Opening Tesla Model 3 Trunk In Rain Is Not Advised: Video

JAN 19 2019 BY MARK KANE 326

An over-the-air update will not solve this one.

Not everything in the Tesla Model 3 makes users happy. Particularly, the trunk can surprise the owner in the rain if he/she decides to open it.

As Bjørn Nyland shows in his latest video – “trunk design flaw” – the water gets inside the trunk, as there is no other way for it to move off the lid without entering the vehicle.

If Tesla does not find a solution to this, then the Model 3 will be cumbersome in rainy markets.

Other videos with Tesla Model 3 vs rain:

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I wonder how many of these detailed tests occur with any other manufacturer without a ‘T’ logo? Teslas have to be the most dissected, analyzed, and nit-picked vehicles in history. Good Lord. Must be a slow day at IEV’s..

Have you seen any car worse in water intrusion to trunk, especially $30K+ “premium” car? Links?

You’re right; who in their right mind would ever sell a car so deadly to your groceries?

Amateur hour

Well, serial anti-Tesla troll hour for sure as you and others who will never buy a Tesla anyways are proving with your carpet-bombing 50 plus posts hysteria.

Get a grip, this is a minor defect that Tesla will fix.

We have had plenty of rain here and I have used my Model 3 trunk multiple times in it and have not seen this problem.

The government shutdown has truly hit home

I knew the Feds were somehow responsible for my rainy day EV, water in my trunk, intrusion problem!

You don’t have this car.

Ya who expects the details to be right? All about the screen I guess.

What’ good is a new sponge if it’s full of water before I get to use it?

IDK. How many trunks have YOU tested in the rain?

Every car I’ve owned!

Outside of California and Nevada, rain is not an occasional incident. Here in Boston, we got 9 inches of rain last month. We’re expected to get 10-12 inches of snow tonight. For most of the country that is not a semi desert, precipitation is the normal. When it doesn’t rain for more than a few weeks, we think of it as a drought.

The suburbs of Philly got over 60″ of rain this year

Orlando in June. Uggh. Never going to live there again.

Congrats on the rain. Since when is Northern California a semi-desert? You folks do realize that California has more than one climate, right?

I never said it was, although I imagine some Ares get more rain than others and the car is meant to be sold all over . The fact that northern California isn’t a desert makes it worse.

So fracking what!!!!

I live in SEATTLE. Want to compare rain stories?!

I actually own this car. Who ya gonna listen to, me or some anti Tesla guy who pounces on any nit of negativity?

Raining now, rained last night. This has never been an issue for me and I got my 3 at the end of September, just in time for rainy season, which lasts for around 8 months in these parts.

I can nitpick any car. You guys acting as this is some dealbreaker make me laugh and laugh.

Seriously, are you kidding me? Go get a better hobby than Tesla hating online!!!!!

This is what happens with Youtubers and bloggers have nothing to do but complain about the weather.

“Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. — Charles Dudley Warner

There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.

…only bad clothes or cars with design flaws.

It’s not a deal breakerbut if you have a car that gets this amount of attention there’s going to be good and bad you can’t have it both ways. Tesla fans act as if people are only supposed to talk about how wonderful they are all day and how is the best car ever made but then gets surprised when that amount of scrutiny leads to some problems getting talked about. It wouldn’t stop me from buying the car although I don’t want to three box it then anyway, I don’t like the idea of frameless windows or the pop out door handles as it’s going down to around 0 degrees in the Philly area tonight after 2 inches of rain I don’t think those handles would work very well in those conditions. If you’re going to have flush handles that pop out they should be heated, something you can turn on with your phone or the key fob 5 minutes before you go to the car.

It is not advisable for anyone to drive in such conditions as the myriad of collision videos show.

California gets plenty of rain. We are having atmospheric rivers over us now….

Sedan: Volvo 142s, Volvo 460GLE, Volvo 850 20V
Hatchback: Volvo 345GLS
Estate: Volvo 850, Volvo V50, Mercedes C, Mercedes C, Mercedes C, Volvo V50, Volvo V50

No issues.

Whoopie doo for you. Don’t buy a Tesla then. Compare the pros and cons and then make your choice.

Isn’t that what this is? Obviously you only one articles espousing the pros, even if this is considered a minor issue to most people it is an issue and I’m glad to read it especially if I was actually considering buying one. I would like to know about the frameless Windows sticking and the door handles not popping out in some weather seeing as the area I live in is going to be down around zero degrees tonight

It is mystifying why you want to drive in dangerous conditions putting your life and others at risk.

Oh, you have issues. You buy boring cars.

Please post where there have been zero recalls, maintenance, or defect issues on any of your mentioned vehicles.
Too bad about the pollution emitted by such vehicles that last for several centuries as well.

Ya. The Dolt and Fart both

“Have you seen any car worse in water intrusion to trunk, especially $30K+ “premium” car? Links?”

Since you asked, yes.

The Cadillac XLR, when putting the roof up or down, literally dumps the water from the trunklid into the trunk. Then it literally dumps the roof water into the trunk.

LOL. It takes a convertible to be worse than Tesla 3.

But yeah, kinda fits with my general perception about Caddy.

Yeah, I’m not saying it’s a meaningful comparison, but you just asked if any premium car was worse. haha

You almost just have to laugh at how the XLR just straight up dumps the huge panels of water straight into the trunk.

He gave ONE example and you immediately overgeneralize.

