UPDATE: Order Tesla Model 3, S Or X By Nov. 30 To Ensure Full Tax Credit


It seems Christmas shopping for your loved ones just got a load better

UPDATE: Tesla released an update informing us that not only all Model 3 orders, but also all Model S and X orders placed by November 30, 2018 will be delivered by the end of the year and eligible for the full $7,500 Federal Tax Credit. The tax credit will halve after December 31, 2018, so anyone wanting to use the full credit, needs to hurry up.

Clearly, it’s way too early for Christmas shopping. No matter what the Xmas decorations in pretty much every store tells you. However, thanks to a recent reveal by Elon Musk, things are looking up for those that want to do Christmas shopping earlier and find perhaps the perfect Christmas present.

It seems that Tesla found a way for any customer that orders a Model 3 by November 30th to receive their vehicle by December 31st, essentially allowing most buyers to fully utilize the $7,500 tax credit.

Tesla is gearing up for more delivers. This latest move will do wonders for all of those that were eyeing a Model 3 but didn’t want to order it due to the tax credit phase-out next year. However, it also signifies the will from the Fremont-based carmaker to advance delivery services, essentially helping them move and deliver to customers faster. And, we’re sure any Tesla customer will appreciate that, especially in 2019, where the company aims for an even greater sales push.

Musk revealed that Tesla will skip rail deliveries, saving them over a month for East Coast deliveries. He noted that, when all things are considered, it’s better to use trucks as they allow single load/unload and direct transport to the owner location. Furthermore, when and if Tesla produces the Tesla Semi in greater numbers, this will take on a more eco-friendly nature as well.

The Tesla CEO also revealed how the company bought some trucking companies and secured contracts with several major haulers to avoid the trucking shortage mistake of last quarter.

With the advent of 2019, Tesla aims to focus on minimizing the time needed to take the vehicles from the factory to the new owner. This is especially significant for European and Asian customers in Q1, where the carmaker is set to use dedicated RoRo ships, allowing a faster turnaround time.

All of this should soon put an end to Tesla’s delivery hell.

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“It seems that Tesla found a way for any customer that orders a Model 3 by November 30th to receive their vehicle by December 31st, essentially allowing most buyers to fully utilize the $7,500 tax credit.”

They always manage to find a “way” to spin from a marketing angle. Seriously, the production goal only increased by 2,000 per week max, so they think they have enough capacity to make that promise? Is that softening of the US order rate or just another spin to get as many US orders in as they can? probably a little bit of both.

There is no more waitlist so zero demand

Nah the waitlist is for $35k version

Yes in the Land of Unicorns on Mary J podcasts

Yep, everyone who’s ever wanted a Tesla has one. Time for Tesla to fold up shop start re-tooling for ICE.


Hahahahaha!! Aw, jeez… you kill me..

Do Not Read Between The Lines

They’re in heavy upsell mode and obviously want to book the money as soon as possible.
LR RWD not available, upsells any LR stragglers to LR AWD (+$4k).
The MR is a temporary model to get more money out of would-be SR buyers.
$6k more for Tesla, less than the full Federal tax credit.

Expect continued pushes right up to the end.

(I had an email and call earlier this week.)

Really smells of desperado. You don’t see a luxury brand like Apple, throwing their presales reservations holders (oh sorry interest free $1k lenders) under the bus like this.

The government doesn’t give you a tax credit to buy an Apple. Incentives are quite warped at the moment. Nature of the beast. The market will be more normal once the tax credit expires and the cars have to fend for themselves on their own merit.

Yes they’re really scraping the bottom of the Grey poupon jar now for poorly educated gullible buyers, esp the Navigate on Autopilot PR (yeah if you want yr spouse to collect on yr life policy)

Yeah, sounds like you should cash out everything and go as SHORT as possible on Tesla. Your position seems pretty assured, you should go all in on Tesla’s demise.

I think it’s both
(1) wanting to increase short-term revenue as much as possible to handle servicing the various debts (they don’t have money in the bank for it, so they will likely have to take out loans to pay debts, and there are stories/rumors that Wall St isn’t willing to give them good rates on those loans);
(2) Wanting to sell as many cars as possible in 2018, since right now the company’s very far from the “500K units globally in 2018” projection they published.

You will see the sales in China and Europe will be so differently poor for Model 3 – A Clearly Non-Luxury auto that pales to the innovation on display at Guangzhou show and designer houses in Europe. Truly 2nd class status will result in No waitlist there as well

“Stories/rumours”… I.e. completely made up FUD from the short sellers.

