Overly Optimistic Detroit Electric to Manufacture Electric Vehicles on 3 Continents


Detroit Electric SP:01 Roadster

Detroit Electric SP:01 Roadster

Little known Detroit Electric sure dreams big.

Detroit-Technology Badge

Detroit-Technology Badge

We’re well aware that Detroit Electric is seeking a manufacturing facility in Wayne County, Michigan to produce its $135,000 Tesla-cloning SP:01 electric roadster.

We further know that Detroit Electric teamed with China’s Geely Automobile Group to produce the Emgrand EC7-EV-Detroit Technology in China.

But now there’s this third production facility, located in the Netherlands, that’s being pumped up by the Detroit Electric PR team.

We’re not entirely sure what Detroit Electric intends to manufacture in the Netherlands, but it could be that it’s simply a site for Europe-bound SP:01s or perhaps it’s for an entirely different electric vehicle.

Either way, Detroit Electric is certainly optimistic, considering that it has yet to make or sell a single production-ready vehicle.

Why do we say optimistic?  Well, we can’t quite think of any other automaker in the world that hasn’t produced a vehicle yet has or will have manufacturing locations on three continents.  Can you?

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Dan Frederiksen

I think earlier they used converted Lotus Elises done by a company in Holland so this might be where the cars are actually made, not USA.

It’s a hot mess and 135k$ is very wrong. Could be done so much better. It’s a tiny car, it could be fast and cheap.
They might sell 5.
Yet another headless company flushing hundreds of millions because they just wont listen.


Wait, they are still at this? I guess they still haven’t heard that the world has been there / done that. Just another company setting itself up for bankruptcy. You know the anti-EV pundits will be all over that.