Panasonic Starts Battery Cell Production In China

MAR 30 2018 BY MARK KANE 13

Panasonic finally has begun mass production of prismatic-type automotive lithium-ion batteries in China, in the new factory opened in Dalian nearly one year ago.

First shipment was sent on March 13, 2018.

The cells for vehicles will be supplied to manufacturers in China and North America. At a later stage, other export markets are expected.

Panasonic Tesla

Panasonic’s Automotive Lithium-Ion Battery Factory in Dalian, China

“The market for eco-conscious vehicles, including hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles, is growing every year thanks to the increase in environmental awareness in recent years. To respond to the market demand, Panasonic has been gearing up to start production at this factory, which is its first production site for prismatic-type automotive lithium-ion batteries in China.

Amidst expectations of expanding demand for automotive lithium-ion batteries, Panasonic manufactures the high-capacity and high-safety prismatic-type batteries at this factory and ships them to the North American and Chinese markets. Shipments will be expanded in the future to reach more destinations, helping to drive the spread of eco-conscious vehicles.

With the beginning of mass production shipments of automobile lithium-ion batteries from this factory, Panasonic now has a production system covering Japan, the United States, and China, the three key global locations. By strengthening the global competitiveness of its automotive batteries with these sites, Panasonic will further expand its automobile battery business in the future.”

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Profile of the Dalian Factory

Company namePanasonic Automotive Energy Dalian Co., Ltd.
LocationNo.177 Hai Ming Road, Dalian Free Trade Zone, Liaoning Province, China
EstablishedFebruary 2016
CapitalRMB 900 million
RepresentativesLiu Guochen, Chairman; Nobukazu Yamanishi, President
Business operationsDesign, manufacture, sale, and servicing of batteries for eco-conscious vehicles
Number of employeesApprox. 500


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“eco-conscious vehicles”

Here comes another level of wordplay pathos.

I thought cars with cells from foreign suppliers don‘t get incentives or count for nev quota even of they are produced in China?

I’m not sure what the details are about China’s various barriers to foreign trade — there are so many of them! — but at least Panasonic should now be able to sidestep the latest barrier China has erected to foreign EV sales, which is mandating that all the batteries have to be made in China.

See: “China Essentially Bans Plug-In Electric Vehicles Fitted With Batteries Made Outside Its Borders”

No doubt China will erect yet another barrier this year. It amazes me that so many big companies are willing to keep jumping through ever more difficult hoops to get access to China’s EV market. Yes, I realize it is at least potentially the biggest EV market in the world, but China very clearly has every intention of blocking foreign auto makers from capturing much of that market.

“Yes, I realize it is at least potentially the biggest EV market in the world”
Potentially?? D’uh–

As I know the major barrier for South Korean companies like LG Chem, Samsung SDI, Sk Innovation (despite the ridicilous excuse on air defence system) is to stick to LiFePo chemistry.

Can Japenese Panasonic prismatic cells jump that hurdle?

Panasonic may be covering three major markets, but it is conspicuously absent from Europe, currently the second largest EV market in the world. The Korean’s and Chinese are all over Europe and Panasonic better get their act together and open a factory there as well. German brands, in particular, are gearing up for a major EV push and will need all the batteries they can get.

Why should Panasonic be worried? They are by far the largest EV battery maker, worldwide. No other company is even close.

Just like the old British motorcycle industry that once led the world- OF COURSE they should compete in Europe.
“Sitting on your laurels” has often been cause of industrial death.

Europe is not (yet) a Chinese battery venue, at least production wise -as opposed to South Korea.

Howewever CATL announced its first manufacturing plant (in Hungary, or Poland, maybe Germany) for next year.

That battery is a thing of beauty. WHEN will Tesla update it’s ‘machine gun belt’ assembly of silly little torch batteries [that is the cause of M3 slump] & accept the superior Panasonic design?

I think 2-3 years will be needed.

Telsa will change when you can show an improvement with the other style batteries.

Clearly you have not tried to build you own power packs.

18650 and 20700 are standard sizes that have Huge non-Tesla car demand resulting in lower costs. Notice the lack of pricing for that Panasonic battery you rave about?

The large number of cans results is in a large surface area to heat sink the batteries. Notice the lack of complains about Tesla batteries degrading from heat.

The larger the percentage a cell of a battery is the large the percentage of the battery you loss when a cell fails. Notice the lack of complains about how much of a loss there is with failing Tesla batteries.

Batteries are more than looks.

When Panasonic going to make battery in Germany and china for tesla

Tesla F.C. U.K. Wall Street you are the best go to china and Germany then we see Wall Street Wnakers faces