Too bad for them actual investors are buying this nonsense even less now than before.

When I bought my 1st Computer, I took out a Loan for 80% of the cost, put in $1,000 cash for the rest! Loan Rates then, in 1984 were also “Not Favorable”, at some 18%! I paid it off really fast, like within about 6 Months, to keep the Interest cost net as low as possible!

There will be lots of downsells, too, i.e. people who would’ve bought LR but now will get MR. IMO more than AWD upsells.

I think the main reason for the mid range is to reduce the number of cells per car, allowing Tesla to produce more cars with the same number of cells. It’s not about upsells.

My previous theory was that Q4 sales were booked and they wanted to prop up Q1 sales, due to the previously announced deadline in Oct, but obviously that isn’t true.

The article makes it sound like Elon actually talked about using the Tesla Semi for deliveries — which he didn’t, to the best of my knowledge.

The whole part about Semi is off. It talks about producing it in “greater numbers” (greater than zero, ha). It also implies Semi will be more eco-friendly than rail,, which is questionable. It looks like a throw-in statement to deflect criticism over an eco-unfriendly move.

Considering that most rail in the US is diesel-powered, I’m pretty sure the Tesla Semi will actually be an eco-friendly choice…

Elon said that 3 Semi’s, loaded at the full 80,000 Lbs, with 1 Driver, & 2 Following Autonomously, would be Cheaper than Rail! Not that a single one, with a driver, would be! Please review the Reveal Video!

What happened to the “order by October 15 to ensure full tax credit” ?

Yes, very suspicious. Maybe a false deadline to push people to order sooner?

They are not building faster than they knew then (the news of 7k units per week has little to no effect on this announcement as the start of 7k per week is just before the deadline).
The news of a new shipping contract doesn’t add new production slots.
They are also ramping for China and Europe for relatively near term.
The whole idea of adding MR 3 to lower the entry price.
Add it up, draw your own conclusion – mine is that they have seen fewer orders than expected. Not that there aren’t still a wack load of reservations, but maybe not enough in the US that are willing to pony up the current price at this time.

Everyone who wants a Model 3 has Already done so (is naive fanboys). No leases available. Everything under the sun to ignore the USA reservation holders who want $35k or at least sub $40k. Nickel and diming carnival barker

You logic would imply that none of the cars made after late November would be delivered before the end of this year…

More half truths or Zuck-Sandburg holier-than-quo Sulicon valley power complex Google glass attitude (maybe should replace g with Tes)

LOL… The other comments made me think you are just a low-level troll — but this one seems to indicate some more serious mental condition.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

That one was just before the MR announcement. Basically, booking the last of the LR RWDs.

Why this looks bad to me, is that it looks like they were using the faux October 15 ‘deadline’ to push people into buying a LR Model 3, right before the MR was announced. People who otherwise would have gone for the cheaper MR model.

Does this mean that the SR will be announced shortly after Nov 30?

” SR will be announced shortly after Nov 30?”

Most likely. They have to have some domestic orders for delivery in January. I can’t imagine they’ll repeat the S/X overseas cadence with the 3. It’s horribly inefficient.

Unlikely. The latest communication suggests they short-range won’t go into production until late Q1 or thereabouts…

Bingo. Had enough ordered LR/AWD by October 15 the MR would not exist.

Reason why MR people have no VINs is because there’s not enough demand for suckers under door #2 who fell for his carrot stick tactic to delay virtually profitless SR for which he still is keeping $1k interest free loans (why isn’t that being returned and Maintaining their SR place in line which has been jumped over and over already?)
Likely will be another PR stunt to cancel failed stopgap MR, then SR end of year drama

Many MR buyers do have VIN’s assigned. People who have already taken delivery of their MR’s say they got their VIN 1-2 weeks before delivery. VIN’s are being assigned later in the process, likely because of batch building.

You crack me up. For years you blather endlessly about how Tesla is so slow at getting anything at all into production (as if a 2 quarter delay were the end of the world).

Now all the sudden you claim that on Oct. 15th, Tesla is so incredibly fast and nimble that they got sales numbers they were unhappy with and suddenly decided to build a whole new trim level, got it EPA certified, crash tested, put it into production, and is already delivering units!!

MR was clearly planned long before Oct. 15th, and could have never been a direct response.

Simple production is doing better than anticipated so more vehicles can be sold, great news for those still wanting the 7,500 credit.

