Over 3,500 CHAdeMO Chargers Now In Europe, 1,900 In U.S., And 7,000 For Japan

SEP 18 2016 BY MARK KANE 37

CHAdeMO chargers worldwide - September 2016

CHAdeMO chargers worldwide – September 2016

Nissan LEAF CHAdeMO charging

Nissan LEAF CHAdeMO charging

The worldwide number of CHAdeMO chargers increased to nearly 13,000 this month.

Japan alone added more than 1,000 over the past 9 months, and now stands at nearly 7,000 units in total.

Big gains also come from Europe, where the number of chargers compatible with CHAdeMO (often multi-standard) increased from about 2,800 in late 2015 at the beginning of the year to 3,568.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., which has the lowest overall net amount of CHAdeMO active units of the three major regions, saw the strongest gain (~27%) of the trio – moving up to 1,912 installs, from about 1,500 in January.

“The number of CHAdeMO DC Quick chargers installed up to today is 12953.
— (Japan 6958 Europe 3568 USA 1912 Others 515) last update 2016.09.05”

Other recent news for the standard, is the intention to introduce new 150 kW CHAdeMO charging capability.

Here is detailed map of CHAdeMOs in Europe, where France has managed to overtake UK (density comparison of European chargers were also described in previous story here).

CHAdeMO chargers in Europe - September 2016

CHAdeMO chargers in Europe – September 2016

CHAdeMO chargers worldwide - September 2016

CHAdeMO chargers worldwide – September 2016

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DC charging infrastructure with CHAdeMO and CCS is developing great! France overtook UK, thats a surprise for me.

Cueing in the CCS crowd to announce (again): 1) the death of CHAdeMO 2) all the manufacturers except dumb Nissan (the world leader in EVs, but somehow still dumb) will use CCS and crush dumb Nissan. 3) Nissan must be dumb, which is why these same CCS folks suggest that Nissan will abandon HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF EXISTING CHAdeMO EVs and give up the lead of CHAdeMO installations and adopt… drum roll… CCS. Ya, that makes sense. 4) German auto manufacturers obviously are smarter… they use CCS (but fail to mention that German auto manufacturer BMW i3 is sold in Japan with dumb CHAdeMO) 5) CHAdeMO plug is big and clunky (true) but can’t see the size of those CCS plugs 6) CCS is going to take over “any day”… right after hydrogen saves humanity from itself 7) CCS is more powerful. Facts slip through the cracks, of course… just spew this over and over and it becomes TRUE!! 8) CHAdeMO is dumb, but yet it continues a worldwide expansion (heads explode) Here’s a few facts: Power in kW is amps multiplied by volts, therefore a 125 amp capable charger with a 416 volt maximum vehicle will charge at a… Read more »

Keep on floggin’, you might revive Chademo.

That will be quite a trick to revive CHAdeMO from it’s double-digit growth rate and market position of first place.

Yes, indeed.

I expected much more from you. The CCS diatribes remind me of something akin to listening to a Trump supporter.

“Death to CHAdeMO!!!”

Tony, your extensive facts and compelling argument had me. True that CCS seems the Betamax to Nissans CHAdeMO VHS.

Yet the Trump statent lost me. I wouldn’t vote Hillary if she was the only candidate running. By now, if she told the truth I would drop dead.

Lack of support (or against) one political candidate is not an endorsement of another.

Okay so which cars are going to come out in the near future with Chademo other than the Gen 2 Leaf? All of this is irrelevant if nobody makes any cars with Chademo. CCS cars are already outselling Chademo cars in the US this year, and I don’t see any prospects for that turning around.

Also, regarding size, what matters is the port on the car. Compare CCS to Chademo+J1772, not CCS to just Chademo.

If CHAdeMO equipped vehicles are not produced in the future at the quantities and market leadership position with which they are produced today, of course something will change.