I’ve never tested ANY trunk, have you? My point- until you offer a comparison, showing only one example vehicle means nothing.

That trunk is a real issue, but the window is not. The guy in the last video is crazy. Rather than carrying around dozens of towels, he should just close the window.

Did you listen? He had the issue at a drive-in window. Opened his window to order and got a mass of water dumped onto him. Was he crazy for not knowing that unlike every other car he had ever owned that this one would soak him?

Here’s my take-a-way. Raining? In the mood for fast food? Don’t use drive thru.
Oh, and don’t forget umbrella.

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3

Nailed it!

Detailed tests? Are you kidding? This is something people would realize is a huge flaw during the first period of ownership.

Get real….

To emphasize the seriousness of this issue, how many complaints have been registered by owners? The Model 3 is more than a year and a half old.

Mr unplugged. In California it’s not a big problem. In the most of the country where deliveries are just starting it will be big and in Teslas biggest export markets in northern Europe it almost always rain.

PLEASE look at a map of California before anyone else claims that it rarely rains in California. The state spans latitudes from 114° 8′ W to 124° 24′ W
and 32° 30′ N to 42° N. The state is about 1,000 miles in length, and has altitudes that go from around 14,500 feet to 280 feet below sea level.

Climate varies from desert to rainforest in California.

So that makes the design flaw worse.

How do you know for which climate the car is designed?

It’s not a “design flaw” if it happens with every sedan ever made.


It does? So you owned or tested every sedan ever made?

Do you actually own a car? I have 3 and all have the drip edge to direct the water to flow down the side of the windshield.

Not always, but enough. . And then some. I remember a period of about 40 days that had some rain every single day.. that was extreme. Last summer was about the driest ever recorded. Weeks and weeks with nothing but sun. Global warming seems to make our climate better is some cases. Have hardly had any snow the last 10 years. When I was a kid, we had snow every winter – and could go skiing without travelling up into the mountains, and we could go ice skating on lakes. Can they not just glue a rubber seal that can catch the water, and make sure it does not enter the trunk. I think legacy car makers have a set of designs units that work, that they can adjust and tweek to fit a new vehicle design. They would probably also have more time to test vehicles, then Tesla did with Model 3, since they were in a rush to get volume production going – since they needed income after setting up the production line for the Model 3… that is very expensive. Tesla will learn from this, and never make that mistake again. More and more cases like this… Read more »

Tesla Model 3’s have been delivered in “most” of the country for how long?

Yeah, I’ll get real. Because I think the pros of a Tesla VAST outweigh a little water intrusion, which every vehicle has to varying degrees in a down pour. Yeah, I’m an idiot, what was I THINKING?? Piss off autopilot, Supercharging network, performance/acceleration, aesthetics, electric range, constantly updating software features, etc- I’d rather drive a Leaf that may have less rain intrusion.

He just made a point about the behavior he saw opening the trunk in the rain. He didn’t make any comments about whether someone should not buy the car because of this.

Exactly. He clearly purchased the car because he likes other aspects. The fanboi heads explode whenever anybody makes a slight off comment about their god.

that’s the point you list both the pros and the cons and let people decide for themselves yet when somebody points had a negative they get attacked

Except he didn’t list any pros. The Tesla app tells me if the trunk lid is not closed properly for instance.

Some makers have whole environmental test chambers where hot, cold and wet operations are tested. I don’t know if Tesla have one or not but IMHO this is not as mentioned a ‘build quality issue’ but more of a design issue.

I imagine how it happened. Some Model 3 prototype had smaller trunk opening with wide inside edges to catch water streams. Then somebody from public loudly complained that trunk opening is too small.

Musk overheard it and came screaming at engineers, YOU IDIOTS, DID YOU DESIGNED IT THIS WAY???!!!! YOU ARE ALL FIRED PEDOS!!!!
So newly hired engineers made trunk opening bigger.

What’s scary is this scenario is plausible…


50/50 chance

Yeah scary all right.
Not like an increasingly unstable Trump’s finger on the nuclear button.

I blame the Russians!

What’s scary is that there are Üsual Suspects regularly posting here who actually think it’s plausible!

Other automakers do more testing. One of the reasons it takes so long to develop a new vehicle.

Are you sure ice car manufacturers haven’t already done their studies on rain intrusion? This was probably before your time but in the olden days, there were drip rails over doors and trunks designed to have the rubber sealing strips acting as dams to channel water away instead of allowing it to enter the trunk interior. No YouTube videos back in the Neanderthal age, just plain old engineering studies going on behind the doors.

Unfortunately, Teslas with a serious water intrusion issue clearly didn’t do their ‘homework’ as every car manufacturer’s vast engineering departments are paid to do, improve on the car experience.

I smiled at the way water on the rear window simply flowed off and over the rubber seal into the trunk opening. A simple engineering oversight in my eyes (no engineering degree). Increase the height of the rubber seal across the top of the trunk opening, perhaps a tapered rubber dam that folds easily when closing the trunk. The higher ‘dam’ catches water and channels it away. Water running off the roof into window openings was addressed in most cars with dripless roofs. Subtle roof and door design. This isn’t rocket science.

Just checked my Fusion Energi. Two major differences:
1) the glass is over 1/4″ lower than the trunk lid
2) there is a weatherstrip along the edge of the glass that the trunk lid contacts when closed
The rest of the design is the same as the Model 3, a trough with a seal to the trunk behind the trough. The two above items make the difference, showing that the major automakers have either made this mistake before or caught it in testing before releasing a vehicle. I’ve never had the rain leak into the trunk.
It’s supposed to rain here tomorrow, I will do the test to see how well the added weatherstrip prevents this issue.