Almost every retail company does the same thing. “Best price of the season.” Rooms to Go “biggest sale ever… this financing offer ends Sunday.” Then Monday, a new biggest sale ever. Toyotathon, “Get them now before they are gone.” As if they won’t be making any more cars. It’s just a nudge to get a few off the fence and place an order.

That was befor extra Truck shipping capacity was found and committed, and before this trucking Company was bought!

“Musk revealed that Tesla will skip rail deliveries, saving them over a month for East Coast deliveries. He noted that, when all things are considered, it’s better to use trucks as they allow single load/unload & direct transport to the owner location.”

It’s obviously not better from a climate change, pollution, and sustainability perspective to use trucks instead of trains to transport cars from California to the east coast.

How much extra diesel fuel, CO2, NOx, 2.5 particulate matter is consumed, emitted, or produced by using trucks instead of trains to transport these Tesla cars cross country?

LMFAO at our newest carpet-bombing short seller troll in “Logic” (is that you Spiegel?) or another re-registered username/hater tag teaming with the fairly new serial anti-EV/Tesla “Impartial Hater” who excretes faux concerns as he mimics right-wing anti-Ev talking points!

Stock price steadily climbing higher. FUD stories ineffective. Shorts getting desperate. Something must be done to stop Tesla.

He may be a trip, but what he said is correct.

Ok give your motor mouth a rest, and just watch the pipeline go dry in Europe and China, as it will this Q4 in US. 2nd class products don’t work long term, see iPhone XR. Only fanboys in USA fall for a flawed product whose door handles, windows, and charge port Fail in cold weather (brain freeze?).

Go back to Seeking Shorter you non-EV driving loser.

How much? Not a trivial amount — but rather insignificant over the lifetime of the vehicle. A fraction of what an average consumer causes per year by buying all kinds of products from around the world.

It cracks me up when people who don’t give a damn about pollution, etc, all the sudden get so very very Concerned ONLY when there is a green car involved.

Like hardcore gas-heads who blather endlessly about the rumble of their V8 gas engine, and then whine about future EV battery recycling.

I ordered a mid-range Model 3 on 10/22, still no VIN. Unsure how this claim can be true.

If the tweeter in chief scrounges and Pinocchio cries wolf that this is the Last chance over and over, then it’s true. How can everyone believe in exponential demand for Tesla EVs (Model S is flaking at ~ -20% clip, smartphones & Facebook usage. this is No Different, wake up out of the Koolaid punch.

Please enter your info in Troy’s spreadsheet if you haven’t already.

Some people get their VIN only days before delivery…

“Tesla is gearing up for more delivers.” Editor……..

I ordered the mid-range Model 3 on October 20th, have not been contacted yet.

It’s weird that a few got theirs immediately. Please enter your info in Troy’s spreadsheet if you haven’t already

At least one of them said he was a first-day reservation holder. Don’t know about others…

It seems that Tesla made a small batch already before the announcement, but mass production is still ramping up.

Any word on the midrange trim? Does it take up most of the orders nowadays?

I think there was mention somewhere that it’s the majority of new orders right now? Certainly would make sense, considering it’s the latest one to get introduced…

There definitely was a surge in orders that were MR’s, if that is what you are asking. Deliveries have already began, with many deliveries reported in the last weeks, with one as early as Oct.

Tesla is batch building MR’s in paint color batches trying to get as many MR’s delivered in the US before the end of the quarter. Priority is going to MR batches, so ordering an LR now likely won’t get through production until 2019.

“ordering an LR now likely won’t get through production until 2019”


They just said order by 11/30 and get it this year.

Fantastic. So the production seems to be ramping up. Great news.

Highest VIN number registered to date is 181,207 and end of September total production was stated to be 94,269. Assuming all registered VINs represent firm orders (point could be argued) then Elon is saying that they can build more than 86,938 Model 3 this quarter. That works out to be a weekly average of about 6,600. If there is any more demand for >$45k models, then I think we will see the results soon in the form of more registered VINs. I suspect that there is a very large number of people waiting for the $35k version. If very few orders are received in the next week, I think we will see orders been taken for Europe Model 3 cars first week of December.

Registered VINs definitely do not represent orders.

I don’t know why people are freaking out about this – it’s great news! They only promised from Oct.15th because they didn’t have the ability to deliver the anticipated influx of orders on time. Since then, as clearly and simply explained by Musk, that they now have the capacity to deliver more vehicles efficiently.

I truly see nothing in this announcement that would suggest a lack of sales. It’s really just a customer service, letting people know when they have to order such that they will get their vehicles in time to take delivery by 12.31.2018 for the full tax credit.