Oullum Motors To Launch Spirra Electric Supercar At 2015 Geneva Motor Show


Oullum Spirra EV

Oullum Spirra EV

South Korea’s Oullim Motors has formed Spirra Europe to launch a pure electric version of its Spirra supercar.

In place of its twin turbo V6, the electric Spira, appropriately called Spirra EV, will feature an electric powertrain with perhaps as much as 600 hp.

Spirra EV will get its worldwide debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show next March.  We won’t know full details on Spirra EV until then, but for now we know it’s all-wheel-drive, rather than rear-wheel-drive as in the ICE Spirra.

According to Oullim Motors, Spirra EV will likely only be sold in Europe.  It’ll be produced in the Netherlands, largely by hand, where workers will marry a spaceframe chassis and necessary electric components to a carbon fiber body.

As for price, the hand-built Spirra EV doesn’t come cheap.  Expect to pay upwards of $270,000 (200,000 Euros) for the privilege of owning this rare, hand-built electric machine.

Look for us to bring forth more details on Spirra EV when it hits the stage next year in Geneva.

Oullum Spirra gas version. Likely to have very similar interior.

Oullum Spirra gas version. Electric likely to have a very similar interior.

Source: Motor Authority

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David Murray

yet another electric super car that nobody will be able to afford. yawn.


“Watch out Tesla”


Jouni Valkonen

At this point it is only necessary that the rich 1 % can afford to buy an electric car. If all rich 1 % bought an EV today, the market share of electric cars would be around 5 %.

This is more than ten times more electric cars sold than today, when car manufacturers are offering ridiculously overpriced and unpractical electric cars for the middle class, who does not want to buy the siliness such as Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf. Chevy Volt / Opel Ampera is about $15 000 too expensive car.

It is therefore beter to direct EV incentives as such that it encourages the rich 1 % to buy an electric car, because in the top price category the battery price handicap is irrelevant. For middle class fuel efficient cars are good enough at this point. Hence, let the rich 1 % to pay the development cost of electric vehicle technology.


Lol,hand brake, for that price.


If I’m driving a performance car, I want a manual handbrake. Why? For handbrake turns, of course! Try doing that with a power parking brake or a foot-petal parking brake!




That was supposed to reply to “David Murray”….lol


Don’t like the overall design, wouldn’t pay a dime.


Is there an airbag in the steering wheel?

Thomas j. Thias
SuperCar/HyperCar/SuperLuxuryCars, the EREV/PHEVs Subset, of the surging Global Electric Fueled Industry, 2014. It is amasing to me that in addition to some 21 current available consumer Electric Fueled Vehicles that are available to buy from almost all global OEM’s in the United States now, there exhists this growing subset known as Super Cars, Hyper Cars and Super Luxury Cars. What is more amazing to me is that most of these Electric Fueled Vehicles did not exhist just 32 month ago as the Chevy Volt Extended Range Electric Vehicle and Nissan Leaf came off imited trial beta sales on November of 2011 and National Sales began. As seen in the Chris Paine movie, Revenge Of The Electric Car, the battles fought by LUTZ, GHOSN and Musk have paid off in dividends beyond their wildest dreams then. I’ve published a list of the top SuperCar/HyperCar/SuperLuxury EREV/PHEVs of the Global Electric Fueled vehicle Industry. It does not include the vehicle of Eric Lovedays feature story so you can add it to this stunning list! I will list the the rest of the feld in order of decending MSRP with estamated builds/sales- 1) Ferrari LaFarrari $1,350,000.00 (499) 2) McLaren P1 $1,200,000.00 (285) 3) Rimac… Read more »

Too bad there are no luxury EREVs on the market anymore since Fisker left the market. Only the Volt PHEV and ELR PHEV. The i3 is not a luxury model in my mind.

Warren M

The i8 certainly has as much or more luxury features than most of the cars out there. Just happens to be sporty looking too.

See Through

Interesting list. Still pales in comparison to the most expensive super cars, like Lamborghini Veneno($4.5M), Lykan HyperSport ( $3.4M), Bugati Veyron ($2.4M), …

Time for a recession to cool this craziness.


Why doesn’t the article’s title start with ‘Move over Tesla’? 😀


Even if I wouldn’t buy one personally, I’m still glad to see new EV market entrants at the high end. It helps raise awareness and demand as the EV “cool factor” and high performance meme moves downmarket.

A lot of that is needed to counter the golf cart meme that characterized early EV development.