Panasonic Establishes Battery Factory Joint Venture In China



Joint Venture Details

Joint Venture Details

Panasonic lithium-ion battery cells

Panasonic lithium-ion battery cells

In an effort to stay near the top of the battery maker pack, Panasonic has established a joint venture with Dalian Levear Electric Company in China.

The joint venture will construct a factory and begin making lithium-ion automotive batteries in China starting in 2017.

The press release states:

“The lithium ion batteries will be exported to automakers overseas for use in eco-friendly vehicles such as hybrids and also supplied to automakers assembling domestically in China.”

So, the batteries will be used in plug-ins produced in China and elsewhere around the globe.

The 50-50 joint venture will be called Panasonic Automotive Energy Dalian Company.

There’s no word on production volume at this point in time.

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5 Comments on "Panasonic Establishes Battery Factory Joint Venture In China"

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Hybrids? I wonder if this is extra capacity for the new Prius plugin?


Cheaper batteries for Tesla, maybe? Likely for chinese EVs for tax reasons mainly?


maybe, but Panasonic make the MH batteries for Toyota and I would think that the factory in the US would be enough for Tesla for quite some time.

I still live in hope that Toyota will one day turn around and convert all of their HEV models exclusively to PHEV’s even if they had reasonably small battery packs it would have more affect on the ev world than pretty much anything anyone else could do.

Micke Larsson

It seems like it’s most likely to provide Tesla with batteries (and others if interested).

It makes little sense for Panasonic to produce them in the US (in the Gigafactory) or Japan and then ship them to China when they can have the factory in Chia, that is if Tesla are preparing to actually sell cars in numbers in China.

It would most likely require a Tesla joint venture too for the rest of the car but as they said, they are working on it.


Look for Tesla announcing new factory in China. It’s basically the only way to crack the Chinese market.