Oslo to London For €5 In Tesla Model S – Fully Charged Video

MAY 10 2015 BY MARK KANE 18

Tesla Model S Supercharger

Tesla Model S Supercharger

Robert Llewellyn and Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield earlier this year took an extended test drive of a Tesla Model S from Oslo, Norway to London, UK to evaluate the Supercharger network.

As it turns out, everything works just fine and Tesla covers electricity bills, which makes the journey damn cheap. The only 5 they spent on energy was on charging at a hotel.

Robert stated that over 500 kWh electricity was worth £90 ($138), about three times less than the cost of fuel for an equivalent ICE car. But when you pay almost nothing, it’s infinitely economical.

“1,300 miles in an electric car in two and a bit days.”

In February 2015 I drove a Tesla Model S P85 from Oslo, Norway, to London, England. This is what happened.”

“With many thanks to Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield who filmed much of the trip.”

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Nice trip. And I like the show’s new intro and outro.

This is a Tesla model S it’s the type of EV that your bladder will give out before your range does. I think they would be fine range wise with at least 200 miles not to mention they got a billion and one chamo quick and Tesla superchargers every three blocks in this area.

Now if this story had been in a Mitsubishi i-miev that would have been hairy. Or if I try driving a Mitsubishi i-miev to the core of West Virginia or New Jersey pound for pound that would have been more scary. In that there are only only a few quick chargers and most of the trip would have no chargers and a crappy range.

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Yupe, fixed OR

Thanks that a good feature.

Most discussion boards allow author edits and deletions. Bizarre that this one doesn’t. Come on webmaster.

Most require you to register, too. I prefer this one.

I don’t know… having driven my i-miev across Michigan to Ann Arbor, I found the experience pretty exciting… and that was with Level 2 charging. DCQC which only took me less than 10 minutes to 80% from 2 bars down would have been “almost” boring. 😉

I’d sure like to drive around Europe in a Tesla.

“Oslo to London For €5”

I was wondering how he managed to do that, but of course he didn’t. The headline only cites the cost he paid for destination charging at a hotel where he stayed overnight. The actual cost of the trip would include the fee for transporting the Model S on a ship from Oslo, transportation via Eurotunnel (the “Chunnel”) under the English Channel, charges for hotel rooms, and very likely meals at restaurants along the way. At least, I didn’t see Robert Llewellyn bringing along a picnic basket to eat out of!

Yes, I get the point: That paying for gas to drive a car that far would cost a lot more. But the headline is misleading.

without forgetting the time spent waiting the replenish of the batteries , ans the detours made to reach the SCs .

Maybe the author-writer is idle or retired , or both to count for zero the time he lost waiting in the SC parks .
Happily it’s not my case and I prefer to be devoted to my family (or business) than to my car even though it’s an EV.
No ,so far EV are not pratical for long trips .

Most of us humans have to do these things called ‘sleeping’,’eating’, and going to the bathroom. These are things you really shouldn’t be doing while driving a car. So what you do is plan your trip such that you spend you eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom time to be simultaneous with your car charging. And when you do that, you find that you don’t really spend much time at all waiting for charging. Duh.

I generally like to dedicate at least 30 minutes in the middle of the day to feeding myself and family. Also I occasionally need to go the bathroom.

Still I suppose if you don’t feed your family, then they won’t need to go to the toilet, that makes sense. Can’t imagine my 2 year old missing lunch and/or dinner on a travelling day without complaining though. No I’ll stick to stopping occasionally to eat I think. Oh and the Model S could generally do with a charge after a morning of driving too!

Oh! And if you do all those things above, you won’t even have time to do business over the phone 😉

How about the time you save each year by not going to the gas station 30+ times per year because your EV is fully charged in the morning?

And if time is so precious to you, what are you doing trolling on InsideEVs?

A 30-min free supercharger stop will take a Tesla as far as 6 gallons will take a large BMW/MB/Audi, which would cost £33 in the UK, 40€ in Germany, etc.

So supercharging is the equivalent of earning 40€/hr for killing time.

Sorry, that’s supposed to be 80€/hr.

This is a really good point from an economics point of view. It’s a wonder I haven’t seen it before.