Our Funny-Shaped Future Starts Now


Faraday Factory Rendeing

Faraday Factory Rendeing


Dag Reckhorn

Faraday Exec

Faraday Future has barely begun, but it already achieved a Hurculean feat by talking for over an hour without saying anything remotely meaningful. We learned only:

  • The first syllable is pronounced “fair.”
  • The company’s core is its “super electric ecosystem project.” Certainly sounds super, not to mention electric.
  • The lead singer, Graham Bonnet, wears shades indoors and comes across like a car salesman instead of an alter-Musk.
  • The company incessantly uses the term “connected” to describe its forthcoming vehicles. But with Chinese entertainment firm LeEco behind the curtain at FF, totally beholden to the Chinese government like all Chinese businesses, how “connected” do you want to be? Does an intimate electronic relationship with China turn you on?

In sum, here’s the current state of FF: No battery supplier. No charging network. No bespoke prototypes that move under their own power. No testing except for retrofitting gas cars with new internal organs and seeing what happens.

Farady Future concept car TeslaMondo

Faraday Concept

But within two years, sang Bonnet, we’ll marvel at a finished factory spitting out revolutionary transportation for the masses. And somewhere in that narrative, there’s room for a Batmobile aimed at the woefully overlooked crustacean community.


TeslaMondo wants Tesla to lead a large segment instead of a small one, so all EV entrants are welcome. But FF is off to a WTF start. And the Chinese provenance will prove a constant pedigree problem, at least here in the US, as expounded here.

Other headlining EV efforts, such as Apple’s Titanic project, GM’s Re-Volt and Porsche’s Mission Eventually have no such pedigree problem to overcome. And they know enough to ditch the shades during press conferences.

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“a Batmobile aimed at the woefully overlooked crustacean community” LOL!

Faraday Future seems to think that if you talk big then the cars will come. They got it all backwards. First you make a car, that then gives you the right to talk big. Faraday Future wants to be Tesla so bad but they don’t understand what it takes to be Tesla.

scott franco (No M3 FAUX GRILL!)

This is a complete waste of time. The USA introduction of BYD will be news. This is just an investor scam.

Which is why I don’t understand by InsideEVs insist on publishing 2-3 articles a week on them (and this one’s just recycling a blog post), instead of the 2 articles/year which all they deserve until they actually demonstrate a working EV.

I still like the theory that these guys are really a just a contract manufacturer that Apple has contracted to build their Apple car in the USA.

That’s the only way I can see this being really cool. Maybe the batmobile is a big ruse to throw us off the scent of the real story.

That’s the most interesting.. and dare I even say, realistic theory I’ve heard so far. Otherwise, nothing this company has done makes sense.

They want to be the walk-on superstar.

In fact, they’re shaping up to be an embarrassment.

Robust competition is good for the EV market, but charlatans like FF (and Fisker before them) actually do harm to the movement.

Take it easy guys!
Let’s see what they’re capable of before we toss them off the boat. I too would like to see some tangible stuff right away, but lets give them a little wiggle room.

Sure, like give them enough rope.

People are notoriously fed-up these days with the sort of shenanigans that seem to be part and parcel of FF, and others. So you are not going to see a lot of sympathy for the condemned. Oh and the appeal to popular sentiment will fall through, and the governor is not going to commute their sentence.
Dead company rolling! *(imho)

This post adds little to the site’s purpose of promoting EVs.

+1 insightful!

Well, I’ll admit that actually buying land for a prospective factory makes this vaporware company more real than I thought it would ever be.

But it still looks like their main activity is playing around with architect computer programs, competing to produce the most ridiculous concept for a factory building!

Welcome Back!

There other main activity seems to be trying to pull a page from Elon Musk by keeping themselves in the news. Of course with Musk there is some there, there.

Thanks! But I was only “missing in action” for a week and a half or so. Going forward, though, expect to see less of me, as other activities are taking up more of my free time.

I remember the first design where they only had one FF on the roof, and they were apparently worried that people flying over would miss the one. It also had a line of palms as the only decoration on a straight road to nowhere, where the draftsman kept hitting the paste key. I suggest they put a giant tv on the roof to show people photos of the Zero spinning on a stage.

No, that is NOT the only thing they do.

They also use their CAD programs to design ridiculous electric car concept designs.

It’s fairly common to perform cheap CAD tricks for publicity: http://www.space.com/22688-elon-musk-iron-man-tech-rockets-video.html

Sort of slam on Hercules. I get the reference but Hercules actually accomplished something.

Maybe a Sisyphean feat, since nothing is accomplished, would have been more accurate.

Sisyphean feat LOL – That’s why FF is building near Boulder Dam!

And their theme song? Borrow that old rock song that GM used for their trucks – “Like a Rock”.

Of course, these days, Sisyphus would install his boulders with a re-gen brake system so they can push themselves 1/2 way back up the hill without assistance!

Regenerative rolling? Good one.

FF talks about a connected car like no one else is doing it. What kind of revolution will they bring to cars that Tesla and others haven’t already brought? Did they really think the Zero was going to dazzle us any more than the hundred other supercars out there? Even the tiny Rimac has a drivable car. Show me a real car and I’ll stop making fun of you FF.

Do you think the state of Nevada is totally brain dead? They are having Farraday put up a 75 million dollar bond. FF hires well qualified people and they get paid. Maybe FF will use tesla patents tesla superchargers and tesla batteries. They might be trying to leapfrog byd and Tesla. Competition is good, I hope they succeed.

Ob1 said:

“FF hires well qualified people and they get paid”

Do you know for a fact that any of them have actually been paid, or are you just guessing? According to the Automotive News website, the Chinese entrepreneur behind FF has had his Leshi Internet Information & Technology Corp stock trading suspended not merely for a few days, but months:


Jia Yueting reportedly sold about $1.2 billion in shares in order to fund projects including FF.

What I *really* want to know, is how their CEO is going to avoid prison time for defrauding its shareholders. This whole thing smells so badly of vapourware it hurts.

Maybe they should name the company “Faraway Future”.


My inner Grammar Nazi says:

“Hurculean feat…”

That should be Herculean.

You people talk like Tesla’s ‘all that and a bag of chips’ just because they’re ….well…. all that and a bag of chips!
But I’ll tell you something, Faraday’s going to show us all that ‘A Faraday cage is worth two Bushes in the house’!

It’s like I really WANT them to succeed … the more EV manufacturers the better (especially startups NOT part of the Detroit crowd). But WOW … they just don’t seem to have a clue.

Smugful posts like this make me want FF to succeed if only to silence irritating Tesla fanboys.

GM fanboys can be just as irritating.
Have you ever known success to silence anyone?