Over 1,000 Nissan LEAFs Sold in Japan in July

AUG 9 2013 BY MARK KANE 13

Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF Gets A “CHAdeMO” Boost

In July,  Nissan sold in Japan 1,034 LEAF, which is around a 27% improvement compared to July 2012 and nearly the same level as sold in June.

YTD sales of Nissan flagship is 6,720, or just a few ticks shy of in the same time frame in 2012 when 6,930 were delivered.

The total number of LEAFs sold is now over 28,000 in Japan.  That’s roughly 3,000 less than in US where sales surged with 2013 LEAF launch, which led to the US taking over the spot from Japan as the LEAF’s number one country .

It is confusing that, despite all these CHAdeMO charging stations in Japan, sales are not growing faster. 10,310 in 2011, 11,115 in 2012 and now it seems again we have trajectory to hit  11,000 or so in 2013.

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Electricity in Japan comes mostly from nuclear, or imported hydrocarbons. Both have huge environmental , and economic costs. Virtually no one in Japan needs a car, certainly not one as large as the Leaf. The American obsession is not shared by everyone.

Tell Washington to get out of the way of natural gas liquefaction plants. The oil industry is dying to get gas out of the country and into Asian markets where the price is better, but Washington plays the anti-carbon card and cow-tows to special interests that want the gas to stay here and depress prices so they can get the benefit of cheap natural gas.

And we want to help the oil industry sell more of their poison why exactly?

This would greatly raise natural gas prices in the US which would hurt our businesses and our chemical making industry.

Nuclear power has the smallest environmental impact of all types of power generation and is ideal to provide 24/7 time shifted charging power for tens of million electric cars.

Dealing with the Fukushima disaster will ultimately bankrupt their power industry. They haven’t been able to contain the radioactive water being released. They are now proposing freezing the ground around the site. This requires continuous electric powered refrigeration!

Percentage of total countrywide car sales is a more meaningful statistic. 1000 is just a number.

Leaf should be doing better in it’s closed home market of Japan with Zero non-Japanese competition.

“It is confusing that, despite all these CHAdeMO charging stations in Japan, sales are not growing faster.”

Seriously….. haven’t figured that one out yet??

It’s Simple. Because full EV owners buy the EV based on their daily commute round trip driving range, then charge at home where their gas station/charging station is. No lines, no waiting.

No searching for an available charging station, no waiting 20 min to 7 hours for a charge, and no paying double for the electricity when you don’t have to.

Then there is the fact that over 85% will also have another ICE vehicle, and the other 15% will have access to an ICE for longer trips than the EV range.

So number of public charging stations have little to do with full EV adoption. And the longer range of the EV, the less need for a public charging station and higher percentage of home charging.

The key to faster EV adoption for the average consumer is longer range(200 miles), lower price and faster home charging(10kWh onboard chargers).

How many Japanese have home charging stations? If you are live in an apartment with no charging facility that fast charge station may be your only way to charge up.

This link says 284,000 or so and sharply down from last July: http://www.steelguru.com/international_news/Japanese_domestic_auto_sales_down_by_135pct_in_July/321084.html

So relatively speaking, Leaf sales are a larger chunk in Japan. But still disappointing not to see the same upward trajectory we’re seeing here in the US. Perhaps indeed most of Japanese households with cars have only 1 car – and people prefer that one to be unlimited-range even if they only seldom go to the farther parts of the island.

Insight from Japanese readers of this site will be welcome…

The number of 1000 sales per month is a good result for a new technology car in Japan. Look back at the days when the Toyota Prius was a new technology car. Sales were in similar regions and it took 6 years before they started to grow significant.


What Japanese market would need is a new and modern electric Kei Kar with a price < 2 mio Yen.

It has been touched on here in the comments already but I know first hand large cars in Japan, ie the LEAF are less common that the kei car like the iMiEV (which has disappointing sales currently) small cars fit on more of their suburban roads and cost less to own etc. they have a market for mini cars, electrify them and maybe it will takeoff more.

On the power issue I don’t think it’s the environmental impact of the nuclear power they care about so much but that they are now mostly against nuclear altogether. That with high power prices doesn’t help the situation either.

Hmmm … Prius has been the largest selling car in Japan for a long time. Leaf is the same size.