Outlander PHEV Drives Up Mitsubishi Sales In Europe

JUL 14 2014 BY MARK KANE 14

We Caught The Outlander PHEV Recently Ourselves At The Tokyo Motor Show

We Caught The Outlander PHEV Recently Ourselves At The Tokyo Motor Show

Mitsubishi really has reason to rejoice as the automaker is not only back to profitability in Europe for fiscal year 2013, but now is growing even strong with Outlander PHEV.

The best selling plug-in car in Europe found in late 2013 8,197 buyers as the first batch of 8,009 deliveries went to Netherlands. In the first half of 2014, sales in Europe already exceeded last year’s figure, amounting to 9,038.

In total, 17,235 Outlander PHEVs have been sold in Europe in less than 10 months.  This is now the result to beat for other brands.

Sales of Mitsubishi cars are growing now by 23% (January – June / MME34 countries / excl. Russia and Ukraine / incl. L200 pickup). However it’s interesting that Norway is going backward by 19%.

Positive Trend

“The combination of a gradual economic recovery in several European countries, the impact of Outlander PHEV – now available in most MME markets, the continued success of key products such as ASX, L200 and Pajero, more pro-active Sales & Marketing local activities, as well as the Brand’s very good fortunes in Israel – now MME’s Number Three market, after Germany and the United Kingdom, all contributed to confirm the positive trend which began last year.”

“In detail for the MME 2014 (H1) Top Ten markets – the Top Five representing 60% of the MME volume over the period:”

1. Germany: 10,761 units (- 9%)
2. The United Kingdom: 9,184 units (+ 13%)
3. Israel: 7,140 units (+ 185%)
4. The Netherlands: 7,093 units (+ 215%)
5. Norway: 2,927 units (- 19%)
6. Sweden: 2,819 units (+ 73%)
7. Austria: 2,467 units (+ 19%)
8. Poland: 2,387 units (+ 50%)
9. France: 2,374 units (+ 1%)
10. Spain: 2,261 units (+ 19%)

According to Mitsubishi, Outlander PHEV still has room for progress as MMC’s local Distributor (The Colt Car Company Limited) in the UK has recorded over 1,200 orders since its launch in April this year.

Outlander sales almost doubled thanks to the PHEV version (and is now the most popular Mitsubishi model in all of Europe). Approximately 49% of share are PHEVs and 51% are ICE.

In decreasing order for the Top Five models:

1. Outlander: 18,398 units (9,360 ICE / 9,038 PHEV) + 94%
2. ASX: 17,691 units + 34%
3. Mirage: 12,647 units (10,924 Space Star / 1,723 Attrage) + 75%
4. L200: 7,758 units – 1%
5. Shogun: 2,995 units + 13%

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Best-selling plug-in also in Italy in June, with 43 deliveries, ahead of Leaf (34) and i3 (31)(21 BEV and 10 REx).

If a PHEV SUV can do this well in Europe, imagine how well it could do in the US.

Hope GM is making that Voltec SUV we’ve all wanted since the Volt MPV 5 debut.

I have been quite disappointed with GM’s rollout of Volt technology. I really thought the power train would be available in a variety of vehicles by now rather just the Volt and the brand of cars reserved for older folks who don’t get anything modern like cell phones, much less EVs. 8-(

Yeah, Bob Lutz at the time kept stating the same total BS over and over that the drivetrain was not scalable – it was ideal for that size vehicle, and so GM did not have plans to introduce the Voltec drivetrain to any other platform. 24 carat ass.

Best selling PHEV in New Zealand and they have no incentives on any EV’s.

Very impressive the 49% share respect to all Outlanders.
Much easier to achieve on medium and higher end cars… They should all be offered as a plug-in (or as plug-ins) also – from all automakers…

This story could do with sourcing information so that the original data can be looked at.

As presented it is something of a goulash of incomparable PHEV and all Outlander sales.

In particular under the table in ‘Positive Trend’ it appears that that is all Outlander sales, and it is impossible to work out what is going on to cause the anomolous fall in sales without knowing what the breakdown is, and when the PHEV version went on sale.

Seems like GM should be doing a version of this car as fast as they can…!!! Oh wait, maybe they are spending all their money on lawyers.

If they sell this car in the US they would have to make at least a 100,000 to 150,000 a year due to the pent up demand for plug in SUV’s.

it would be great to know the size of the markets and the relative intake of the Outlanders

Drop in Norway is not surprising because they have no incentives for PHEV, only BEV.

If you want a top end Outlander in the UK you have 2 choices at the same price, Diesel or PHEV. The PHEV comes with a 5k pound government grant, 5% instead of 25% company car tax, lower sales tax, no road tax, no congestion charge and if you drive less than 100 miles a day lower fuel costs. The Diesel comes with higher maintenance costs.

I’d love to see the sales breakdown across the entire model range for the UK.

and the Porsche Panamera

I can’t wait to see one in Canada!!