Ordinary Guys Go Road-Tripping In Tesla Model S P85+ – Video

SEP 5 2015 BY MARK KANE 10

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Here is another review of the Tesla Model S – this time a right hand drive P85+ (not available anymore).

Ordinary Guys (four of them) took the Model S on a three-day trip from London to France, checking how it drives, how it Supercharges and even how silent it is and whether the frunk really can accommodate an ordinary guy.

“Can you take a Tesla Model S P85+ on a 3 day road trip from London to the North of France without running out of juice? The Ordinary Guys test out what the Tesla is really like to live with on a long journey.”

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Not much of a road trip is it? You drive the car to the ferry and you’re done!

No, you don’t understand. This one has the James Bond underwater driving package.

So THAT is why they have a Picture of the Lotus Sub in the Screen to indicate: ‘Ready to Submerge, James!’

overall, this review was not as good as their review of the BMW i8. this review seemed a bit rushed and disorganized.

the main thing that stood out was the idea of having to wait an hour for a recharge (they were apparently going for full recharges) and in addition having to wait for access to an EVSE port; even if there is only one person ahead of you, it could be a long wait.

Pretty boring fellas to listen to if you ask me. Can’t wait for new episodes from Fully Charged!

Mark (Author) The line “a right hand drive P85+ (not available anymore).” probably should be – a right hand drive P85+ (not available “NEW” anymore) – Key word being ‘New’ as I am sure some are available in the trade in site from Tesla – if not Today – then some time soon!

NO! Not the Electric Eject Button! Opening Doors at Freeway (Motorway) Speeds are annoying to Tesla Model S Software Engineers, so they want to annoy you with some annoying sounds of their own!

The ‘Middle of Nowhere’ Supercharger looks like it was convenient to the Ferry arrival in France, but not to Food or Restrooms!

Wanted: Tesla Model X Road Trip Review (or should I say – OFF-ROAD Trip Review!) One torturous trip I made as a kid was just few mile from my home in B.C. Canada – up the mountain to our Forestry Look-Out, situated about 6,300 feet above sea level! We drove my Brothers old Willy’s Jeep, but overheated about a Mile from the Building after climbing up about to the 6,000 Foot Level in some steep and Very Twisting Roads that take you over to the edge (a Place Called ‘Devils Leap’) where you are right up at the corner of a Switchback, right at the edge of the cliff, some 3,500′ or more above the base flats down below! Spectacular Views, but a really tough go in August Heat! Not a trip you can go fast over – with typical speeds over much of the road being under 20 Mph! Definitely an extreme ‘Pikes Peak’ Road Trip! We Let the Jeep Cool, and walked the last mile to the Forestry Lookout for some great Pictures too! If Tesla or Anyone wanted to do a trip like that, it would be one heck of a test of the Model X! Coming… Read more »

The Outlander PHEV would do this off road trip and has already done so just not in the US.

I thought the production values were rather spotty. When making such videos speak slowly, loudly, and clearly. Forget the little asides,
ask each individual for a brief synopsis of their views. The narration at the end was clear and intelligible, most of the rest of it was not.
Btw wearing a Mercedes hat is a bit tacky.