Owning A Tesla Model S Doesn’t Entitle You To Drive Like This – Video


Tesla Model S Passing On Shoulder

Tesla Model S Passing On Shoulder

On occasion we have heard Tesla Model S complaints from owners of other electric cars;  most of these complaints center around improperly parking, basically blocking public spots reserved for charging out of convenience.   From the general public, more and more reports of showing off the car’s impressive performance abilities in all the wrong places.

Neither is a good scene to be sure – but this one is a little worse.

We’d just like to point out that owning a certain type of car does not entitle you to act like an idiot, though the Model S owner in this video clearly behaves in such a manner.

By passing on the shoulder, this Model S owner feels he’s allowed to jeopardize the safety and lives of others on the road.

This dash cam video catches a reckless Model S driver as he/she attempts to make illegal maneuvers on Toronto’s Don Valley Parkway.  Not the image we want to see being portrayed for the flagship of all EVs.

At one point in the video, a car is seen attempting to block the Model S’ dangerous shoulder passing maneuver. The Model S driver is clearly upset with this and reacts by nearly colliding with the blocking car before falling back into traffic and then slamming the accelerator for the pass attempt again.

We don’t condone this type of dangerous behavior and know that is not a reflection of the typical electric car, or Model S driver.  However, if a number of Tesla vehicles are seen being driven in such an idiotic manner, or doing max acceleration runs past the posted speed limit in busy public places, then it will instill into the minds of others that Tesla drivers generally lack regard for the law.

Much like all BMW owners have been categorized negatively, we certainly wouldn’t want Tesla owners generalized in the same way.  If you do own a performance electric vehicle, we’d ask you to be mindful of those around you; and thank you if you already do.

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A drivers license is not an inoculation against foolishness

are you sure it wasn’t Elon in a hurry to reach another TV show? He probably set this to autopilot.

So, there is some truth to the flyer about Model S drivers that was being sent out last year. There was also a vidoe of a real crazy guy on LA freeway.

Here is the sanitized version of that crazy Tesla driver.
“Cops Can’t Stop Crazy Naked Dancing Tesla Guy”

I have a small riddle I like to spread, goes something like this….

What do you get when you put a jerk in a nice car?


What’s the difference between a porcupine and a (insert expensive car brand) driver?

Darn. Messed up the joke:

What’s the difference between a porcupine and a (insert expensive car brand)?

With a porcupine, the prick is on the outside. 😀

Now counting down to the time when Tesla Motors (in an attempt to keep their reputation sparkly clean) provides vehicle data records from these scofflaw owners to law enforcement.

Next up… being illegal to operate your own vehicle.

I thought it was an HOV lane at first.

Well, There IS – a BUS Lane Recently instituted near the top of the DVP (This Road), but it is not the whole length of the Route from the Highway 401 to the Gardiner Expressway. It has 2 separate sections.

See Map – Page 8, & Pg.11:

HOV Lanes – where installed, but NOT on DVP: http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/ontario-511/hov-lanes.shtml

And – this just happens to be a Tesla – instead of a Honda, Corvette, Mustang, etc.! Move along – no real news here – just a driver trying to carve a hole in otherwise solid traffic typical of this road!

There was however – a guy in front of him in the same lane (Shoulder) – trying to stop him from driving in said lane, cutting him off. and obviously and purposely wiggling around in front of him, until they both pulled in to the (normal) left lane, and trying to be an Ass – himself, per the video!

Admittedly – Tesla Dude (or Dudette – can’t see either way), was driving quite aggressively – what with the hard cut left and acceleration past the white car that was messing with him, at the end of the clip!

Stockbroker high on ‘caine? That is about the style they ruin honest worker’s lifetime savings with they staged crashes.

We see the kind of driving with motorcycles a lot. I’ve ridden motorcycles all my life even though I recently started to get away from them because of my age and because my electric cars get better fuel economy. I always say that there two things that make a motorcycle or for that matter any vehicle safe, maturity and confidence. This guy appears to have the confidence but he is sure missing the maturity. Any idiot can put his foot to floor and go fast. It takes a lot more discipline to let your foot up and do the speed limit.

Video is from 3 years ago?
Also, I’m 90% sure that this in fact an HOV lane, it’s right near the Toronto Tesla service centre.

No, just the dash cam is not accurate on the time stamp (like my camera which still labels everything 2008/01/01,lol). You can also know this because the first Model S sedans were registered in Canada in December of 2012 (and this time stamp reads Sept 10th 2012).

There are HOV lanes on the DVP…. The solid line means you aren’t supposed to enter or exit them at that point.

There is an HOV lane on DVP in that area. It is open to green vehicles. I would have been upset too if some a-hole tried to block me from using it for no good reason.

I take that back. After looking at Google Maps I can clearly see that it was in fact a paved shoulder – that Tesla driver deserves all the flame he gets!

“Much like all BMW owners have been categorized negatively, we certainly wouldn’t want Tesla owners generalized in the same way.’

Sadly, once the Model 3 comes out and BMW 3 Series jerks see how fast it is, they will be trading them for the Tesla and this behavior will become commonplace. 🙁