OSET Breaks Out Full-Sized Motocrosser: MX-10 Electric Motorcross Bike (w/videos)

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Oset MX-10 teaser

Oset MX-10 teaser

At long last, Oset is busting out a full-sized electric motocrosser, the MX-10 at the Dirt Bike Show, at Stoneleigh (UK) next week.  After a lot of excitement over their kid-sized dirt bikes, pretty much designed to teach young riders the basics of bike handling while allowing adults to dial in speed limits, and foregoing clutch and transmission challenges, they’ve been enjoying some huge enthusiasm.  This full-sized bike was teased a month or so ago on the Facebook page, and it looks like the same trials-bike formula.  We’ll update with specs as we get them, but the official launch date looks like Thursday, Oct 30.  We’re going to guess it’s going to be a 24″ size, still running 48V, and possibly with a larger pack to handle more weight – but it’s just an educated guess.

Oset pre-launch

Oset pre-launch

“The new bike, dubbed the MX-10, isn’t just a rehash of one of the firm’s existing trial machines, but was designed from scratch as a motocross bike, ensuring that the bike is completely fit for purpose.

“The new bike focuses on geometry, adjustability and power output. It aims to shake up the motocross market by providing a credible alternative to petrol-powered machines. To give the option of versatility, aftermarket wheels and tyres can transform this bike for supermoto, too.”

Their current 2015 20.0 Racing model is their hottest offering, so to get a hint on the bar they’ll likely look to topping with the MX-10, here’s the spec rundown on the 20.0 Racing:

Technical Specifications:

  • Wheelbase – 1050mm (41.3”)
  • Seat Height – 550mm (21.6”)
  • Ground clearance – 290mm (11.4”)
  • Bar height – 980mm (38.6”)
  • Wheels – Front Alloy rim/hubs. Rear 14” alloy motorcycle rim.
  • Suspension – Front telescopic air fork. Rear shock with preload adjustment, oil dampened.
  • Brakes – Front and rear 160mm hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Motor – 1200w OSET neodymium magnet DC motor.
  • Controller – 48v OSET, adjustable for power, speed and response. All new map for 2015.
  • Batteries – 4 x 10ah AGM SLA.
  • Charger – 2 amp 48v
  • Age Range – 8+ years old
  • RRP- £2099

For a good introduction to the lineup, check out this video showing the kid’s lines:

This is a great video showing a particularly talented young trials rider-in-training ripping it up in the back yard:

…and of course, the now classic “Storm the Embassy” vid (wait for the outtakes at the end – priceless):

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3 responses to "OSET Breaks Out Full-Sized Motocrosser: MX-10 Electric Motorcross Bike (w/videos)"

  1. Airton says:

    Oh man, my son better not see this, he’ll want an upgrade!

  2. Ken_3 says:

    I rode the big kid bike at the World Round in Tennessee in 2013. It was really quick off the line even with my 215# on it. With no clutch it was difficult to moderate the power in tight full lock turns. Top speed is limited, but usable in the woods. I might buy a bigger trials version because it was really fun to ride.

  3. Rob says:

    OK. I want to see who wrote the Risk Assessment for this video shoot…