Panasonic Starts Making Cells For Tesla Solar Roof At Gigafactory 2 (w/video)

DEC 8 2017 BY MARK KANE 20

Promising news coming on the delayed Tesla Solar Roof front.

Tesla Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo, New York has been engaged in production of solar modules since this past summer, but just now we’re learning that production of solar cells for the modules, as well as for the Solar Roofs, is set to commence soon (in the coming months).

Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Solar Roof in Slate

Manufacturing partner for the facility is Panasonic, which by the end of this year hopes to employ more than 300 people.

“The company, which began making solar modules at the sprawling RiverBend factory in late summer, is getting ready to expand its production to include solar cells in the coming months, a spokesman said. Each solar module is a grouping of several solar cells.”

Solar Roof production and sales are behind the schedule. According to the article, Tesla needs to complete all the tests of the solar tiles before series production will begin.

Tesla, which still is testing the solar roof that it expects to be its main product at the Buffalo factory, has yet to complete testing on the roofing panels, which look like a conventional roof but have solar cells inside. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said he expects production of the solar roof to ramp up quickly once it begins.”

Source: The Buffalo News

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While a large building it is not unusually large as in a gigafactory term.

Biga Factory. not Giga.

So they’re using solar shingles on their FLAT roof??? This doesn’t make sense beyond reserving a limited area for testing purposes…Put up more efficient traditional panels at the proper angle…So many people will probably drive-by and not even realize that building has solar panels…

Since they get free rent and no taxes, Panasonic will stay there for a while.

Panasonic has no commitment with NY State, so as long as they get a sweet heart deal they’ll be there.

And then, after that they can threaten to pull out if the sweetheart deal isn’t extended.

Nice work if you can get it, Panasonic!

I swear, does Tesla do anything on time??! Anyhow, I hope they can fix whatever because this is potentially a pretty cool product. Sadly, like all things Tesla, it costs more than the average person can afford.

Remember when cars were only for the rich?
How about computers?
How about cell phones?

C’mon…everything starts out expensive and gets cheaper over time.

It’s a super cool product and I think it will have huge demand despite lots of people on this site saying it’s too expensive. People put granite countertops all the time in their house and they are stupid expensive for only a marginal quality improvement. But I digress from my point. When Elon revealed this product, I thought oh hey that’s awesome. And then he promised it would launch in July of 17 and I thought…uh huh…sure it will. Why does he even do that? There’s a difference between aspiration and just plain pulling crap out of your behind. He knew it wasn’t possible, everyone knew it wasn’t possible, it was sort of comical. But yes indeed they made 2 roof installs (I think in August) and officially ‘launched’…one of those was Elon’s house. So basically the first fully installed prototype got made and testing commenced. My hope is it launches by second half 2018, but even that would likely be pre-mature for getting various building codes and insurance classifications cleared up with respect to safety, warranty, and performance. But it is a super cool idea. Hope they get it figured out.


LMAO, don’t confuse DaveH8or with any facts that contradict his serial anti-Tesla bias.




It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. — Shakespeare

It’s a Bad case of continued and repetitive posting, with “Caps-Lock” syndrome.

He could use some Anti “Caps-Lock” brakes!

don’t see many ev charging stations in the parking lot…

And so solar on the roof, either. I suspect those are both a case of ‘… yet.’

> And no solar on the roof, either . . . a case of ‘… yet.’

You’re right:

> don’t see many ev charging stations in the parking lot…

Look closer. There are a few, close to the building entrance.

China will dwarf solar panel and battery production bringing prices down below US production costs and killing the domestic production. Tesla/Panasonic are heavily subsidised and once that dries up production will move to wherever is cheapest. Even Tesla are building a factory in China.

Lets see.
Tesla has the lowest install costs of panels on residential roofs right now.
The NEW panels that they will be making will be higher efficiency and no profits going overseas.

This line and most likely several others, will be ran in America.

As to Telsa opening a factory in China, show me the building with a production line.
So far, Musk has not said that he would open a factory in china esp since if he is still hit with tariffs and VAT and not able to get subsidy, there is ZERO value for putting a line there.

OTOH, Australia, India, Europe would make wonderful places to set up lines.

I like this article. Very interesting.