Panasonic To Host Job Fairs This Month For Tesla Solar Roof Factory, 300 To be Hired

Red Tesla Model X and Tesla Solar Roof

JUL 12 2017 BY MARK KANE 29

Panasonic has begun searching for more employees at its Tesla-Panasonic solar factory in Buffalo (formerly, the facility was announced a few years ago by SolarCity).

Tesla Solar Roof

Also arriving in 2018, Tesla Solar Roof in Slate

Start of retail production is scheduled by the end of this summer, with full production to be reached sometime in 2019.

The factory will produce both, conventional solar modules and Tesla’s unique Solar Roof tiles.

It’s expected that Tesla/Panasonic will implement some new solar-cell technology developed by Silevo (also acquired earlier by SolarCity).

The Japanese manufacturing partner for Tesla has scheduled three job fairs with ~300 offers:

  • 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Seneca Babcock Community Center, 1168 Seneca St.
  • 10 a.m. July 18 at Erie Community College North, 6205 Main St., Williamsville. The session will be held in Room 100 of Building K.
  • 5:30 p.m. July 26 at the Buffalo Education and Training Center, 77 Goodell St.

Over the longer-term, some 500 manufacturing jobs are to be created at the factory, with nearly 1,000 other positions in various support, sales and administrative roles in Buffalo.

“While Tesla’s predecessor, SolarCity, previously held job fairs in late 2015 and in 2016, those led to little immediate hiring because of delays in starting production at the local factory. Panasonic’s recruitment drive is timed more closely to match the latest schedule for opening the $950 million facility by the end of summer.

Panasonic currently has listings for 25 different types of jobs in Buffalo, ranging from engineers and technicians to production and manufacturing operators.”

source: The Buffalo News

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That’s wonderful but how about answering my module efficiency question that I asked Tesla months ago.

We still don’t know how much they will produce compared to regular Solar Panels and yet they are taking deposits.

Don’t tell me they have no idea at this stage !

The lack of transparency at Tesla is fricking annoying. I understand it’s purposely done to create hype and free advertising but still at this stage we should have specs for M3 and for the solar tiles. I don’t care much about shape and looks, i need the numbers, Musk!

We all know the answer to this…Their product isn’t for the person who wants the most efficient…The product is for the unique person who needs a new roof (or is building a new home) and for whatever reason has deemed traditional panels being an eye soar…

Issue is while at one time traditional panels were considered taboo/ugly, that is for the most part no longer the case…

Common sense would Dictate that they could never be as efficient as Regular tiles Because they’re Opaque.. they just won’t admit it(((not a good sales Plug))) 0r by how much…..Maybe not by much , Why Brag about it ..Although they do have Obligation to Full Disclosure….

I’m guessing around 15% based on previous attempts at this kind of product.

I hope I’m wrong and it’s more but I doubt it

15? No way it will get that high…at least not based on the figures provided as guidance i=on their website.

Do you have a link to the guidance on their site, the UK site gives no information whatsoever ?

Found this online from Australia which suggests around 100w per square metre.

Look for the original article for solar tiles on this website and go to comments and you will see some good math there. It boils down to the cell area which is not covering the entire exposed tile so the surface is less efficient and the opaque nature of the tile which restricts photon flow which reduces efficiency even further. So you can’t compare them to solar panels but it’s still a pretty good propositions to any house that can’t or won’t have panels.

I think their standard modules will be around 22% and the new glass tiles will vary by style from about 8% to 12% given images that show the cells only cover part of the tile.

Tesla might not have precise specifications. Panasonic is probably only supposed to make something close to what is generically wanted, and ‘what it is, is what it is’..

After purchasing the product, hopefully Panasonic will release the specs at that time.

“It’s expected that Tesla/Panasonic will implement some new solar-cell technology developed by Silevo (also acquired earlier by SolarCity).”

Well don’t tell that to Tesla accounting folks who put together the portion of Tesla’s SEC filings dealing with Silevo technology purchase accounting (Q1 10k). Tesla declared that the contingent fees associated with Triex technology milestones were not going to happen and so reversed the reserve for these payments. In doing so they recognized an $84M gain.

Silevo and Triex are dead. They are no more. They have ceased to be.

While we’re on the topic of Silevo, remember that Gov Cuomo (jr.) announced way, way back in 2014 that Silevo’s Triex technology was “of critical importance to the United States economic competitiveness and energy independence.”.

He hasn’t made any public comments about this following $750M of NY taxpayer rainmaking, but I’m guessing his response would be “never mind”.

Also, FWIW, there were many amendments to the great huge massive Riverside Agreement that constructed this extraordinarily huge empty building for Silevo (RIP) products. The first minor delay nudged the date of opening to 15 Dec 2015. Nine or ten revisions later (I’ve lost count), the date was 31 March 2017. Now that Panasonic is the new Silevo (In Pace Requiescat), things are lookin’ up, I guess…

“Start of retail production is scheduled by the end of this summer,”

Wait, what, I thought they were supposed to have roof installations being completed last month.

We all know that didn’t happen but now they aren’t even going to build the tiles for them until the end of summer?

It’s really just crazy how much they can lie and get away with it, actually be applauded for it. Here’s to hoping production actually starts at the end of our summer and people don’t feel the need to say “well what they actually meant was Southern Hemisphere summer”.

It’s a nice looking roof. A more expensive roof than a non-Tesla solar roof with solar on it but a nice integrated looking roof nonetheless.