My i3 has
(a) a ridge on either side of the roof to keep the water off the sides.
(b) When you open the trunk, there is a rubber weatherstrip that creates a gutter inside the hatch that allows the water to flow around the opening towards the bumper.

It’s not that hard to design.

Sorry John, but this exact design flaw was pointed out in in the comments of a May 2017 InsideEVs article about the first pictures of a Model 3 with its trunk opened!!! The person who pointed out the design flaw was then immediately attacked by a Tesla apologist calling him an “anti-Tesla troll.” This design flaw was as obvious then as it is now, no hindsight required.

The comment from May 2017 said:
“The rain gutter (for lack of a better term) directly below the rear window and directly above the trunk opening looks very narrow and small. With the trunk open in a heavy rain, it appears as if the ‘rain gutter’ can be overwhelmed causing a unwanted waterfall into the trunk, especially since it looks like the bottom edge of the window is higher than the gasket at the top of the trunk.”

Overwhelmed when I dump a bucket on the roof. So will your car.

I own the car. I live in Seattle. I have no issues.

Enough said,

They call Seattle, “Rain City” for a reason.

Absolutely LOVING my Model 3.

Tesla haters need therapy.

Excuse me, it’s called the Emerald City.

“They” could be his only two friends.

Because thst sounds better than: The mossy, moldy city 😀

Sorry to bust your bubble. Seattle is in the rain shadow. It gets a less that the average rain in any of the southeast states. Unless you live on the western side of the Olympics, or on the slopes of the Cascades, metro Seattle is not particularly rainy. It is more of a wet drizzle.

James, buddy, we can see the video. We can see the rain pouring in.

I get it, you can only breath Tesla, but in a choice between you and my lying eyes, I believe my eyes.

Let it go. Its a great car, but if you can’t admit a flow we all watched in a video on this very page, you aren’t an unbiased source, and you look like a fool.

I’ve never called anyone an anti-Tesla troll. I don’t use stupid names like that, don’t actually use labels like that at all.

Anyway, my point is if lack of rain intrusion is at or near the top of your ‘Must Have’ list, don’t buy a Tesla. That’s all. Skip the Tesla in your automobile buffet and be happy you have the option.

Exactly, but you’re only aware of the issue and able to make the informed choice if you are, you know, actually informed about it.

There is a reason that Subaru, Volvo, and Audi rule the northeast. I’m still waiting for a good EV that can handle like my old Saabs did in bad weather. I’ve never been as confident going out when the weather has been bad since I switched to electric.

“The person who pointed out the design flaw was then immediately attacked by a Tesla apologist calling him an ‘anti-Tesla troll.’ ”

That’s because he was an anti-Tesla troll. Probably still is, altho thankfully he’s been blocked from posting here.

Sadly, anti-Tesla trolls apparently never learned one of the lessons we all should learn in kindergarten: That if you get a reputation for lying, then nobody will believe you even when you tell the truth.

This is true, this is part of the reason why I take most of what Elon says with a grain or 10 of salt. Like the car driving itself across the country in 2017…

And with Hysterical Titles too!

I got a chuckle out of expletive he uses each time it happens….

Rain gutters and other protuberences cause turbulence and wind noise. Teslas are silent running. Any added tire noise or wind noise enters the cabin and effects that calm, silent, joyful silky power EV experience. Look to the door handles and oddly shaped side mirrors. Do you think Tesla spent that kind of development time and money, down to putting foam in the tires – Just to add grooves and gutters over the window so you don’t suffer that exfreme and horrific experience of a drop of water on your coat sleeve? Not one complaint in Tesla forums have I read re: door controls shorting out due to rain intrusion. Take your pick, no car ever made provides complete lack of water intrusion. Open the door of your scissor-winged Lambo and wet you get. That car is blessed with German engineers as Audi owns them. Open the door of any car in the rain, and, OMIGAWD, rain pours right in. Same for a $600,000 Rolls Royce (also German engineered by BMW) or a $13,000 Suzuki Swift. So it rains in your city. Poor baby. I live in Seattle! These comments today do not give me hope for the IQs of the… Read more »

Pick your position, bud. Either you have rain issues and you don’t care because – aerodynamics, or you don’t have rain issues like you claim above. My i3 has rain gutters integrated into the roof lines. It’s pretty darned efficient.

He’s referring to the TRUNK when he states he doesn’t have problems. He’s referring to RAIN GUTTERS as explaining why modern cars no longer have them.

Comparing a 3 box sedan meant for families to a Lamborghini in regards to practicality is a heck of a leap. You don’t need protuberant gutters and whatnot all you would need was a longer gap between the window and the gasket and perhaps have the trailing edge of the window slightly lower then the height of the gasket. The idea that this couldn’t be fixed without massive drag and noise causing changes is wrong. Having said that it’s not a huge deal and it wouldn’t stop me from buying the car if I actually wanted one.

Having op tested dozens of other cars in the rain, I can confirm that FCA cars are the only others with this problem, because manufacturers who know what they’re doing have figured this out.

Who opens their trunk like that?! I’d say nobody, if you go a little slower(aka normal) I suspect it is fine

Yup it’s his fault…..