So, you can believe that magically there will be oodles and oodles of CCS equipped cars (like 25 to 35,000 Bolt EVs per year that GM has already said they will produce) that will take over and Nissan either stops making the LEAF, are stupidly doesn’t come out with a LEAF 2.0, or some other crazy proclamation.

But all that is your opinion, and the fact remains that CHAdeMO is in a worldwide leadership position. There are few other things within the EV community that so many seem to want to tear apart. It is completely baffling to me which is why I think many of you are paid to post the crazy talk.

I don’t doubt that the 2nd gen Leaf will be competitive with the Bolt when it finally arrives, but you’re still saying that you can’t think of any other EV that’ll use Chademo. If the Leaf continues to outsell all other EVs combined, that’s a pretty bleak picture you’re painting for the market.

Of the Asian automakers that have a chance of sticking with Chademo outside of the Asian market, Hyundai has shown that it is going with CCS, Kia is likely to follow, and there was a photo of a Toyota prototype with a CCS connector in a recent issue of ChargedEVs.

On the CCS side, Bolt is here this year (35,000 is GM’s target that they can exceed to make positive headlines, to contrast with what happened with both the Leaf and Volt), i3, Golf, and Focus all get significant updates over the next year, Ioniq launches, and Ford and VW are both confirmed to be working on 200-mile EVs of their own, probably out around 2018, 2019.

The LEAF no longer represents the majority of the EV market. Even if we exclude China (and why should we?) it’s less than half the cars. And as the number of manufacturers and models from each manufacturer climbs fast over the next year (and beyond) Nissan’s share is likely going to shrink even as their absolute sales increase. So it’s pretty clear that the balance is shifting towards CCS.

By analogy to your logic – that if CHAdeMO is not the future then Nissan must be stupid, and they’re not so therefore CHAdeMO is the future – we could arrive at a similar argument, replacing the word “CHAdeMO” with “CCS” and “Nissan” with “General Motors, BMW, Volvo, VW, Audi, Renault, Peugot, Citroen, Opel, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Kia, Honda(?), Ford, Skoda, and many more”.

I think we’ve heard all those talking points for about four years now.

“Death to CHAdeMO… Long live CCS”

Honda most likely to use Chademo, although it is not known at this point.

Even if it will not, and Nissan will start using CCS/Type2 in Europe, Leafs & other Nissan-Renault cars that are already sold over few years and are already on the road will not let Chademo to die for another decade. Nothing is expected to change in near future whatever new models will use. The push to outlaw Chademo in EU has been abandoned. De facto standard is double plug Chademo/CCS charger. Tesla is outlier.


After multiple attempts at both EU Parliment and the German “Parliment” to hinder, outlaw and/or diminish the competition (CHAdeMO and Tesla Supercharger), and then getting their asses handed to them each time (CHAdeMO is an official EU charging standard now), maybe they will give up.

News flash – Honda will likely use CCS in the USA. You heard it here first.

I bet Nissan will sell 100.000 Leaf next year, minimum :-). Thats more than all other CCS makers can and will produce.

Toyota Prius Plug-in (2nd-gen)
Toyota Mirai (V2X)
Honda Clarity EV (possibly)
Honda Clarity Fuel Cell (V2X)
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (2nd-gen)
Hyundai Ioniq EV
Mahindra e20
Tesla Model 3 (with adapter)

Hillarious. You were the one demanding that CCS be scrapped in the past and now you are here delaring that all standards must be included and to stop the rhetoric. Well Tony, It’s been your rhetoric. Look in the mirror.

Yes, I’ve accepted that CCS is more than my original thought… just a way to slow down EVs and EV infrastructure. But, certainly, I fully believe that the original intention was to slow down Nissan (Tesla wasn’t even a consideration), since that’s where the thrust of the earliest efforts went.

There’s absolutely no harm in having multiple protocol plugs on a charger. That doesn’t hinder EVs too much. It’s exactly what is happening anyway, regardless what either of us think. I’m totally cool with that.