DJ, you are an oil-addled FUD-ster, as anyone can see. Musk’s suggestion of a vision for the concept of potential solar roof tiles is worth $52/share, whenever they actually get produced.

I genuinely can’t tell if you’re joking or not. I mean it seems so ridiculous one would think so but then again Tesla Fanboys have this serial need to make crap up that has no relation to what was posted while making assumptions of things they know nothing about so it’s highly possible.

I’m not sure how many oil-addled FUDster’s are out there that drive an EV and have PV systems that cover 100% of their home and EV electricity needs but hey the sheep gotta say whatever to direct the attention away from all the lies constantly out of TSLA so if it is a genuine response quelle surprise.

DJ, it’s indeed said in jest. I, too, am a plug-in driver (since 2013) and while I just can’t make economic sense of PV in the northern latitudes I do have a small wind turbine at a NE retreat property.

But quite seriously there ARE arguments out there that state delays in production and opacity of performance data on the Solar Roof are not an issue. The value is in the idea.

Ok, so only 50% of the tiles are actually solar, well sure if you have a southern exposure in NA you won’t put any solar tiles on the north side of the house, Duh.

My understanding is you can choose whatever you like and the concentration to tiles is up to you. North side of the building, just use the plain glass ones, hidden little spot same thing? Facing straight south maybe make all of them solar or half. The net cost will be a function of the blend that you choose. This is probably the most practical way to approach the issue. I presume if one just really wants a super cool roof and zero solar tiles they’d sell you all plain glass tiles.

It’s not that. They have the 50% max coverage number to allow for fire codes requirements and such. A northern placed panel or tile will still produce especially if the pitch is low.

“Over the longer-term, some 500 manufacturing jobs are to be created at the factory, with nearly 1,000 other positions in various support, sales and administrative roles in Buffalo.” Interesting. No disrespect intended to the author, Mr. Kane, but he reallyy should’ve added “or so they currently claim”. Why so skeptical, you ask? Well look back at the remarks by Gov. Cuomo (jr.) Sept 14, 2014, the day the Riverbend complex was officially announced: “SolarCity will create over 1,450 direct manufacturing jobs at the new facility, and employ more than 2,000 additional workers in the state to provide solar services in the next five years.” Now before y’all get all crabby and say that I must be a TSLA short funded by Exxon working for Melania’s Slovakian cousin living in St Petersburg, remember that not that many articles ago Insideev’s was marvelling at the speed and volume with which the US and global solar markets had grown, well beyond the projections of even its supporters. So here we are almost three years hence the breathless opening of the Terafactory for Solar Stuff and (1) the company that schemed the project dropped in market cap by 2/3rd and had to bailed out… Read more »

“Why so skeptical, you ask? ”
We don’t ask…when it comes from you we know.
But seriously, to be a solar panel manufacturer in US is almost impossible. China simply killed off the entire international market with their strategy of overproduction. Soon enough they will be the only ones left standing. Imagine you coming in the biz with a good product after a year or 2 of r&d, you build your plant in 1-2 years and start producing. By the time you start to sell product 5 years later new tech makes yours inferior and Chinese copycats make it expensive. BK is next on your to do list.

Wouldn’t disagree with you… so whence the 3/4 $B taxpayer-funded factory that never made sense, or the enormous goodwill on SCTY (later TSLA) balance sheet that was part of the Silevo (RIP) purchase justification, or the fantastic market capitalizations of solar companies for so long, or the silly rationale of Solar YieldCos, and on and on?

I appreciate you making my case and telling me the obvious. I just want to understand where the outrage is about all this besides from dastardly Musk non-believer apostates like me.

You bias is your calling card so I personally don’t care much of your opinion when it comes to Tesla…when you talk about anything else I’m listening.
Anyway, if you are against the gov helping green companies succeed in making our lives better and stand against the Big Oil political and economic bullying then you lost me. We can talk about tax money wasting by the gov all you want, investment in renewable energy is not one of them.

“We can talk about tax money wasting by the gov all you want, investment in renewable energy is not one of them.”

…unless it actually IS a waste of money, clearly the case here. Making up stuff to rationalize purchase accounting, accepting government funds to underwrite a business case that we all kinew wouldn’t happen, adjusting reserves to claim a P&L gain and misrepresenting it until the detailed filing is published… etc. Most of the time we call that “unethical”. I don’t really care what the stated purpose is.

Now those same people are slipping, slipping, slipping the actual introduction of a product for which there is no actual performance documentation and claiming it’s all just part of the world-saving plan. I think that’s a problem.

Mark it sounds like you’re biased. You refuse to listen to someone criticizing Tesla even though they offer facts that can be easily verified and call them biased against Tesla, yet you have no problem listening to someone fawning over Tesla and showering them with praise base on nothing more than fanboi adulation. You’re biased against anyone who points out inconsistencies in Tesla’s narrative and PR. You just put your hands over your ears and loudly say Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah! I can’t hear you! Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!

Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah! I can’t hear you! Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah!

You have to look at these credits realistically. You expect the gov to hit only 21 at the blackjack table. Of course some of these investments will go bust but if a handful succeed then an entire industry can be revolutionized. These US solar panel manufacturers may not make it but they definitely started a revolution which is exactly what the gov wants in their search for energy independence and a cleaner future. It’s hard sometimes o see the big picture. I don’t know about you but i ratter see funds flow to green tech ratter to defense contractors.

It would be nice if unemployed coal miners get some of these jobs.