True. Had he wiped the hatch + rear half of glass roof before opening the trunk like all other cars do in rainy day, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Maybe if the 3 had a power hatch (which would open the trunk slower) this would not be nearly as big a problem. Alas, the 3 doesn’t have a power trunk.

It can if you want to spend $50.

I don’t see the issue either. I always run the car through a full wash and dry before taking the car elevator down to level -4 and James has never mentioned rain entering the trunk. And before you ask, yes, James is the kind of butler who would mention such things.

How would opening it more slowly change the amount of water dropping onto the rear glass? This is just a design flaw brought on by the desire to have a larger trunk opening, which in turn was caused by the design flaw of not having a hatchback. The Model 3 is fine, but it’s not perfect. Not being perfect involves having flaws. These are some of them.

Depends on how slowly you open it…

For example, if you open it slowly enough that the water evaporates before it rolls, the problem is solved.

I notice all the speculation here….

Take it from a man who owns a Model 3 and lives in Rain City USA, Seattle.

I have zero issues with this. The trolls have found a nit to pick.

Listen to all the losers in here write that this somehow is a dealbreaker!!! Holy shirt! 😂

No need to argue with foolishness. Just go drive the car. Its that simple.

But that takes more effort than typing on a laptop.

Note that this video is by Bjørn Nyland who has been video blogging about his adventures with his Tesla vehicles in Norway for over 2 years. He is -very- pro Telsa and pro EV. One of his videos is called: “11 reasons why Tesla is the best EV”. He has since branched out to do videos of many types of electric cars.

His last few videos are of his visit to California, where he’s doing a driving trip with a Model 3, which is the first time he’s tried this car (it isn’t available yet in Norway). His videos about the Model 3 have been very positive.

So this is just a quicky video showing something annoying he noticed about the Model 3. As you mention, there’s no reason to blow this out of proportion.

Well of course it’s a rather minor issue. It’s just a few drops of water falling into the trunk, not the river that some of the serial Tesla bashers here are saying. Honestly, I read some of the comments before watching and was expecting a deluge.

If this is the worst problem Bjørn can find with the Model 3… Well, finish that sentence yourself. Think of it as a Rorschach test.

Like Apple saying people were holding their phones wrong.

A car designed in Southern California, tested in Southern California, to be used in Southern California.

Believe it or not, despite the song, “It Never Rains in Southern California,” it does. (Geez, another anti-California bigot, along with everyone who up-votes the comment.)

And BTW, the car was designed and built in Northern California. Get a geography lesson.

The song is “It Never Rains in Southern California” – that’s a pop music lesson for you.

Last week it rained for six days straight in SoCal. It never ceases to amaze me how clueless the rest of the country is about California.

If you ever listened to this song, you would know the message is somewhat different than the title:

“Seems it never rains in southern California
Seems I’ve often heard that kind of talk before
It never rains in California, but girl, don’t they warn ya?
It pours, man, it pours.”

Right. My point, exactly.

6 whole days of rain? Wow!!! 😂

For perspective, here is an article that breathlessly talks about a 2 magnitude earthquake in Massachusetts and adds a side note about the pouring rain that cut power. I think is just as much an issue of Californians who don’t understand what exists everywhere else.

Why are you laughing? It’s so bad here that many places are getting flooded with 2 inches of standing water, some even 2.5 inches of water. People are panicking that their cars will float away and freeways are coming to stand-still. It’s terrible here.

Many of us here were quite terrified by our 2 magnitude earthquake here in New England as well. 😂😂😂

We don’t understand earthquakes. Californians don’t understand rain or snow. It is what it is.

@Bolt- I’m sure that the people who live below the burn areas and have had their homes destroyed are laughing at your little joke.

Obviously, you don’t drive in SoCal. People in burn areas will absolutely agree with me that traffic turn to nightmare even with tiny bit of rain, let alone 2 inches of standing water.

There’s a real reason for that: infrequent rain causes oil build-up on the roads from ICE pollution, which makes them slick for the first few hours of rain. Places with 3-10x the rainfall don’t usually have this problem.

I am keenly aware of oil slick after 1 hour of rain (painfully aware on motorcycle if you know what I mean). But after 5 straight days of rain?

Nice going, so now you updated your comment to change the title of the song. Your original comment read “It Never Rains in California”.

He did an over the air update. It’s a good thing, I hear.

Good point, his Tesla-like behavior is commendable!

Awhh. Did I ruin your typo insult? Too bad.

Oh, and BTW, if we’re harping on typos, try putting the quotes AFTER the period, not before. (That’s a rather consistent grammatical error.)

You might want to read up on the subject before you comment.

Yeah, you got me good. It hurts!

It’s not a grammatical error, it’s a style choice. The British prefer the period outside the quote marks in cases such as the one above; the Americans always put it inside. Personally, I prefer the British style.


We got a lot of rain this week in L.A., so not an inconsequential issue. One of the things I like to do when I get in a car after it’s been raining is to roll down all the windows and then right back up again. This cleans them off and improves visibility. I’ve done that on every car I’ve ever owned and never got dumped on with water from the roof, just whatever drops are actually falling from the sky. Most cars with trunks have a substantial gap between the rear glass and the trunk weatherstripping, I never realized why until now.

You clearly haven’t owned a recent model. Cars don’t have rain gutters anymore. You get varying amounts of water from every model.