Since both CCS and CHAdeMO are official standards in different parts of the world, and both have virtually the same power, and big clunky plug, they are more alike than different. They will also both be around for quite awhile, even if a “better” standard comes along.

Great post .. thanks for this info..

VHS vs BetaMax.

It doesn’t matter if CCS is even worse than CHAdeMO. From the end users point of view they really are indistinguishable except for a plug that has a slightly different visual appearance and the fact that CCS makes to with a single charging port. So for most people there’s no important difference and the one difference detectable to us would favor CCS.

In a world where NTSC and VHS can win a battle to become the standard, it should be clear that it has little to do with technical merit.

Manufacturer support for CHAdeMO is now down to Nissan. You’re right that it’s a little harder for Nissan to abandon CHAdeMO than the others who have done so, but it’s not as hard as you pretend. They can easily and very plausibly blame all the others. Besides, I think many Nissan customers would forgive them – I’m one of them.

I can’t wait to read Tony’s impassioned defense of CHAdeMO the day Nissan drops it and thereby buries it.

Chademo vs CCS is nothing like VHS vs Beta (or blueray vs whats-that-other-one). In media, content is controlled by other companies. Sony did not control content in VHS battle, so they lost. Sony controls content in Blueray battle, so they won.

In case of Chademo, CCS, Supercharger, each company controls their significant share of “content” (ie, cars). I don’t see any of them going away any time soon. But for a small company just starting out, they don’t have enough share to come up with their own, thus having to choose an existing one.

Frankly, I like Chademo over CCS; engineering wise, it’s much more conducive to cars. Just look at the issue with SparkEV and poor fitting connector when L2 works just fine but not DCFC part of it. Chademo wouldn’t have this issue due to separate connector and being clunky; one would not affect the other.


Having said that, what’s with RF interference with some Chademo chargers? I still can’t listen to AM radio when I’m next to some of them charging.


Oh, make no mistake, if Nissan drops CHAdeMO, they might as well close up shop.

The same would be true of the Tesla Supercharger, if Tesla adopted CHAdeMO, CCS, GB/T, or even something else not yet invented.

Not rocket science. I spelled out WHY Nissan isn’t likely to do that, and you seem to agree.

You miss Faroe Islands, there are 6 chademo /ccs

I think CHAdeMO is doing very well thanks to all the Teslas with their adapters plunging into the charging stations.

In theory there are more Teslas being produced then Nissan Leafs. But if the owners all buy plugs to plug into the CHAdeMO stations they in theory would drive up a lot of business.

Thats a good point. I heared that a charging infrastructure provider said that 70 % electricity are sold over CHAdeMO plug, 30 % over AC and CCS. Probably Tesla drivers use theses chargers.

I think the point is missed. Who cares about chademo vs ccs. Easy enough to have two cables on a charger. Europe overtook us in just a few years and then almost doubled our number. Charger count in the midwest is going nowhere or it’s being done in a way that prices electricy at extremely high rates, with oddball pymt plans on chargers that seem to be broke half the time or ICEd. Gas pumps need only a credit card. If we don’t get L3 chargers in nbrs selling at reasonable rates ev sales will stay small.

I don’t know how things will play out, but I think it would be better for everyone in the long run if there was a single public charging standard. It’s certainly possible to live with two and keep making mixed standard charging stations. But it seems to me like a pretty unintelligent approach. And when 800V charging sooner or later becomes a reality it will surely make its way to both, or else the other will lose, so we’ll end up with four instead of two. However much Tony Williams supports CHAdeMO it remains clear that it has very little manufacturer support. It seems clear that Nissan can keep it alive for a while, but Nissan alone won’t be supplying over 50% of all BEVs for decades to come (in fact they don’t do that today either, even if we exclude China) so it’s equally clear that the balance is shifting towards CCS every year. And if Nissan did defect to CCS – perhaps offering an adapter to CHAdeMO with new cars and selling an adapter to CCS to owners of existing cars – it really is game over. I don’t think even Tony can explain to us just how… Read more »

All the Japanese automakers are likely to stick with Chademo, once/if they start selling battery cars. It is the single standard in Japan and they will need to support it one way or another just for their home market. So what is the point for them fragment their supplies and and make different versions for every region of the world? Nissan may loose dominance in this market in some distant future, but not all Japanese automakers.

