Over 5% Of Nissan Car Sales In U.S. Are LEAF

OCT 3 2014 BY MARK KANE 10

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF had another great month in September as sales in the U.S. surged by about 48% to 2,881.

This is not the record, because in August 3,186 were delivered, but perhaps September is even more important for a different reason.

Never before have EV sales for Nissan been close to a 5% share. The previous high was 4.4% in December 2013.

In September, the LEAF reached 5.1% share of all Nissan passenger cars sold.  Or, to put it another way, one per every 20 passenger cars sold by Nissan in the U.S. were all-electric, while a year ago that ratio was one per 25.

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It will be even more interesting to see what percentage the i3 ends up being for BMW. I was looking the other day at their sales for September and realized that the i3 actually outsold most of their other products. Since BMW isn’t a high-volume producer like GM, Toyota, etc… I suspect the i3 will end up being a pretty decent chunk of their sales.

Worldwide, BMW is pushing 2M units.

They are manufacturing 14k i3s this year?

While that percentage is indeed pretty low, BMW sells ~25k cars+trucks per month in the US. The i3 has sold ~1k in each of the last two months.

So if these sales hold, we’re looking at ~4% of BMW’s US sales being due to the i3. That’s pretty decent.

Also, this year Leaf sales growth accounts for ~10% of Nissan’s overall year-over-year growth, even with trucks included.

Wow. Great stat Brian.

I would not have guessed LEAF would outsell every Infiniti. That is good trivia for non-EV followers.

and the title for:


goes to Nissan

When I first heard Toyota use that stat I translated it to mean. Trucks aren’t selling well, individually Chevys have better fuel economy, and Hyundai doesn’t have a truck. Now with Nissan’s small Vehicles (Versa, Sentra & Juke) all selling well. The stat actually has meaning.

I would expect the longer range, better styled Leaf 2.0, to sell even better, if they can keep the cost down…

If all manufacturers had EVs and promoted them like Nissan we’d have 50,000+ EV sales per month

I think the Nissan leaf might be slowly replacing the Nissan Versa and Juke in that all three of these cars almost look the same and are almost the same size. I have also noticed lately in my area that the number of Nissan Leafs appears to be rising as if one of the local car dealers has gotten into selling electric cars or something.