I lease cars, so I get a new one every 2-3 years. Never had the issue of water coming off the roof into the windows. True, they don’t make cars with “gutters” anymore, but almost all have a body seam or roof rails to catch standing water from the roof

They integrate the water channels into the frame or door so they don’t stick out like on older cars. But they are still there, at least on my cars, which are newer cars. I live where when it rains it pours, not like in Drizzle CIty, Seattle.

She-ate. This has to be worst water intrusion into trunk of any car I’ve seen. Cue the Tesla faithful downvote on all comments relating to how awful this is.

Can’t wait for the mental gymnastics defending this.

Use the frunk.

Or better yet. Don’t buy whatever it is you wanted to throw in there. Save the world, save the Tesla, you consumerist p..

Your advice also means that you shouldn’t put things that you already have in the trunk even if you were taking them for recycling or sale.
Wonderful… I think not.

Well, there is no saving Ricardo for sure.


I never use the trunk so don’t care.

I’m with you, trunks are for the weak and misguided.

“This has to be worst water intrusion into trunk of any car I’ve seen.”

Right. Because you view YouTube videos of trunks getting wet regularly.

Dozens of cars, or even over hundred, I’ve driven (own, borrow, rent) that did not pour water into trunk in rain like Tesla 3 does.

Yet more evidence you live in an alternate reality rather far removed from the real world. 🙄

Water pouring into the trunk is a “feature”, didn’t you know? You’re just a TSLA FUD spreading hater.

It is if you keep fish in there.

“This has to be worst water intrusion into trunk of any car I’ve seen.”

Seriously? Those few drops are the worst you’ve ever seen?

Please tell us you’re joking!

Ugh…my CRV does something similar. It drives me crazy. I will never buy a car with this defect again. Hopefully Tesla fixes this flaw quickly.

This is a problem with the trunk liner – doesn’t happen on all Model 3s (ours is fine), but it is a somewhat common manufacturing defect. Tesla service can fix easily.

I guess my dad’s is one of the good ones because when I opened in the pouring rain with groceries I expected intrusion from comments and articles I’d read but there was none.

One of the good ones? That much variance?

Idk, I have a May ’18 build M3 and haven’t experienced any problems with rain running into the truck. I was all prepared for disaster with microfiber towels to wipe up the water but it never has been a problem.

You must delete this post immediately. It does not comport with the anti-Tesla posts throughout this comment section.

I too haven’t experienced the horrible pain of this water Injustice from my Model 3. I must be doing SOMETHING wrong.

Post a video refuting the problem. If yours is not showing the water problem, then water problem (or non problem in your case) is due to Tesla fit and finish being so poor and inconsistent so much that some have water pouring into trunk, others not.

So in your anti-Tesla mind, Tesla is either damned if it does or damned if it doesn’t.

If you don’t acknowledge the problem, especially something as obvious as this one, you are more anti-Tesla than anyone. You make Tesla drivers seem like fools who can’t see the obvious problem right in front of their eyes.

It is already shown that water is an issue. If you show water is not an issue, what does that say other than inconsistent fit and finish? Again, ignoring obvious fault harms Tesla more than any anti-Tesla trolls.

Perhaps it says that Tesla recognized the issue in early builds and fixed it. But in your anti-Tesla mind you never thought of this.

“You make Tesla drivers seem like fools who can’t see the obvious problem right in front of their eyes.”

On the contrary, the only problem I see is a few Tesla haters trying very, very hard to make an issue out of nothing.

The only “problem” exists inside your skull.

As Tesla expands sales beyond a base of rabid fans that will forgive certain issues criticism like this helps. It’s how issues come to mind and get addressed. It reminds me of the consumer reports braking issue article and how many Tesla fans pounced on CR vut Elon heard the complaint and got it fixed.

That’s one thing I noticed when I owned a Model X, there are a lot of little things mainstream automakers know to do, that Tesla hasn’t learned yet. An example in my Model X, since Tesla designed the seats with legs, the floor is flat underneath the seat, and I found out one day why that’s bad. When I started regen breaking at a light one day, a rear seat passenger’s water bottle rolled under my seat, and lodged under my pedals. Now it wasn’t a big deal but my thought was “why did that happen, and why hasn’t that ever happened to me before “. Tesla does a good job of making their cars look like their original concept car, but there’s a reason why most cars change from their concept form, it ‘s all those minor details like water flowing over the body, that concepts don’t take into account that have to be revised later. And I think Tesla isn’t making all the revisions that make the car practical on a daily basis. They should have known that the rake of the Model 3’s rear window, combined with the way the trunk opens, could lead to wet cargo.

Another Euro point of view

Indeed, that’s long time car manufacturers DNA you are describing.

When the bulk of your QC testing is done with computers, this is what happens.

LMFAO, is that where your employer’s 20 promised EV models are stuck at MadBro!

That would explain why we haven’t seen them yet!!

Does that explain all the issues with the Bolt EV then, MadBro? I mean actual, serious issues… not non-issues like this one.

This is why I have hopes for the EVs coming from established car makers. I more confidence they can make an electric engine than in Tesla learning all the details of body and interior building.

Very well said CDspeed.

Leave the car in the garage if wet weather is forecast. Problem solved.

Rich man’s solution to a rich man’s problem.

On a rich man’s car, so it does kinda work out that way, haha

My butler always waits with an oversized umbrella whenever it rains. Not a drop of water in my trunk.

No the model 3 is $35j and for the masses….😂

I guess anybody that can park their car in a covered garage is considered rich by your standards then

So they designed a car that’s not meant to be left outside?

