Our Best Look At The BMW i3 So Far As Test Mules Shed Some Camouflage

JUN 27 2013 BY JAY COLE 21

The BMW i3 Sheds Some Camo (Photo: Thomas Vacek)

The BMW i3 Sheds Some Camo (Photo: Thomas Vacek)

Another Better Look At The i3   (Photo: Thomas Vacek)

Another Better Look At The i3 (Photo: Thomas Vacek)

A German auto mechanic in the town of Schkeuditzer, which is about 12 km north of Lepzig –  where the new BMW i3 is currently in pre-production, says he has seen his fair shake of i3 mules on the road.

Fortunately, he had a camera handy and caught some i3s testing with a lot less camouflage recently.

 “They come here often,” says Thomas Vacek to DAZ Online.

The i3’s official debut will come in September in Frankfurt, with first deliveries happening in Europe in mid-November and the US to follow shortly thereafter.

The i3 has an all electric range of about 90 miles, which can be extended to around 200 miles with a range-extender option.  Estimated starting price-tag for the i3 is in the mid-$40,000 dollar range.

These new pics do beg the question, “Are you happy with what you are seeing so far from BMW with the i3?”

BMW i3 Gallery: (double click)

DAZ Online (German)

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21 Comments on "Our Best Look At The BMW i3 So Far As Test Mules Shed Some Camouflage"

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To answer your question, no.

I have my own question. What the hell is BMW thinking? Make a Model S clone, not an i-Miev clone.

At least change those wheels already…

Well at least a BMW 5 series in i version should be a good follow up. If they propose a BMW i5 in touring version that would also be interesting. But indeed thgis micro car is just to small withy no decent trunk.

A big mistake of shape because what just happen to nice with BMW is their well proportionated sedan shapes. This i3 is all wrong on that.

I’ve read it will have 36k-38k euros price in Germany few days ago from other source. If it’s true it’s very competitive price especially for a car with BMW badge.

For Europe is always question: does VAT included? Companies are counting without VAT but private individuals always add VAT.

Oh i know what’s VAT, included. So it will be cheaper than Ford Focus Electric
It’s not noticed that VAT is included, but 36k+VAT is higher than 40k so it does not look like price dropping 🙂

Those wheel covers lower drag, so expect to see a trend where open spoked wheels become far more rare.

The industry should research shallow surfaces that take advantage of the spinning surface, to better control airflow over / around them… The resulting patterns might look cool.

Pontiac Aztec-ish

That’s what I was going to type.

Fail. Try Toyota Matrix.

So first they get rid of the glass doors. Then they get rid of swoopy glass in the back. Now it appears as Taser said, like an Aztek with a BMW nose. Uniqueness.. gone.

Meh… I do like the fact it has 90 miles of EV range WITH a range extender. But i’m still skeptical about performance in CS mode.

It is the first serious attempt at a car since the Citroen 2CV. If they dumped all the sound deadening, AC, power steering/windows/locks, etc., they could make it out of steel and plastic, and sell it for $10K less at the same weight.

At this price, a 2CV conversion is going to be cheaper, and more fun to drive around in.

I think BMW has gotten stuck beyond the point of good looks with their latest styling updates to that ‘trademark’ twin nostril grille.

I’ve been thinking that the i3 would be a compelling replacement for my Volt when the lease runs up at the end of the year. But the more I see of the i3, the more I think I’ll stay with another Volt. The biggest issue here is size. It looks to be about the same size as a 4 door Mini Cooper, which would be untenable for anyone with kids. The removal of the transparent door panels and swooped back door windows was unfortunate too. BMW would need to offer this at a price below the Volt to stay on my radar for my next car.

My kids fit in the back seat of a two door Datsun 510. I guess kids have been super sized now. 🙁


We’ve already seen the naked car. It’s on their website. This camo is ridiculous 🙂

I agree, it’s ridiculous. They should improve the camo, then offer it as an appearance package.

Why can’t they just use the 1-series chassis to host the i3 drivetrain? I really like the look of the 1-series, even the 5-door.

Hey, the i3 is waaaaaay less fugly than the Leaf. 😉

Ugly. When the motorcycle engine kicks in, does it still have full performance like in a Volt? Anyone know?


I’m looking forward to a test drive!

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