Pair of Rapid-Charge Electric Proterra EcoRide B35 Buses Enter Service in California


Two electric transit buses, both of the zero-emissions, rapid-charge capable variety, entered service this week in Northern California.

Proterr EcoRide Schematic

Proterr EcoRide Schematic

The buses, Proterra EcoRide B35 battery electrics, boast all the functionality of conventional buses, but with no emissions.

The electric buses were by the San Joaquin Regional Transit District (RTD) and will serve the Stockton area.

The buses are expected to operate all day, with 10-minute stops every 2 hours to accommodate recharging.  Recharging is of the overhead variety and is fully automated.

CALSTART President and CEO John Boesel, had this to say of the buses swinging into service:

“The San Joaquin RTD deserves to be congratulated as the first transit property in all of Northern California to put battery electric buses into revenue service.¬†This is a major milestone, and a big first step in the effort to improve air quality in the San Joaquin Valley.”

The California Energy Commission provided $2.56 million from its “AB 118” program to enable the purchase of the pair of electric buses.

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$1.28m for one bus?? 6 Teslas on rigid hitch would cost twice less and serve better!

Take a look at this project in Switzerland:

Worst web page design ever.

What is the marginal cost of additional buses?