my head upon first glance: a BMW-ified Venza.

Maybe that is why it is patented in Japan, because it is a BMW/Toyota cooperative effort.

Maybe Toyota has (finally) seen tge light and is going with BMW for their experience….

Story with more pics are here:

How do these patent drawings mesh up with past BMW patent drawings?

It certainly looks amateurish due to the wipers sitting so high and I’m not sure why the car has hood louvers or a lower grill but perhaps they did that intentionally to throw people off…

If BMW actually goes through with these designs & add some decent range @ a reasonable Price , What’s that?..L M A O ..(A pipe dream) This design Is quite Nice for a change !

This is a production ready patent. We should see this car in the market in 6 months or so.

“Those doors may be okay in the shorter i3, but in a larger vehicle like this i4/i5, the length of those rear doors could be problematic.”

Hmm, can you even name one car with problematic rear doors? oh wait!

Lol. Those birds and their wings.

Patent drawings are different than design sketches. By filing this patent BMW protects the design from being copied by other automakers. Which means the car is fully ready for production and design is finalized.

Suicide doors?

Seriously, WTF is so wrong with plain old regular doors?

Since Model X, normal doors are now boring. 😉

It means that the car is likely made of carbon fiber. I initially wasn’t sure but have loved the coach doors on the i3 since day 1.

Suicide doors without a column between front and back make it easier for parents to put kids in safety seats in the back seats…
Or other large objects…

If those are real, looks like it would feature some kind of advanced air pass-through system to lower the cD.

I’d call for a modify of that kidney “grill”, cover it in acrylic to get better airflow.

Looks slippery like the Volt. Could be lightweight, which combined with an over 50 kWh battery, would put it as a longer range contender for Bolt, Leaf 2.0, Tesla Model 3, and what other surprises may still yet come from The European manufacturers.

I was going to say, it looks a lot like the Gen1 Volt. Especially w/the black roof.


well done, Kdawg, as always..
I didn’t see the Amount of similarity until your post — guessing this patent drawing won’t help much when ahem, some countries copy it complete and change the grill (again).
Or worse, produce it before it is released, lol.
(Nawp, never mind – everyone will jus’ say it looks like a chebby if they come early)

the similarly misses me, but the high gloss black roof was not unique to the volt; it is a feature seen in some high end cars.

They should better patent cheap, high density battery instead. Who cares about BMW design if it’s overpriced and outperformed by all others?
They can sell that thing as miniature toy car.

Hot wheels BMW i – Gran Poop

It is going to be a 3er GT-E

We’ll see.

It has huge vents in and out, so it’s definitely an ICE.

No ICE, an Electric Grand Tourer.

Should we say “at last”?

It is good news but that is what the initial offering should have been years ago, not the weird i3 we have now.

Well, at least they seem to have corrected the aim, although those suicide doors?

Those rear doors will likely slide rearward not fold out.

They mentioned BEV only, but the Rex is actually what set the i brand apart. It would be too bad to miss that Rex option without BMW Superchargers around.

It will be offered in both BEV and REx.