Passenger BEV Registrations In France Hit New High Market Share Of 1.09%

NOV 17 2015 BY MARK KANE 23

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Market share of all-electric passenger cars in France is moving north of 1% to a new high at 1.09%.

The new record was set in the best October ever with 1,755 new registrations (up 63% compared to 2014).

Together with 418 commercial electric cars, total new registrations stand at 2,173 (up 49%). The mark of 2,000 was crossed only four times (all in the past 12 months), so we could assume there’s been a strong relation to the diesel scrapping scheme, which is to be strengthened even more.

The best selling EV in France is Renault ZOE – 1,022 in October. Bollore with over 200 Bluecars was able to overtake Nissan LEAF in the fight for second place.

Interesting are the two first registrations of BYD in France.

Plug-in hybrid data coming soon.

BEV Registrations in France in October 2015 (source: Avere-France / AAA data)

BEV Registrations in France in October 2015 (source: Avere-France / AAA data)

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It is a good way to fight terrorism, IMHO. Cut off a big source of their funding.

Europe are buying oil for €1 billion per day. For example ISIS is selling oil for €1 million per day, none of it reaching Europe.

Oil funded terrorism (unless you count state sanctioned terrorism like what for example the US and Russia do) is fairly irrelevant.

But any reason to go EV works for me, even if it’s a fictional reason. 😛

A purchase of a barrel of oil anywhere supports the price of a barrel of oil everywhere.

The US is the leading fighter of terrorism and despotism.

“The US is the leading fighter of terrorism and despotism.”

This is either naive or cynical.

Terrorism coming out of the Middle East can not be seen separately from the political games that the whole world, the US included, have been playing for centuries. Do you really think that a despot like Mubarak could have been in power for so long without support from the US and Europe?

I don’t think you can separate oil from war that easily. There are plenty of bad things happening in various parts of the developing world but, by in large, the groups in those areas do not have sufficient funds to expand past those regions. There is lots of trouble in sub Saharan Africa for example which the west can quite happily ignore but if it kicks off in the middle east then everyone always get dragged in.

Oil doesn’t always lead to war (look at the Norwegians for instance) but it sure helps fund it.

I think you are being a bit naive. A lot of the support that IS gets is from rich Saudis that quietly provide them with support privately. They view it as a proxy fight against their rivals, the Iranians.

Saudi Arabia funds very conservative madrassas around the world. And many of the students taught in those madrassas become radicals.

So one of the best ways to tamp down terrorism is to “Turn oil into salt” . . . salt used to be a valuable commodity sought by wealthy nations from other countries. But by developing ways to get it on their own such as by getting it out of sea water, it became worthless. If we could make oil worthless, then the money in the mid-east would dry up and they’d lose the ability to support terrorism.

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Getting off oil will slow OPEC down. Then, Europe won’t have to make bad political decisions and sell-out to get energy. Most of Europe’s natural gas comes from Russia. Another problem…

Vive la France !

Now here is someone who has been paying attention.

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US and Russia have done a lot of bad things but you can not use them to wash the sins of Arabian states themselves.

No black market oil reaching Europe? Really? That’s like saying there’s no black market drugs in Europe.

Any product you buy that contains imported oil has some coming from ISIS. How much of it is unknown and variable. What is certain is that payment is made to ISIS through gas pumps. Thinking otherwise is being delusional.

Tesla is an irrelevant company.

It is more relevant than all the other companies below it.

Your comment and presence are very relevant and accurate.

I am not in opposite-land.

You can twist it any way you want. Here is another twist headline:

Tesla sells as many EVs as Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes combined in October.

(translate all that to French, please and thank you)

Merde! Nous sommes condamnés!

You’re welcome.


Tesla is the most disruptive and influential car company that has existed for decades. They have put many major car companies on point, they have established the best alt fuel infrastructure in the world, and they (for better or worse) have even spurred legislation in many states as a result of their business model.

Counter-Strike Cat said:

“Tesla is an irrelevant company.”

You obviously don’t think that’s true, since you spend so much of your time posting Tesla-hating FUD.

The influence on world politics from the change from oil-dependent transportation to electric transportation is immense and we are only at the beginning of that shift.

Look at what the declining oil price has done. Many foresee a bounce back of oil prices, but the oil producers are fighting a losing battle against persistent demand destruction through more efficient cars and more plugin vehicles.

Tesla have singlehandedly changed the image of the EV from something you have to swallow because “mommy says it’s good for you”, into something that everybody wants. That has sped up the adoption of electric transport enormously. That is extremely relevant.

At 100% EV adoption, the French can say “Let them eat their OIL”.


Good. Don’t feed ISIS with more oil-money. Vive la France!!

Oil has been a large component of U.S. National Security for a long time. Gulf 1, Gulf 2, I for one want NO more oil wars.

Wonderful to see some good news coming out of France.