Pair Of Performance-Oriented Plug-In Hybrid Porsche Panameras On The Way


New Porsche Panamera

New Porsche Panamera

New Porsche Panamera

New Porsche Panamera

Porsche chief executive officer Oliver Blume has confirmed that the all-new Panamera will soon get two “performance-oriented” plug-in hybrid variants.

Speaking to Autocar, Blume stated:

“In the near future we will have an entry plug-in hybrid model and we will have a top model. That’s our strategy.”

Translation…we’ll offer a low-level plug-in hybrid and a range-topping PHEV in every vehicle in the Porsche lineup.

Porsche just recently unveiled its new Panamera in both gas and diesel version. The two PHEVs model will be up next, and should help sales, which have struggled since the arrival of the Porsche Cayenne S e-Hybrid (see monthly EV sales for all models in the US here).

Blume added:

“For me at this moment the plug-in versions are the best way to fulfil all the CO2 regulations but also our performance needs. We have the possibility to put in more power.”

Separately, Jörg Kerner, Porsche’s head of drivetrain development, commented:

“If you drive a Porsche you want to have fun. That’s the reason we say we have a performance type of hybrid. You can drive electrically but you can also have fun.”

“I think we have a Panamera 4S and we have a Panamera Turbo, so in the hybrid you can also have different cars.”

Autocar speculates that perhaps Porsche will offer both a V6 and V8 Panamera PHEV.

Porsche Mission E

Porsche Mission E

As for pure electric, Kerner commented:

“When we talk about a full electric car, it must be the most highest performance one. When we launch an electric car, it will be a real Porsche and you will be able to drive it like a 918 or a 911.”

“We are working on our strategy for the next years and one important point is to carry over all of our traditional experience and combine it with future technology. Electric technology is very important for Porsche, but so is our performance know-how. In the end we will have a car that will offer both Porsche performance and full electric performance.”

Kerner also made a few remarks in regards to the upcoming Mission E. Kerners says it will have:

 “a very high power electric motor that will be the best one [on the market] when we launch the car. We will aim for a driving range of about 310 miles and what will be very important for us will be the charging time.

“Via an 800-volt charging system, we will be able to do an 80% charge in 15 minutes. That will be a plus point for our customers, especially on longer trips – to stop the car, charge it, drink a coffee and then continue to drive.”

Source: Autocar

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Although Porsche has the wrong approach to EVs, it will ultimately be a good thing for PHEVs and EVs, if there are also high luxury performance versions.

Those cars will advance development and build more demand for everyday EVs. As soon as EV is an equivalent for fun, for a large majority of people, there will be demand for cheaper fun EVs.

I’m not sure it’s the wrong approach. It’s the same approach they have for their gas cars. I don’t think their customers are trying to save or conserve anything. They want fast fun to drive cars. Porsche will never be a volume player, but that’s part of the appeal.

I mean from an environmental, or even philosophical standpoint.

From a business standpoint you are completely right. Porsche would go downhill pretty fast if they changed their business model towards total efficiency and eco friendliness.

Whatever Porsche puts out, it has to perform to their standards.

Why are they so cryptic? OK, two Pana-PHEVs, but no hint on recipe? No sign Porsche’s street drivers will get maybe low kwh-track, and a bigger battery option?

Hint. The 918 mates 6.8kwh to a V8.

“When we talk about a full electric car, it must be the most highest performance one. When we launch an electric car, it will be a real Porsche and you will be able to drive it like a 918 or a 911.”

…for 10 minutes, or he’s talking somewhere past 2025, or 2030.

Porsche has become more a “Cayenne/Panamera/Macan” company than a “real Porsche” company, in case anyone missed it. Why not? That’s where the real margins are.

Mission E sets up the “head”, and this talk readies the “fake”. Well played, Porsche.

New panamera looks like the Model S

Although many people will bash Porsche as vaporware or a promoter of gas consumption, I don’t have a hard time seeing them making an insane EV out of the evolution of this panamera in three years time. Sure it’s a long wait but I suspect it’ll be well worth it.

As a long time reader, I’m not so impressed.

Porsche could have added an electric option that would have dwarfed a Turbo, and long ago (as in the first Prius). Just a Duh moment: incredible, non-diesel, torque for 0-2mph as turbo spools and ICE hits full song. Recharge the NiMH battery-pack with braking (or alternator), repeat.

They Did do it after Tesla, but Should have realized and explored the potential long before it was waved in their face – one of the advantages of being able to charge damned near whatever you want in the name of engineering and performance.

but who cares what I think, lol.

I don’t think the Porsche hybrids are related to tesla or similar to Tesla’s cars in anyway. Porsches cars came out of the formula 1 KERS and Le Mans racing hybrids.

The largest electric car currently is the Tesla with around 300 miles of range correct? And it takes about an hour to get a supercharge of 80% per Bjons’ graphic?

So Porche plans to do this FOUR TIMES FASTER? At a price hopefully someone will be able to afford?

Color me skeptical.