You can leave it outside. Just don’t open the trunk or use drive-thru in rain.

Obviously the answer to putting stuff in the trunk when it’s raining is to fold down the rear seats and do gymnastics to put stuff in that way. Duh! These pleabs just don’t get it.

Covered garages are now so passé, along with the stodgy Grey Poupon. The $25 Million Miami Condo, in the Penthouse Porsche Design Tower will keep any and all of those pesky leaks at bay.

Anyone who sees a few drops of water getting into the trunk, as shown in this video, as a “problem”, certainly should never open his trunk when it’s raining.

I mean, what’s next? If you open your car door when it’s snowing, then *gasp* some snow might blow into it! IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!!!

Tesla can send an OTA message to remind you to use the frunk in case of rain. None of the praised legacy car makers can do that. So something must be right with the design.

and if the thing that you want to put in the frunk does not fit? What then eh? Sheesh…

Better yet, they could use a rain sensor and lock you out of the trunk. Problem solved.

An overly complicated solution to a simple problem….. that’s the Tesla way! Lol

Ya, like closing factories like GM is doing, LOL /s.

Hey Bro, where are those 20 EVs that your employer promised?

Let’s see, Baijoun e200, Velite 6 PHEV and EV, Cadillac EV announced, two new Buick EVs for China announced,…

Great for the Chinese, not so great for Americans.
And only 5 announced EVs so far with 15 to go.
Makes VW look good in comparison.

I’m still sorry that you’re bummed you bought a Bolt

So sorry you got stuck with that Bolt EV, rather than the Model 3 you wanted so badly, MadBro. I’d be mad too!

That would require me to clear my garage out enough to fit a second car.

Where would I put my tools and bikes and yard equipment?

Definitely makes me rethink getting a Tesla M3 in the PNW.

Although I see a bunch of them on the road around here.

Got a couple coworkers with TM3, will have to ask how much trouble they have had with the rain.

Ya total breaking point lolololololol

More like symbolic of shabby development

You mean like your endless carpet-bombing troll posts are symbolic of shabby and unimaginative FUD!

Buy a towel if it bothers you so much.

It doesn’t bother me at all I don’t plan on buying the car, but to say in obvious design flaw, albeit small, it’s something nobody should mention and you should have to buy a towel in order to get around it is ridiculous.

So you admit you won’t be buying a Tesla but you come here and post 20 serial anti-Tesla posts on just this thread alone.

So why is it again that you are wasting our time and yours here with your repetitive posts for some reason?

Probably works for GM or some other company being disrupted by Tesla/Musk.

The base model is supposed to have a metal roof. Good opportunity for Tesla to fix this.

YES! The most constructive comment here so far. But they can also fix glass roof in the future as they tweak their cars over the years.

And, with most people, we know the first of any newly designed item, is not likely to be as good as one on its 2nd version, further design cycle, or later production unit.

If the Reservations had topped out at 150,000 we would likely just be getting the Employee Fist Editions of the car by now!

The Acceleration to produce, to meet this high demand, is part of the challenge! It is likely as much the reason it still has need of tweaks in its design! This would be one issue!

If Towing gets Rated on the Model 3, will we get Crazy Videos showing how bad people can abuse them, too?

Opening the trunk in rain is not abuse.

If 3 gets towing rating (doubtful) and bumper falls off even with empty trailer, yes, I sure as hell hope those crazy videos will show.

Uh, no, the most constructive comments are the ones which say they haven’t had this problem with their Model 3, and that it’s something that a Tesla service shop should be able to fix. That is, if you think this is an actual problem rather than the non-issue it is.

I bet you it’ll be even more sheeeeet with some wet snow

I routinely get beat up in discussions (not on this site) about cars when I point out that Tesla simply hasn’t been around long enough to develop the kind of deep experience with car designing and manufacturing that other companies have; this article is exactly the kind of thing I mention, only to hear excuses. (Again, the parallels between Tesla fans and Apple fans are breathtaking.)

That’s not an indictment of Tesla or praise for the Legacies, but simply a recognition of how insanely hard it is to produce cars that will be used by the general public in wildly divergent environmental conditions. (As I’m typing this the big snow storm that’s going to blast the NE US is just starting to turn the ground white outside my window.) No new company can possibly have the depth of knowledge needed to deal with that, even if it makes an effort to raid experienced designers, engineers, and managers from Legacies.

Tesla will learn, and they will do better in all aspects of their business. But it will take some time, and expecting otherwise is simply unrealistic.

Another Euro point of view

Part of car manufacturers DNA does simply reside in employees/engineers who are being in the company for like 30 or 40 years. So if you lay off employees every year or trigger working conditions that are just too harsch for highly experienced staff (thus a little older than the others) that building up of your own corporate DNA is likely much less efficient than in other companies which are more faithfull to their employees or more considerate of their sacrifices.

It’s a trunk. Who cares. More tears are coming out of your eyes than the SoCal rain

The idea of a trunk is to keep things OUT of the elements.

Yes, this is exactly the kind of thing that steered me away from Tesla for now. They are so interested in getting to that $35k model but if they made a better refined $45k model it wouldn’t be as big of a problem.

Great points Lou.

Good opportunity for Evannex.

More testing before release. Like all the “old legacy automakers”….

The 3 would be a better car with a hatch, for this and other reasons.

I hope they fully consider water and dust intrusion for the pickup – that mess comes from all angles when the pavement ends.

