Paris, We’ve Got a Problem – Renault EV Sales Fall Off In January In Europe

MAR 4 2014 BY MARK KANE 13

 February 2013: New design for the brand new Kangoo Z.E. range

February 2013: New design for the brand new Kangoo Z.E. range

Renault didn’t start this year too well with just 102 ZOEs sold in France and over 150 more in other countries in Europe.

But ZOE isn’t the problem for now. Even the Fluence Z.E. isn’t because production is over. Twizy seems to be on a permanent downfall with sales falling by 40% in January year over year.

The real problem and surprise is the 72% fall of Kangoo Z.E., which to date was the most stable (sales wise) EV in Renault’s lineup.

If Renault’s actions do not solve the problem and ZOE sales didn’t exceed 440 unit in February, soon the whole table will be in red.

We look forward to getting the next set of preliminary sales data soon.

Renault EV Sales in 2013

Renault EV Sales in 2013

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What are pc and lcv versions of the Kangoo and Zoe?


PC= personel Carier
LCV= Light Cargo Vihecle

But what is the zoe lcv?

Can’t find a Zoe van on the Renault (fr) site, so it is apparently not yet for sale.

So they have sold 5 of the vehicle I have just said doesn’t appear to be for sale! Doh!

I can’t find any info about it on the Renault site, in the French language forum or on Google (fr) though.

It’s just a normal Zoe, that got registered as commercial car for cargo, for example delivering hot meals. Has nothing to do with a different car model, it’s simply tax stuff.

In Europe, the VW e-UP and e-Golf will continue to pull sales from Renault/Nissan.


Quick fix:
Start selling in scandinavia and start selling your batterys with the cars. Ppl whant to own a compleet car, and defenatly not gett a bill of 5€ from renauleverytime they use a fastcharger that they often pay for anyway.

Easily fixed. Just lower the price to what it would be if cost based instead of a nitwit penalty price. Simply including the battery in the purchase price as is would no doubt speed things along. Leasing the battery is such bulls*** when the car without battery is already much more expensive than the equivalent car with all the ICE junk included.
Such obvious bulls***.

I totally agree.

I read (can’t remember where) that the motor and power electronics are price equivalent to engine, tank and exhaut system, meaning that the only real reason for higher ev costs is the battery.
So why does the Zoe cost more that a similar ice if there are no batteries included???

And the price difference, last time I checked, was not that far from what the cost of a battery of that capacity would be.

The battery rentals are slaughtering these cars in that everyone now is coming out with EV’s that are the same price if not cheaper and you don’t have to come up with 80 euros a month for a battery rental. On top of that the batteries they are renting out are not super like Tesla but instead are about the same as a Nissan Leaf.

Proof that bad business decisions can destroy well engineered / good products.