OTA Update Improves Tesla Model 3 Backup Camera Image Quality Flaw

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 backup camera view before recent update (Tesla Model 3 Facebook group via Kriss Kross)

Tesla’s recent over-the-air software update brings significant improvements to the image quality produced by its backup camera.

One of many minor complaints about the Tesla Model 3 is the quality and orientation of the car’s backup camera. This issue was pointed out by several Tesla Model S and X owners who noticed that it just doesn’t stack up to the automaker’s flagship vehicles. While Model 3 quality across the board isn’t meant to match the level of the much more expensive S and X, Tesla is willing to “fix” whatever it can through software updates.

Reportedly, a recent software update has made vast improvements. However, it’s always difficult to tell in people’s social media photos. In order to know for sure, it would have to be exactly the same angle, lighting, etc. Not to mention the fact that we’re dealing with their personal cameras, and the site’s image settings. There are too many variables to get a very accurate idea. Nonetheless, owners are now posting BEFORE and AFTER pictures, as well as commenting on the updated camera quality. We’re sharing a few examples here for you to decide:

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 backup camera after update (Tesla Model 3 Facebook group via Kriss Kross)

When asked if the improvements are “huge” or “slight,” Kriss Kross responded:

“I’ll be able to tell more in a couple days. It’s definitely smoother, not as contrasty. Still not as good as the X, but getting there.”

Check out another comparison below. It shows more color and lighting, which may give you a better idea:

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 backup camera before update (Tesla Model 3 Facebook group via Doug Martoccia)

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 backup camera after update (Tesla Model 3 Facebook group via Doug Martoccia)

Once again, we may have different lighting playing a role, and it’s very obvious that there are more flowers in bloom in the later picture. Still, the “after” image seems to be clearer, with more realistic colors. It also appears to more successfully capture a sharper image for a greater distance and is less shadowy.

Teslarati reported that a Tesla spokesperson confirmed that the update will now begin to roll out to its entire fleet. Keep in mind, as with most of Tesla’s OTA software updates, this is a work in progress. Fortunately, the technology allows the company to continually update systems until the most desirable results are achieved.

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Source: Teslarati

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It’s a cheaper car. Even though cameras are dirt cheap, they have to save money somewhere.
I see The improvements, but it was fair to begin with too.
I bought two extra cameras for my van for 12 dollars, and they were OK too.
Only B/W in night mode, but for that price it’s all good.
Better camera and screen quality could be extras. Add full HD or 4K, for those that pay, with an AMOLED display.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“I see The improvements, but it was fair to begin with too.”

I agree.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Hey, can I go to Honda about the quality of items in My Civic where it does not match the Accord EX-L quality and get a free fix?

Called it. The poor initial quality was clearly a rush job implementation, like the initial X windshield. I wonder what other, less obvious things were also rushed.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

By that logic then all other car manufacturers, their higher model cars camera quality vs. their lower models (see my post above) were all rushed to market.

So in a nutshell if Tesla did nothing about it they would be operating within “Industry Standard”.

3/4/5/Six Pretend Electrics continued his Tesla bashing campaign:

“I wonder what other, less obvious things were also rushed.”

Tell me, did you figure out how to write “concern troll” posts on your own, or did the other trolls have to teach you?

Called what it was good quality to begin with and is even better now. Then again how would you know anything about backup cameras have they installed one on your big wheel yet?

One of the few flaws that bother me on a regular basis in my 2012 Volt is the combination of poor quality backup camera and display screen plus poor backup lighting. Very hard to see anything in certain situations where the light is angled too low.

Camera and screen much better on my 2007 Prius … pretty lame Chevy couldn’t match that level 5 years later.

My 2011 Volt is pretty bad too. It is improved with our 2016 volt. Our Tesla is significantly clearer if I try to separate the size aspect.

I know. I thougt the same. The camera on my volt is trash

Are things such as color accuracy really important in a backup camera? I don’t see that as an issue, at all. The purpose of a backup camera to let you see if you’re about to back into something, not to check on how healthy the azaleas look.

Now what is an issue, altho I think a minor one, is that some Tesla car owners have said that the “fisheye” effect of the TM3’s backup camera was too pronounced; that it was greater than in Tesla’s older cars. I see from the images above that this effect has been turned down slightly in the “after” photos.

Most displays for backup cameras are so small that these things wouldn’t matter. But with the large screen in Tesla’s, stuff that wouldn’t matter on a smaller screen suddenly becomes glaringly obvious on the big screen.

It is like watching a movie on a T-Mobile smart phone at 480p — it looks fine because the screen is small. But if you try streaming 480p to a 55 inch TV it would look annoyingly bad.

Maybe they can do an OTA update to make the brake lights look like something other than what belongs on the back of a bicycle?

Why do the tail lights look like a modern car but the brake lights look like something you buy at Pep Boys to make your 20 year old Civic look “cool”.

It is clear that we need a 5k camera with HDR colors when going in reverse, what most people do between 0 and 15 seconds per day.

My Mazda CX5 has a reasonably clear reversing camera, you can easily see cars coming from the distance and it has enough fish eye to give wide angle view (but for some reason they over lay the mobile phone signal which cuts off an important area when pulling out of car parks). So when pulling out you can actually see around the vehicle next to you. The Leaf is very poor in comparison. The quality is poor so it is very hard to discern vehicles coming from the distance, and the fish eye is almost none, so you pretty much only get what is immediately behind you. This sort of thing fascinates me. As a car manufacturer, surely you would be getting samples of your opposition and asking the question, “why can their system see 100mt down the road, but we can barely see 10mt”?. And you would also think these components are pretty generic by now. Anyway, reversing camera is something you really don’t appreciate until you’ve been driving a few weeks and had several different situations to deal with. On a test drive it might appear Ok, but in the rain on a dark night it might make… Read more »