Panasonic Hosting Hiring Fair For Tesla Gigafactory This Weekend

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Panasonic's Announcement

Panasonic’s Announcement

Only some 850 Tesla employees currently work at the massive Gigafactory (plus an undisclosed number of Panasonic employees), but that will change soon as Panasonic is hosting a massive job fair this weekend to recruit new talent for immediate openings at the Gigafactory.

Here’s Panasonic’s announcement:

Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Gigafactory

“Hey Southern Nevada! Panasonic is having a hiring fair on January 14, noon – 6 pm, for immediate production openings at the Tesla Gigafactory located East of Reno. RSVP now at to secure your spot. The event will be at Nevada Job Connect, 3405 South Maryland Parkway.”

“Panasonic is making all the lithium-ion batteries for the Tesla Model 3 at the gigafactory and is committed to help achieve the mission of making electric vehicles affordable for the general public. Come learn more about this exciting job opportunity!”

With 2170 battery cell production now underway at the Gigfactory, it seems a lot of job openings related to cell-making tasks are now available and need to be filled immediately. Though that 12-hour may deter some interested individuals, being part of the Gigfactory team is surely something to be proud of.

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25 responses to "Panasonic Hosting Hiring Fair For Tesla Gigafactory This Weekend"

  1. Martin Welzl says:

    Jeeez. 2017 and a design that makes the blood freeze in your veins from an international company.

    1. jelloslug says:


      1. Vexar says:

        Europeans are not as productive as other countries, they typically get one month of paid vacation a year and a 35 hour work-week. The thought of a 12-hour shift doesn’t appeal to socialist mentality work forces.

        Five years from now, when I’m done withering away in a desk job, a factory job sounds appealing.

        1. Pedro says:

          Or Europeans ar more productive than the US :

          Happy to have a life, enjoy kids during loads of holidays and outside of my 39h work-week !

          Cheers from socialist France 😉

        2. Alfred says:

          You too, you work from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM?

          1. Pedro says:

            No, and I wouldn’t like to.

            1. Alfred says:

              Pedro, thank you for your frankness! Finally we all here approve these 12 hours shifts: we want our Tesla Model 3 ASAP!!

        3. cros13 says:

          Not as productive my arse…. we get more done in our shorter workdays than americans do. $77.9/hour worked vs $62.9/hour worked.

          Don’t project your issues onto the rest of us, just ’cause you guys got conned into work three jobs for less money.

          I’ve worked & lived on both sides of the atlantic….. I chose this side for good reason.

        4. realistic says:

          Vexar, in my corporate suit days, I once served as the Geschäftsfßhrer of a small Bavarian manufacturing subsidiary. The employees were represented by IG Metall and thus had a 35hr work week. I never worked in a more productive shop than this one.

          The ability to drag people in for extensive OT, forced weekend work, etc has made US factory management too tolerant of less effective work processes. I’ve also managed a UAW-represented shop. I think the UAW is frequently short-sighted in its objectives and does a terrible job in its members’ skills development. But a UAW assembler will fearlessly let you know when a design can’t be reliably built to a drawing, a kanban is improperly sized, etc.

          Conversely, one of the worst shops I’ve ever been associated with was a non-union shop in Puerto Rico. The employees were energetic, bright and very respectful of manmagement. But they were scared to death to ask questions or tell you that a process was faulty. I suspect one of the reasons was that there was a huge surplus of labor that we paid cheaply, with the firm message to all that “you’re replaceable TODAY”. It actually cost LESS overall to build in Singapore, where the labor rate was considerably higher and tansportation was quite dear.

          12hr shifts for assembly labor isn’t a good idea.

          1. realistic says:

            Please excuse my horrible spelling above

          2. grx says:

            Sounds reasonable to me. I never really understood these incredibly long shifts. it would seem that productivity would plummet near the end of that length of time. Especially, for a graveyard shift. I worked one of those and I was about to pass out near the end of it!

            You’re also right on target regarding work methods. I pointed out a few things that I thought would improve the company I work for in the US. It ended up coming back to bite me in the behind because it involved a few people doing a tiny bit more work. These people obviously didn’t feel like doing that work, and they decided to come back at me in this small political business. After that, I will not provide Any Input into this company- even if asked.

            Leadership comes from the top, and unfortunately the leadership/owner here seems to have the “not invented here” philosophy.

        5. Flang says:

          I’m convinced, gel us see, won’t let me be.

  2. Alfred says:

    12 hours a day announced! And they will be forced to make 14 hours a day, probably… They shoot horses, don’t they?

    1. ItsNotAboutTheMoney says:

      Depends on total hours.
      Some jobs have fewer days with more hours per day.

      1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

        Yes, and when I worked a 10-hour shift, four days a week, I enjoyed it.

        On the other hand, a 12-hour shift on an assembly line would be grueling. And how would that work? Three 12-hour days is 36 hours. Designed to make sure the employees don’t get 40 hours a week, and thus don’t qualify for full-time employee fringe benefits?

        I certainly want Tesla to succeed, but if Panasonic is doing what a 12-hour shift suggests…

        Well, I hope I’m wrong. I hope the give employees another 4-hour shift during the week, so they can get 40 hours and qualify as full time employees.

  3. jim stack says:

    I wish I lived closer. I’d go for that in a heart beat. Maybe I’ll move to Nevada.
    With 12 hour days you only work 4 day weeks.Some do 3 day work weeks every other week. As long as your going to work why not stay a little longer and get another day off for a long week end. IE 8 hrs x 5 days 2 off.
    12 hrs x 4= 3 days off.

    1. GeorgeS says:

      No Jim.
      If you work for Elon its 24/7:)

      1. Mister G says:

        Robots will work 24/7 and will be coming soon to gigafactory.

  4. TM says:

    What is the commute like? How far away can someone buy a house for a reasonable price?

    1. GeorgeS says:


      You won’t need an apartment.

      Cots are provided. You sleep in a large room next to the production line.

    2. unlucky says:

      It’s Reno. Land is cheap.

      I’m sure you can live nearby cheaply. I’m more certain you could do so than I am that you would really want to do so.

  5. Mark V says:

    I work 12 hour shifts…. In a 30 day month, you only work 15 shifts. I don’t think I could go back to rotating 8 hr shifts. Nights suck, but necessary for a productive factory.

  6. Mister G says:

    Work while you can because the robots are coming soon to the gigafactory.

  7. Monique says:

    I wonder how much it pays??

    1. Don says:

      Working in Nevada sucks generally speaking. Workers comp is almost non-existant if you’re unfortunate enough to get hurt lifing 50 lb bags of ingredients or 30 gallon buckets of chemicals. Whenever chemicals are involved there is always a chance of becoming ill over the months and years.

      Do you think they are going to pay high wages if they located in noplace, Sparks, Nevada. Of course if you like raising snakes and lizards or hanging out in smoke filled Casino’s you’d be in heaven.