Out of 6 Tested Vehicles, Fiat 500e Emerged as “Top Electric Vehicle”


The Northwest Automotive Press Association (NWAPA) selected the 2013 Fiat 500e as the “Top Electric Vehicle” during its first-annual “Drive Revolution” event in Portland.

I'm Crowned the Champ!!!

I’m Crowned the Champ!!!

According to the NWAPA, 17 vehicles were tested, including pure electrics, plug-in hybrids and “clean” diesels.

But it was the Fiat 500e that came out on top in the electric class.

Bengt Halvorson, Drive Revolution co-chair, remarked:

“The Fiat 500e is an electric car with sex appeal.  Unlike other electric vehicles, we think the Fiat 500e will lure in a type of buyer that otherwise might not even have considered a plug-in model.”

Sex appeal?  Really?  Oddly, that is how Fiat pitches it.

Jason Stoicevich, head of Fiat North America, released this statement:

“We wanted a Fiat 500 that happens to be fully electric.  NWAPA’s Drive Revolution accolade reinforces that our Italian style and engaging dynamics, combined with a fully electric powertrain, have created a zero-emissions Cinquecento that appeals beyond just green car shoppers.”

The 500e was pitted against the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, Honda Fit EV, Ford Focus Electric, Mitsubishi i-MiEV and Nissan LEAF.

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I know my daughter thinks the 500e and the Smart ED are cute. For me, my Volt will be proceeded by a Tesla Model S or their Gen III. So like the FOURTEEN US choices of EVs now it all depends on your need and perspective. If the Fiat 500e excites and fits your need, then you have helped move the US closer to our first 1,000,000 EVs.

Well that is just f’ing great . . . the ‘top’ EV is a low-volume EV sold only in one state and is already sold-out.


Spark EV not tested?

“during its first-annual “Drive Revolution” event in Portland”

So I guess the Spark EV wins next year 🙂

Wait, when that event occurred in early July, the Fiat 500e wasn’t even available in Oregon.

“Sex-appeal” should have very little to do with a test in the first place. Is this a advertising competition? It worked, because we’re reading about this phoney-baloney award.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe this is a perfectly legitimate award that was hard earned by Fiat, who just so happened to have their advertising slogan echoed verbatim by this rave review.


And I don’t understand the sex appeal at all. I think it is ugly. Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder.

LOL it is not ugly in any way, the spark and leaf are hideous, get your eyes checked please

I guess we know who the beer-holder is.

The Northwest Automotive Press Association selected a vehicle not even available in the Northwest. Brilliant.

This car does make a good commuter electric car do to it’s small size and it’s not bad looking. I do see a few of the gas versions around and if someone likes driving them they will feel more better driving the electric version.

Just took delivery of a 500e a few days ago. It does get more
attention than my Focus Electric, although that could be because the bright pearlescent orange paint job screams “look, look!” as it flashes by. Although it has retro styling, the infotainment system nearly matches the Fords. I say nearly because the Fiat Access app doesn’t actually connect to the car yet, and Fiat tech support’s only offered remedy was to downgrade my iPhone IOS version number or wait an unknown period for a Fiat upgrade.

Other than that minor annoyance, the car’s a kick to drive.