Japan and China are the only two major countries with regulated single charge standards… plus Tesla.

No way will Japan change that (while I’m sure there are paid shills who would suggest otherwise). in my lifetime. Whatever displaces CHAdeMO will be of Japanese origin. Hint – not CCS.

China… it’s hard to say, but I suspect they do their own thing, and no, they aren’t adopting CCS.

We don’t know yet if the CCS 800 volt charging will be with the same plug (they already have two), but CHAdeMO likely will (and it is spec’d to 1000 volts).

The gap between sub-500 volt and sub-1000 volt charging would be an EXCELLENT place to use a jointly acceptable plug and communication method.

That ain’t gunna happen, either..

CHAdeMO isn’t going anywhere but up for a while… even if Nissan updates their J1772 to the CCS DC add on plugs to make their cars and vans compatible with anything out there. I have been using CHAdeMO successfully for years now… and most of the problems I have run into were more about the payment systems rather than the charger. CCS was a foot drag by the other manufacturers… which is why Tesla went their own way… Now the others are running to catch Tesla and Nissan. GM will be most challenged with the BOLT because their choice to not really support enhancing the DC FC Level 3 infrastructure will result in complaints of slow DC chargers. Single wire CCS’s installed by BMW and VW are 25kW… that will take over an hour to push 60kW into your BOLT. Not quick enough for most folks… but definitely faster than the slow AC charger they put into the BOLT that will take 9 hours to refresh it over Level 2. BOLT will change the EV market… but will also demo need for faster chargers resulting in frustration. Nissan CHAdeMOs are 44kW systems… Had GM chosen to offer a CHAdeMO port… Read more »

At 25 kW, it will take over 2 hours to charge 60 kWh (25kWh * 2 = 50 kWh). 80% could take close to 2 hours. But most CCS are dual handle units capable of 50 kW.

Have 25 kW units are actually a plus. It’s cheaper to install. That makes it more widespread, and far more preferable to just having L2 as might be the case with Chademo’s 50 kW units.

There’s very few, if any, 75 kW Chademo in US. Most are 50 kW. When more powerful DCFC roll out, they will most likely be dual handle CCS+Chademo.

Not sure what advantage CCS has of the other.
Seems a shame and a slap in the face to all the current Chademo EV owners now if they want to kill it off.

There are a couple of chademo’s being installed now around my area and other areas.

For CCS, the charge port on the car is more compact than Chademo+J1772, has fewer contacts (7 vs 14) and is therefore cheaper to design into the vehicle (eg VW eGolf uses the same flap for gas or electricity) and cheaper to build.

It would be surprising to me if you have Chademo-only stations being installed in your area. Pretty much everyone is installing dual-standard now, except for a few 24kW CCS-only stations.

Yup, they’re chademo with those big Yazaki connectors.

I just did a quick look at plugshare and filtered only for CCS and only a small hand full (maybe 5) come up. Filter for only chademo and a whole bunch come up.

Boah, Japan is so well equiped with chademo. I would like to have the same numbers in the US/Europe…

Japan – 54
Europe – 2900
US – 5190

That means in average you only have to drive 50km in Japan to get to an chademo. In Europe or US you could drive thousands of kilometers that got no chademo.

To match Japan, the US or Europe would need around 200.000 chademo chargers!!! Meaning we need only around 197.000 more for both countries ;-). I predict it will happen in 2025 if chademo is still used in new sold cars at that time.

54km2 circle has a radius of about 4.2km so on average you only need to drive about 8.4km to get to another CHAdeMO station in Japan.