Panasonic Seeking More Employees In Tesla Gigafactory Ramp Up

Tesla Panasonic Show stand


Tesla Gigfactory

Tesla Gigfactory

We recently reported that Tesla Gigafactory building permits showed that battery cell manufacturing equipment would be ready to go by July 20, just over a week ahead of the building’s grand opening event. Much of the equipment is provided by Tesla partner, Panasonic, and CEO Elon Musk has raved that it is quite impressive.

Panasonic lithium-ion battery cells

Panasonic lithium-ion battery cells

There has been no news confirming that the equipment is installed and ready to go as Tesla is likely waiting for the big event to unveil the $51 million project that Musk promises:

“The exit rate of cells from Gigafactory will be faster than bullets from a machine gun.”

Panasonic held a job fair on June 22nd, and will have another on August 10th at the Reno Convention Center and is now advertising a third fair coming up at the Gigafactory. The jobs posted are specifically for cell production.

General Manager of Human Resources and General Affairs for Panasonic Energy of North America (PENA), Mark Anderson, (via Electrek):

“At this stage, Panasonic Energy of North America is looking to meet with candidates for Shift Lead, Maintenance Technician, Quality Control Specialist, Material Handler, Winding Operator as well as Battery and Manufacturing Engineers and other technical and professional positions. A limited number of interviews for qualified preregistered applicants will be held on site on a first come, first serve basis.”

PENA is now listing dozens of additional jobs on its website, to add to the company’s 52 full time workers reported at the close of Q1. Since then, the company has continued to hire, so the total number of employees is sure to more than double following the upcoming fair. Panasonic should be moving forward soon with well over 100 bodies solely focused on manufacturing the cells.

While Tesla manufactures the battery packs on its own, and is already underway, the battery cell production component is substantial news for the Gigafactory. Obviously, in house cell production means increased production and lowered cost.

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The question many of you might be asking is: What is the current output of the gigafactory compared to it final design of 50Gwh/year? I have gone on wikipedia and done some calculations based on Musk’s comment of “faster than a bullet from a machine gun:

How fast does a machine gun fire? 600-1200rpm. 1200rpm is 72000/hr.

An 85kwh pack uses 7104 cells, so 72000 cells/hr is enough for 10 Model S’s per hour.

10x85kwh is a little less 0.85Mwh per hour. 8760 hours in a year = 8Gwh/year. This is not an exact calculation and Musk did say “faster” than a machine gun, so the current production rate of the gigafactory is 5-10Gwh/yr, or about 20% of the final projected 35Gwh/yr

Enough cells for 10 Model S’s per hour is 87600 per year, about the current Model S production rate. It seems that the gigafactory is now producing enough battery cells to satisfy all of Tesla’s battery demands.

The final production rate should be 50Gwh packs and 35Gwh cells.

The fastest production lines for 18650-type cells last year could be operated at a an output speed of up to 400 cpm (cells per minute), to my knowledge.
However, it is easy to stack multiple lines in parallel in a large building, and then the output of the factory is just limited by the available space.

1. It depends on the machine gun. It depends a lot. The M1917 Browning tripod mounted machine gun, used in WW II, had a rate of fire of only 450 per minute.

2. As others have already noted, the cell production goal for the Gigafactory is 35 GWh, not 50 GWh. 50 GWh is the goal for battery packs coming out of the Gigafactory, but a lot of those will use cells from other Panasonic factories.

3. The Gigafactory cells are supposed to have about 50% more capacity than the 18650 cells Tesla is currently using. So they could achieve the same total kWh with about 1/3 fewer cells.

I hadn’t done the calculation, so thanks for doing that. But based on my earlier WAG*, I though he really meant a lot faster than 450 per minute because such a speed is really not that fast compared to how many cells Tesla will need.

*Wild Arsed Guess

I am wondering what kind of cell are they going to produce? Are they the same 18650 that they currently supply to Tesla? I thought they were going to be a custom size and maybe non-cylindrical, but have not seen any evidence of that.

Instead of the common 18650 cells in the Model S, the Model 3 will use newer, more energy dense 20700 cells. These cells are roughly 10% longer and 10% larger in diameter, but with a 30% increase in energy. It will take fewer cells and cost less to power a Model 3.

Here is an article I found on this subject.

If the cells are ten percent longer and wider and have 30% more capacity they would be slightly LESS dense than the current ones. Volume increases proportionally to length and proportionally to the square of the radius, as we all learned in geometry. ?

30% increase in volume. He hasn’t really disclosed chemistry aka “energy density”

GigaFactory Grand opening is set for July 29th. They are ahead of schedule and I hope the model 3 will also be ready ahead of time.

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My investments in junior lithium miners this year have vastly outperformed any other stock I own.

Maybe it’s a bubble in their valuation, but the data on current global supply of lithium vs. the exploding demand (an EV uses 6,000 times more lithium than a laptop battery) combined with the long lead time in ramping up lithium brine production gives me confidence this boat only justhe left the harbor.