Whoa!! These horrible rain drops should be reported to the authorities immediately! Where is the EPA when we need them? Or, just thinking out of the box here, why not open the trunk slower?

The problem here is that when a large amount of water is dumped all at once from the trunk into the window, the water uses the small rubber seal at the bottom of the rear window as a ramp. If you open the trunk slowly, the water doesn’t dump, and doesn’t ramp into the trunk.

I believe further testing is needed under laboratory conditions. Where is Consumer Reports?

Ah the old “if it isn’t a huge problem then it shouldn’t be mentioned”….

It certainly doesn’t deserve a video expose and headline if it isn’t an issue with Model 3 owners. I have yet to see a single comment about the trunk in the Model 3 forums.

But it certainly appears to be a huge issue with anti Tesla zealots.

first of all I imagine most people who are on Tesla specific forums are Tesla zealots and are willing to overlook flaws the way you seem to be able to. However amongst the regular general public who this car is supposed to be sold to they are more likely to complain about things like this. Also constructive criticism helps a company in the long run, people just glossing over every criticism and trying to explain it away as some sort of anti Tesla conspiracy don’t help the company at all.

Oh my. You evidently have never visited a forum. There are PLENTY of complaints about the Model 3. I’m p*ssed about the poor integration of the media center. The USB implementation Sucks big time. These software guys have spent more time developing a fart app than properly implementing the music system. If you want a headline, maybe IE should work on THAT angle.

Tesla refuses to incorporate Car Play or Android Auto because Tesla wants to keep its system proprietary. So don’t get me started on the lack of any proper music availability. And there are plenty of other bigger issues than drips getting in your trunk.

“…first of all I imagine most people who are on Tesla specific forums are Tesla zealots and are willing to overlook flaws the way you seem to be able to.”

Well, we can certainly tell you haven’t spent any time at all reading the Tesla Motors Club forum, or you’d have seen some of the incredibly nit-picky problems discussed. I had to roll my eyes at the guy who went on and on and on, post after post after post, about finding a spot on his hood that looked like a small, tiny grain of sand had gotten trapped under the paint, and how he insisted the Tesla service center retouch the paint there to his satisfaction.

If you’re this nit-picky about your car, then take it to a detailing ship and have these microscopic problems dealt with by people who specialize in OCD detailing.

And from a comment above, all the car in Bjørn’s video needs is a minor adjustment at a Tesla service shop. Actual Model 3 owners posting here say they have not had that problem.

But hey, let’s all ignore the evidence and keep talking as if it’s really a design flaw on Tesla’s part. 🙄

Ok not ideal but not catastrophic either. Seems like you might get a drop or two unless you really catapult the trunk up.

Not making excuses for Tesla, I suspect this is because of the last minute change to the trunk design, but we just went on a road trip in my brothers Model 3 in the pouring rain and never noticed this when opening the trunk. Either it doesn’t happen to all cars or it’s not a big deal in normal operation.

Thought so too. if you do unload the car in rain it also gets wet inside. It’s not ideal and they should do something about it. But I have seen this on other cars as well. I thought one was an Alfa.

My 2008 Acura RL does exactly the same thing. Raindrops running off the trundled and rear window hop over the seal and into the trunk. Mainstream luxury car, top of the line at the time.

I was actually going to post the same thing, except mine is a 2005 Acura TL (so not top of the line but still a “luxury” brand). It’s even worst after a snow storm. Annoying AF.

Another unforgivable Tesla screw-up. This is something that can be mitigated by longer development cycles and more testing. Also reveals Tesla employees as inexperienced.

Sounds like Tesla is not for you. Get a Chevy, you’ll be happy with GM’s 100 years of experience.

Last time I checked, this site wasn’t called InsideTesla yet Tesla cultists still chew out any critical comments, factual or not. Why don’t you disprove anything wrong with my comment if it is so? If they had the proper experience designing water run-off and/or tested it in the proper environment, it wouldn’t happen.

But, since I’m sure Tesla is “for you”, you have no problem with getting your cargo soaked and don’t want them to learn from this design mistake. Even if it was designed to channel water properly (doubtful as any channel seems non-existent), the manufacturing end could have done something out of spec. Get a clue.

Relax. This is a discussion about a few drops of water in a trunk. Your anti-Tesla zeal is affecting your health.

I think it is a flaw that would have been caught with a more rigorous testing program but I would have considered an unforgivable flaw.

My cargo is shipped, I would never imagine putting it in the trunk.

“Last time I checked, this site wasn’t called InsideTesla yet Tesla cultists still chew out any critical comments…”

Dude, the problem is you and the rest of the anti-Tesla brigade, with your hidden agendas for trying to ruin Tesla’s reputation with lies, half-truths, and disinformation. Any time you label someone a “cultist” just because they’re a fan… It’s the anti-Tesla brigade obsessively posting here that is the “cult”.

Last time I checked this site wasn’t called InsideTrolls either but I have noticed that the ONLY times you have ever posted here (which has been rare BTW) is to hate on Tesla.

Gee, I wonder why that is?

What insight. This is right up there with GM’s broken ignition switch and the Takata airbag recalls along with the recent Kia and Hyundai fires. You’re not being hyperbolic at all.

