See Overhead View Of New Electric Polestar 2


App previews dash display screens.

In a tweet (embedded below), Polestar unleashed an app today. Basically, it’s a preview of the various dash displays that will be found in the Polestar 2, the 2nd offering from the Volvo plug-in sub-brand. While it reveals a number of different screens as well as advanced functions the four-door fastback will feature, it also appears to show us a top-down look at the yet-to-be-revealed car. That’s it above, in all its panoramic-roof glory.

The image appears only briefly on the app before it dissolves to reveal a playable Galaga-like video game called Polestar Space Warp. (Apparently, Tesla has influenced more than just the means of propulsion of the vehicle.) Our confidence that it’s the actual car is boosted by the fact that it appears to match the top-down teaser image of the trunk it had previously released.

The other screens on the app are also somewhat revealing. Besides making it clear the car’s HMI (human machine interface) is Android-based — if you use an Android-friendly phone, it will be very familiar — as we said, we also get a heads up on some coming features.

Steering gets three separate settings; regen can toggle between medium, high, and off; electronic stability control can be switched off; creep can also be turned off. Under the functions menu there are a number of elements that can be turned on or off, some of which are pretty interesting.

There’s curve speed assist, lane keeping aid, and distance alert, which seem pretty normal. But then, there’s collision avoidance, the icon for which makes it appear as though the car will swerve to avoid objects in the road. It also appears to be able to read road signs and warn of speed cameras.

The Polestar 2 is perhaps the most exciting vehicle we’ll see officially revealed at this year’s Geneva Motor Show in March. Its design should be solid, and with a rumored 300-plus-mile range, 400 horsepower, and a Tesla Model 3 competitive price, it’s sure to find a home in many garages once it finally reaches production.


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Polestar 2… reminds me of DBase II.

(they started with version 2 to make people think they had experience from the first one)

There is also a Polestar 1. You might have missed it.

Except: there IS a Polestar 1.

Now this looks like something exciting. Big question is of course the final cost. Knowing Volvo in general, they don’t really have “cheap” cars anymore, it’s all premium.

Supposed to be in production later this year. They were talking about 40-50k in the US. It’s based on the same underpinnings as the XC40 and will look a lot like the Geely FY11. If it is available soon, I’ll probably be willing to bite and scratch to get in front of line!

If it ends up looking like the FY11, oh man. That’s awesome.

Looks like a very attractive car, with fantastic specs, and having native Android inside is a massive boon too! Personally, I hope that it does have a low base spec and price, but can go much higher. I’d love to spec it up.

Maximun hype…..

>by far the most easily hacked OS
>Google collects even more data about you
>China also collects it too
Hard pass

In addition, Google doesn’t have a very good track record regarding updates. Mostly it is because OEM’s don’t want to update their device.

use superuser and Flash your own ROM, make a Mercedes out of your Polestar

Iʻll pass as well for the same reasons. I suppose Polestar needs to keep costs low so it probably gets Android at no or very low cost. Of course, Google and hackers will love this.

This doesn’t make much sense. They could easily use Volvo’s current infotainment solution. They’ve clearly made a choice to go with Android, and I for one am super excited about that, since Android Auto is how I run my car anyway.

2 caveats for me:
1 Is it a hatchback or an almost-sedan like the Model 3? (Trunk access!)
2 Google. Really? (Polestar asked me to wait and give it a try).

See, for you, Google is a downside. For me, it is a massive upside. I installed a fairly dodgy Android head unit in an old car and it was amazing. The functionality available was simply excellent. Having an enhanced version of Android Auto running natively would be perfect, considering the first thing I do in my current VW is plug in my phone for AA.

I wish Volvo would work with Tesla to get access to their Supercharger network. Polestar volumes will be modest and won’t open the floodgates at superchargers, and it would give Volvo a huge advantage over the other players. It would also be a step towards Tesla’s real play: energy.

Why would Volvo do this rather than integrate with any of the other manufacturer-neutral charging networks? If charging is really Tesla’s game, then they should be working to integrate with others, not expecting people to come to them on bended knee.

No one in the near further will top the convenience of TSLA Supercharging network.