Over 100 Communities in Vermont Now Home to Plug-In Vehicles


Every so often, we go digging for some state sales figures.  More specifically, we try to hunt down how many plug-in vehicles are registered in a given state.

Wonder if They Own a Plug-In?

Wonder if They Own a Plug-In?

This time, the search led us to Vermont and here’s a look at what we found.  As of July 1, Vermont had 282 plug-in vehicles registered statewide.  That’s up from the 88 registered there in mid-2012.

More interestingly, over 100 communities within Vermont have at least 1 one plug-in vehicle owner.  That’s widespread ownership.

It seems even some rural areas of Vermont are home to plug-ins, as the statistics show that not all of the the electrics there are registered within city centers.

Lastly, Vermont is home to Nissan LEAFs, Chevy Volts, some plug-in Fords, Teslas and more.  Oddly though, the Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid is the most popular plug-in in Vermont.  Who’d of guessed that?

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Solar farms are everywhere in VT… The only state to ban Fracking too….


Vermont is pretty much the most granola state in the union so I’m not surprised.

You say that like it’s a Bad Thing.