Overview Of Top All-Electric Car Markets In Europe For 2013-2015


2016 Renault ZOE

2016 Renault ZOE

All-electric car sales in Europe have been growing at a healthy pace since 2013.

Leading the way, has been Norway in the past few years, despite being a much smaller country – at least in terms of population compared to France, Germany or the UK.

Last year (2015) brought some 26,757 new registrations of passenger and commercial BEVs in Norway, ahead of 22,187 in France.

France however began year 2016 on par, or even slightly ahead of Norway, which could ultimately lead to an interesting 3 man race by year’s end, especially as Germany (13,381 in 2015) will enter high gear with new incentives (up to €4,000) fully getting underway in June.

Other countries listed in the above graph are the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Belgium+Luxembourg and Spain. With the miscellaneous countries totaling 2,471 of the whole in 2015.

Avere-France also provides a great comparison of what kinds of BEVs were selling best in Europe. The number one spot again belongs to the Renault ZOE, while Tesla Model S managed to place above the Nissan LEAF for the first time.  In 2016, the new, longer range LEAF seems to be gaining a lot of traction, and will likely place at or near the top.

All-electric car sales in Europe (source: Avere-France)

All-electric car sales in Europe (source: Avere-France)

source: Avere-France

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Wow. The Germans are doing quite poorly. The lame LEAF clone from VW that arrived 5 years later is the winner for Germany? Weaksauce.

“lame LEAF clone”? Clearly you’ve never cross shopped the two vehicles. Fit, finish, aesthetics, performance, cabin heating, windshield deicing, charging speed and regen wise, the e-Golf SEL notably outclasses the LEAF SL.

The new 30kWh LEAF now outclasses the e-Golf on range, at least until 2017, when the reverse will be true.

The LEAF has always had a better L2 charging experience (aside from actual charging speed) and has what I consider to be a better charge port location. The LEAF also has a heated steering wheel and heated rear seats. But that’s about it on the plus side for the LEAF, and frankly, that’s not enough to outweigh the minuses.

Do you know what the regen power of eGolf is? I think it is 30kW for the Leaf in B-mode.

Now I looked up that you can get up to 50kW with B-mode + brake pedal + medium-low SoC.

The regen power I’ve seen for the e-Golf is 60 kW. But don’t quote me on that because I can’t remember how and when I saw that number.

Norway has a population of only 5 mil. Impressive graph.

The Kangoo Z.E. utility van is a Renault too, although they forgot to put in the brand name for this model in the second bar-graph.

After Nissan they sold 16.916 Leafs in Europe 2015: