Own An e-Volkswagen? Your Motor Must Come From Kassel (Video)

AUG 10 2014 BY MARK KANE 9

Volkswagen e-up!

Volkswagen e-up!

Kassel in Germany is the only place in the world where Volkswagen is producing its own electric motors for electric cars.

The concept of having its own motors instead of rely on suppliers entered into force in 2008, when Volkswagen hired the first four employees.

Five years later, in 2013, Kassel began series production of motors for all the electric Volkswagen models.

We already know from earlier posts that making its own motors is very important for Volkswagen:

“Next to the design, the drive is the main component that determines the customer’s relationship with his car. One could say the drive is like the heart of a car. Many customers buy a Volkswagen, among other reasons, because over many decades we have proven our compentence in drives. From the start it was important to us that we rely on autonomous development and production of alternative drives so that we could ensure all future Volkswagens with alternative drives are exemplary in every aspect. This is why we have worked intensively on the development of e-motors and battery systems, and developed the necessary production competence in our Kassel and Brunswick plants.”

Here is the story:

Volkswagen engineers developed the powerful electric motors for the e-up! and the e-Golf from scratch. Now they’re coming off the production line in the Volkswagen factory in Kassel.”

The electric drives for the e-up! are produced in the Kassel Baunatal plant. A new electric motor and transmission assembly has been specially created in the transmission plant.

The electric drives for the e-up! are produced in the Kassel Baunatal plant. A new electric motor and transmission assembly has been specially created in the transmission plant.

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It is amazing how much effort Germany puts in to source their components locally.

This is no different than Tesla, Nissan and GM.

The Chevy Spark EV has a major portion built and assembled in S. Korea (74%), only 8% from N.A.

The Volt has 45% (17% S.Korea, 19% Japan)

Tesla Model S is 50% N.A

Nissan LEAF is: 40% N.A. (35% Japan)

2014 Content:

2015 Content:

A car company without key competences is like a lego assembler.

Cheap to produce but inherently unstable.

I am not quite sure a Lego approach would not end up being better because you can literally buy the best component available for every block, so you end up with a collection of all the best available at any particular time. The problem would rather be in the price of it all and in the integration of the different blocks. Each block takes a margin that end up making lots of margins so it becomes more expensive. The integration is also tricky although you can achieve better results for an EV since its components can be more separated. In the end you could have a kind of Dell approach to a car, but I am not quite sure it would be cheaper like for computers. On the other hand it would be interesting since you could literally make up your PC, sorry your car, “a la carte” with the motor you want, the battery you want, the on board generator you want (or don’t), the dashboard you want, the control system you want and the casing, sorry the body work, you want.

You had me up until the Dell comparison. Dell sources the cheapest components possible to build their PCs. Even PCs with the same model numbers don’t necessarily share components.

To see what I mean, type in the service tag number of a Dell PC into support.dell.com and see how many variants of drivers are available for this one kind of PC. It’s insane.

I feel like this entire video is faked. Where are the electic cars that VW is supposidely making? Zero of them for sale in the US and more VW/Audi BS.

About 250 VW e-Up delivered in Norway, from June. like the BMW i3 sales started first in Europe before deliveries begin in N. America.


e-Up and e-Golf are shown as available. The XL1 is supposed to be available this year, though obviously it’s not going to be a big seller.