Over Half The Tesla Model S Sedans Sold In Europe In 2015, Were Sold In Norway, Denmark & Netherlands

FEB 26 2016 BY MARK KANE 12

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Out of the over 50,000 Tesla Model S sold in 2015, slightly over 50% went to cutomers North America, while Europe sales are estimated around 16,000 (15,800-16,200), which is nearly one third.

We checked which countries were the largest market for Tesla using official data, and sometimes regional estimates.

And as it turns out, Norway absorbs every fourth Tesla in Europe – 4,039 registrations.

Two countries – Norway and Denmark – represents nearly 42% of Tesla’s sales in Europe, but only represents a small population portion of the region. A strong reason for this is that Norway has strong incentives to buy BEVs, while Denmark residents are encouraged to buy Tesla by entering a path of tax-incentives cuts.

Basically, the incentives more than make up for the seemingly ever increase value of the US dollar and the cost to export the Model into Europe.

Including the third best performing country, the Netherlands (another plug-in friendly country), and these three smaller countries account for 53% of the whole.

Not all numbers are 100% confirmed, so as fair disclosure the biggest unknown factor in the regional data is from the numbers in the UK – we used 991, but it could be less, perhaps below ~900 even.

source: Tesla Motors Club – Europe 2015 Model S sales

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So only where there is NO car production (no protection?) sales are good, the big three; GB and FR are conservative and way behind expectation.

Is Denmark still on track to almost triple the price of Teslas as it phases out tax breaks, or was that nixed?

It’s not almost triple. I suppose if you say 2 is almost 3, though it’s also almost 1 too.

In 5 years it will almost exactly double though, which is still really bad.

Nothing has changed. Gradual phase out spans ~ 5 years through 2020.

Linkie to details:
Denmark To Phase Out Electric Car Tax Breaks

Woho! Well done sweden (good sales for a smal population, and despite having volvo there)

How would the ranking look like weighted by total country’s populatio?

Sales for the Model S in Norway were actually flat for 2015.

2014 – 4,040
2015 – 4,039

in 2015 Norway was one of the few places in Europe where Model S sales were actually stagnate year on year.

The overall sales increase for Tesla in Europe in 2015 came from other EU countries, not Norway. In general, demand for electric cars is steadily increasing in Norway:

2014 – 20,079
2015 – 34,336

What’s happening for Tesla is that other quality BEVs have been introduced in Norway that are a lot cheaper than Model S and that will get you very comfortably from A to B for a lot less money. In January of 2016, Tesla sold only 105 Model S in Norway.

e-Golf – 629
I-3 el – 294
Leaf – 284
Zoe – 197
e-Up – 141
Model S – 105

Even in oil-rich Norway, the number of super rich people is limited, so is the sale opportunity for a rich toy company is limited.

No, what happened was that the Norwegian currency plunged against the USD. Tesla had to put up prices accordingly and sales slowed.

Examining regional allocations for Tesla to evaluate demand is tough because Tesla changes allocations with a number of criteria that isn’t necessarily based on order level. For instance, they prioritized delivery to Denmark ahead of the changes to tax incentives. The underlying demand metrics is only known by Tesla and we only get an aggregate customer deposits number that increased QoQ and YoY at the end of 2015.

Of course, Model X also has an impact on the demand picture and it could be that people are waiting on Model X deliveries. Therefore, we won’t have a clearer picture on regional preferences for a while.

It’s amazing to me that Switzerland and Germany have virtually the same sales volume given the difference in size and population.

Januar numbers for Tesla model S in DK is 31 for all 2015 numbers was 2.737

People that has orders model X last year still hope That Tesla Will ship to DK within half year in 2016, otherwise ekstra Tax will be added