Partisan Motors Wants Its Electric SUV In Putin’s Motorcade


Partisan Motors thinks the boxiest SUV in the world would be the right fit for Vladimir Putin’s fleet.

After expressing the desire to go to Mars and offer cheap transportation for militaries, Partisan Motors latest wish with its new Kremlin is to join the presidential motorcade of Vladimir Putin. The new iteration of Partisan’s ultra-boxy SUV features a long-wheelbase five-door body and uses an electric powertrain.

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Partisan One 5-Door Rendering

Partisan sees the Kremlin serving a security role in Putin’s motorcade. Off-road-oriented parts like the air suspension would give the SUV greater prowess in rugged terrain. For protecting the officers inside, there’s room on the vehicle’s exterior for mounting ballistic armor, and space underneath allows for fitting a V-shaped hull for protecting against explosions underneath the Kremlin.

Partisan One

As a variant of the Partisan One, the Kremlin would retain the ability for forces to quickly assemble the body by fastening together stainless steel panels into the rectangular body. Power comes purely from an electric motor driving each wheel, but there’s a generator under the hood for charging the batteries. Partisan Motors asserts that even with armor in place that the Kremlin has supercar levels of acceleration, but the firm doesn’t performance specs, which makes the claim even more dubious.

Partisan Motors recently earned attention for a publicity stunt where the company showed off a version of its SUV for exploring Mars. The company made the announcement at the same time Elon Musk was launching his Tesla Roadster into space inside the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket. The Partisan One Mars Edition would have eschewed steel panels in favor of carbon fiber to save weight. The firm’s idea was that future explorers on the red planet could have assembled the SUV upon arriving there.

Partisan Motors’ original plan was to build an affordable, inexpensive SUV for militaries to assemble in the field, and this concept filled a legitimate role. Using such a vehicle for a presidential motorcade seems less necessary since these parades are never spontaneous affairs, and it would be relatively easy to arrange for more capable transportation for security forces.

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It’s one of the ugliest vehicles I have ever seen. It makes the Aztek look like a beauty queen.

More like @ss-tech.
But then, perhaps for it’s intended clientele looks don’t matter.

I’m tired of the partisan news articles. 😛




That may actually be the worst joke of a vehicle I’ve ever seen. Someone took the Erector Set a bit too far..

ROFL. It does look _exactly_ like one of the Erector models I built as a kid… That one also had an electric motor (-:

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

A brick on wheels.

I didn’t realize there was an SUV more boxy than Bollinger.

They may have to update the bungee cords used to hold the doors closed.

So their strategy is to just sell the plans of the car. Everybody with access to a welder and thinwall tubing can build their own.

Like the cars Popular Mechanics touted in the ’70’s and ’80’s.

Meccano currently owns the Trademark on the Erector Set. Are they gonna sue? 😉

“Partisan Motors latest wish with its new Kremlin is to join the presidential motorcade of Vladimir Putin.”

If Putin’s motorcade needs a vehicle designed for “greater prowess in rugged terrain”, then the roads Russia have fallen into an even worse state of disrepair than here in the USA!

Who the Hell let them call it “Partisan Motors”? This is why peer reviews are important in business, people!

Not in Russia they’re not. If Putin decides he likes it but someone complains about the name, they’ll get a complimentary cup of Polonium tea or novichok.

Uh, Chief:

You are not keeping up to date with developments in Britain – turns out no one has died or even been poisoned. That story is falling apart.

2 easy conclusions:

1). Russia is not REMOTELY involved – but then there is a Comedy Show on Russian Television that claims Russia is to blame for everything that goes wrong in the world. They could rebroadcast the show in the US or Britain and unfortunately, the insouciant public would think that the program is a ‘Hard Hitting Documentary’.

2). Agent Skripal and ‘Novichok’ chemicals don’t even relate to themselves, nor have anything to do with poisoning. Some background that shows if this is the best GAG that Britain can pull, then the current government is in trouble:

What amazes me is Trump expelling Russian Diplomats over this – per treaty, Russia is duly deserved evidence of their ‘crime’ – and the only ‘evidence’ the US provides is that BRITAIN says so, so it must be true.

@Bill Howland:

Russian and Putin appreciate you being a “useful idiot”, and voluntarily joining their army of trolls using information warfare to attack America.

See: “UK Confirms Spy’s Pets Dead as Russia Brands Poisoning ‘Fake Story'”

This is from a guy that thinks you can seal a hole in a space capsule by sitting on it. I know that is lost on you.

Russia has the grand total of two foreign bases of operation – whereas the US has well over one hundred.

Talk about a useful idiot – the big complaint the Russians in general have about Mr. Putin is that he is much too reserved and always wants to satisfy western demands with diplomacy – as if the WEST is in any position to dictate terms in the first place. So if you don’t like Putin you’re really not going to like the guy who comes after him.

But then, you show you know even less about current events than you do about EV’s, which one wouldn’t think possible.

Might be good to get out of Mommy’s Basement for a while. She probably needs her free-loading son to do something for her every year or so.

Since it has already been proven that the poison did not even come from Russia, any ‘distressed’ animals are an irrelevancy as far as pinning the blame on Russia.

Russia was also lately accused of ‘Hacking the power grid’ in New England, causing the outage of 200,000 subscribers.

Russia said they hadn’t investigated the matter in depth since they have their own weather problems, but mentioned it might have something to do with what World Weather Maps show, that of a ‘Nor’Easter’ in the area prior to the general outage.

Looney Pushi would never accept that any kind of a storm could cause any power problems – It has to be PUTIN – since someone saw him throwing a Knife-Switch in Russia!!

(The fact that they are 50 hz and we’re 60 of course is an irrelevancy to someone so EXPERT in Physics and the ‘Second Law of Thermodynamics’, as he so often reminds us).

Curves R hard.

What a piece of crap lol

Now fox news can say EVs are ugly lol