Panasonic Energy Corporation Established For Battery Production At Tesla Gigafactory

OCT 18 2014 BY MARK KANE 11

Panasonic's 18650 Lithium-Ion Cell For Tesla Model S

Panasonic’s 18650 Lithium-Ion Cell For Tesla Model S

Panasonic Corporation announced that on October 1 it established a new manufacturing company for lithium-ion batteries – the Panasonic Energy Corporation of North America in Sparks, Nevada.

It will be built in the Tesla Gigafactory and will produce and sell lithium-ion batteries.

The Japanese company believes that it will be able to achieve continuous reductions of battery costs.

“A new company, Panasonic Energy Corporation of North America will be built in the Tesla Gigafactory, a large-scale battery manufacturing plant which has been discussed between Tesla and Panasonic, and will produce and sell lithium-ion batteries. This new factory will enable a continuous reduction in the cost of long range battery packs in parallel with manufacturing at the volumes required to enable Tesla to meet its goal of advancing mass market electric vehicles. Through this cooperation, Panasonic will contribute to accelerate the expansion of the electric vehicle market.”

“Panasonic plans to continuously expand operations meeting with Tesla’s vehicle delivery schedule, driven by the progressive role out of new vehicles and across global markets.”

Overview of New Company

Corporate namePanasonic Energy Corporation of North America
EstablishmentOct. 1, 2014
LocationSparks, Nevada, USA
Principal lines of businessProduction and sales of lithium-ion battery cells
Stated capital5 million US dollars (Capital investor: Panasonic Corporation of North America)
Name and title of representativeCEO: Masayuki Kitabayashi
Area of factory555,000 square meters

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Sparks, Nevada? I thought it was going to be in Reno. But Sparks is a much more apropos name for the city where Tesla is building its EV battery Gigafactory. 😀

It’s a brilliant name. It’s like they chose it just because of the name 😛

Sparks and Reno are two cities that has grown together, so the (north)eastern part of Reno is not Reno but another city by the name Sparks.

Only thing better would have been if it was in D.C. and not Nevada. 🙂

Elon Musk
Tesla Gigafactory
1337 Electric Avenue,
73514 Sparks, D.C.

Aaaaahhhggg!! Stop using pictures of the prototype Model S! Can’t you tell the difference?!?

We can, and we’d be happy to not use those if you have any Tesla-Panasonic made shots that feature the 18650 cells and the Model S together.

Send them to: and we’ll swap that picture out

I like the old proto design better.
Thx for posting it. 🙂

Sorry… there have just been so many stories on this site where the topic is clearly the current Model S, but the prototype Model S is pictured, usually labeled “The Tesla Model S”. I don’t know, it just bugs me.

ps: Can’t you just photoshop the graphics you need?

5 million dollar investment… That is not much.

yep compared to 5 BILLION one would have to agree.

That is just the day 1 checking account balance, not the actual investment Panasonjc is putting into it.

It looks like Panasonic hired from the outside for this CEO. Does anyone know about Bando Chemical?
It doesn’t look like they are in the battery business.

Panasonic Energy has already posted job openings for the factory too.