Opti-Coat Pro Treatment On Signature Tesla Model X P90D – Video


Tesla Model X Getting Opti-Coat Treatment

Tesla Model X Getting Opti-Coat Treatment

We’ve seen multiple plug-in electric cars get Opti-Coat paint protection, but this is the first time we’ve come across it being applied to the Tesla Model X.

We’re not too interested in seeing another car get Opti-Coated, but we do enjoy some of the unique shots of the Model X.

Video description:

“Media Junkies Presents this teaser video of our first Model X, here at the coatMYcar Workshop. We couldn’t have been more pleased with our first model. It was a humble P90D with Ludicrous Mode and White Interior! Whaaaat?! Premier Auto Armor wrapped it in Xpel Ultimate and we sealed it up with Opti-Coat Pro Plus on the outside and Leather Guard and Fabric on the inside. Enoy the clip.”

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If the paint on the Model X is as soft as the Model S paint, you’d better get it wrapped immediately after delivery.

Is that still a problem? Ugh.

Video blacks out in two seconds. Pease re-post it. Thanks

That is just an “artistic pause” by the creators, lol. Or possible you had an internet blackout for a seconds at that moment, (=

Just lost a post. Pasting:

Tesla (CA rules) paint may be softer, but swirls respond well to Meguiars M105 and M205. The Opti definitely leaves some protection behind, but isn’t a wrap. My opinion: Get a 4″ orbital and spend $100 on DIY Opti-Coat. Otherwise, wrap it for $6,000.