In Oregon, Ashley Horvat Becomes Nation’s First Public Sector Chief Electric Vehicle Officer


She’s held the position for more than one year now, but this is the first time we’ve ran across of Ashley Horvat’s name, the nation’s first-ever public-sector Chief Electric Vehicle Officer.

“The unique position was created within the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) to promote the sale and use of electric vehicles (EVs) in the state, a position Horvat took after the governor’s office determined the work she was doing in that space was crucial enough to warrant a dedicated, long-term position.”

States GovTech.

GovTech says that Horvat’s duties include working on programs in Oregon and collaborating with “departments of transportation around the country to achieve the long-term goal of putting 3.3 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2025.”

GovTech adds:

“For the last few years, Horvat has worked on EV projects to help support Oregon’s broader economic development strategy.”

“Horvat began her work at ODOT leading Oregon’s piece of the West Coast Electric Highway program, a cooperation between California, Oregon and Washington states.”

Horvat also conceived the EV Ambassadors program, not yet launched, which is intended to provide prospective first-time EV buyers with an additional information resource.”

Horvat co-chairs the Energize Oregon Coalition, through which the state has built partnerships with nearly 100 organizations, including Honda, Toyota and Nissan.”

According to Horvat, her position will likely be temporary.  Today, her role is to promote electric vehicles.  Tomorrow (or at some point in the near future), private industry will assume her role.

Props to Horvat for being the nation’s only chief electric vehicle officer and to the state of Oregon for realizing the need to create such a position.

Source: GovTech

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Chief EV Officer? That’s a bogus title if I ever heard one. More like it should be EVangelist. However, from what I read, she’s not much of one either.

Certainly Tesla has done an enormous amount to promote the “Trickle Down” advancement of EV use–best now if they show a patriotic interest in integrating infrastructure instead of “Exclusivity.” Tesla owners can take advantage of the diffuse coastal and central Oregon distribution of EV charging promoted by the ODOT office. When will we Leaf owners be allowed to buy into the SuperCharger network?
The only reason you do not know about the work of the ODOT EV office is that you are a highly selective reader. Your comments are the usual sour grapes from a neighbor state that is behind in disseminating EV charging sites by about two to three fold. If you truly are a “TeslaGuy” help get them to work on a generally accessible program of infrastructure.

“this is the first time we’ve heard of Ashley Horvat, the nation’s first-ever public-sector Chief Electric Vehicle Officer.”

You don’t read much EV news from other sources, do you?

I’m proud to say that Ashley drove up from Oregon to the Canadian border last summer to be present at BC2BC-2013 (sponsored in part by the state of Oregon, state of Washington, state of California and province of British Columbia).

She drove her Nissan LEAF with her mother.