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Number of registrations of new all-electric passenger cars in Norway – April 2015

Number of registrations of new all-electric passenger cars in Norway – April 2015

Oslo (and the whole of Norway) is considered as the world capital of all-electric cars because of its very high market share. As of March 2015, there were 19,282 registered all-electric cars in Oslo, out of some 50,000 in the country.

A lot has been done to leverage sales in terms of incentives at the nationwide level. Some things in the public space that are associated with EVs are free, like free parking, free charging, etc.

Incentives will stay at least until 2017, although local authorities will now decide whether something is free or available (mainly bus lanes).

“Free parking in public spaces.  Free charging.  Free access to bus lanes. No sales tax. With nearly 19,300 electric vehicles on the road in the Oslo region – including Nissan LEAF, the world’s best-selling EV – Norway’s capital is an inspiring EV model for other cities to follow.

In this video Oslo’s Mayor Stian Berger Rosland explains how long-term incentives can help cities transition to zero-emission mobility.”

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Bravo. That was inspiring.

I think a field trip is in order.

Pretty cool!

About 35% of the EV’s owned and used by about 25% of the population.

Oslo has a higher penetration rate than the rest of the country but it’s not all that large difference compared to the other norwegian cities and the countryside.

Evs work everywhere, as long as you want it to work.