LOL! No matter which car you drive, if you keep your window open in rain, guess what ….. you get wet! ….. so that’s why people always close their car windows when raining. So every normal car has a drip edge to stop it? …… well, NO! …… the drip edges you talk about disappeared from all modern cars in the 90’es, because they made too much wind noise and drag while driving, and didn’t prevent the rain from falling into the car anyway. Look at the white Nissan at the top picture, and the black estate next to that, as well as all BMW’s, Porsches, Mercedes, Fords, VW’s, Toyota’s etc. later than 2000. They have no such drip edge as well, and they get excactly as wet inside if they forget to close the window in rain. Regarding the trunk: Rain drops running to the rear edge of the roof WILL drop into the groove between the roof and the rubber lip, and be prevented to run into the trunk. But water, poured directly water from a watering can onto the roof will off course not, and if I do the same to my Citroén, wall will pour into… Read more »
Another Euro point of view

In the comments above someone wrote “Can’t wait for the mental gymnastics defending this”.

I think I found an outstanding gymnast here :-).

I suppose you might want to balance the defensive mental gymnastics with the offensive hyperbolic claims of doom.

The “gymnasts” are the serial Tesla bashers, like you, working furiously at the air pump, trying to inflate what doesn’t even amount to a molehill into a mountain.

You’re right, may be the trunk has an issue but the video with the windows open is plain bull***t, water enters in every car with windows open while raining.

a small strip of trim across the back under the window could prevent the drips. After market may already have it.

I own one of these cars in Vancouver, BC, a very rainy market. This is not an issue if you open your trunk at a normal pace. At the same speed shown in the video, water gets into my A4’s trunk too.

I actually can’t believe the # of model 3’s I see in the Vancouver area – there are allot of them! If there was a real raindrop rear-entry problem, Vancouver would be talking about it. It rains almost every day it seems.

Don’t fling it open like a JA. I haven’t had any trouble.

would a wall stop them from coming in?
them = rain drops

Mexico’s not gonna pay for it, so production must be stopped

Sorry, couldn’t resist, though I didn’t mention a-hole’s name; trying to keep a-hole name free in this MLK (true Republican) memorial weekend.

Maybe Gina will pay.

It would need to be the “Best Wall Ever!”
/S 😂

Not only would a wall stop the rain drops from coming in, but it would also Make Tesla Great Again! 🧢


I hear that a rain drop invasion is headed toward Teslas. Build the wall !!

A bit annoying but hardly a deal breaker.
It’s like your wife’s flaw, you just have to embrace and tolerate.

MY wife doesn`t have any flaws!!!!!


Boot! a trunk is what an elephant has

And… A Tree! Not just for Hugging, but also for Climbing, Lumber, Paper, and coming soon… Stronger than Steel Structures!

Boot like what I wear on my feet in rain?

The comical video of real life issues of water intrusion into trunk and door/window openings during or after rain may be pointing out design flaws every car manufacturer has experienced and already addressed. That’s one reason for the long time needed to bring a new vehicle to market. Tesla has shortcomings most established manufacturers recognize yet aren’t saying much when owners will do all the trash talk. The billions invested in manufacturing over decades isn’t where Tesla is at the moment. Most issues are easily addressed and may be eligible for recalls if called for.

You are probably right about minor issues that can be fixed, but if Tesla has not even taken care of roof water pouring into the cabin, what else (hidden) is not taken care of?
Can it withstand the scandinavian roads that get salt during the winter?
Does it have a solid construction with low maintenance costs over the first 10 years like most other modern cars?
Does Tesla spare parts price index compare to other mainstream cars meant for average peoples incomes?
Just curious – I am considering ordering one, but is scared of meeting bad design, bad/rushed engineering and a quality that will incur heavy maintenance costs later on.

Bravo! (slow clapping) A well done concern troll effort there, sir.

Double points for supporting all the efforts here at taking a non-issue and pretending it’s a real problem.


I live in an extremely rainy area of the us. in 6 months with my m3, i’ve noticed no issue with rain and the trunk. big nothing IMO.

When I opened the trunk in my Volt dust fell down because I hadn’t opened it in like a year. My Volt has a design flaw too.

Awwww. When you open the Back Hatch of your Volt, I thought is was to give Head Room for Back Seat Adults!
/S 😆😁


*Coming from an ex Volt owner, now Model 3 owner.

“Honey, we have to take the other car, grandma, the kid’s friend, our guest…etc. won’t fit in the Volt”!

The second test in the second video with the new trim seal is what happens when applying approx. a 6 inch continuous column of water for approx 1 second to approx 1 square inch of glass at any given time during the test.

That is roughly the equivalent of getting 20,000 inches of rainfall in an hour.

For perspective, the absolute record amount of natural rainfall in an hour was in central West Virginia. A rainfall total of 13.80 inches was estimated to have fallen near Burnsville over the course of just one hour on Aug. 4, 1943.

The original video where actual rainfall was shown was more informative. I’d like to see how the new seal performs under those same conditions.

Oh, and if you are alerted that the trunk is open, close the trunk. Driving anyways is user error, not a product flaw.

“6 inch continuous column of water for approx 1 second to approx 1 square inch of glass”

That’s regular occurrence at drive thru. Granted, they should direct the water away on roof, but they rarely do.

Ummm…. Are you going through the drive thru with your trunk open? Not sure your point? I was specifically posting about the rear trunk seal, and the test of the new trunk seal that was installed.

I thought you meant video describing drive thru which downed roughly what you describe. For trunk video, I did not see any water pouring, just trunk being opened.

Yea, we’re talking about two different videos, thus the confusion. If you are on a smart phone, it is harder to tell which video I was talking about.

Here is what I was talking about:

Simple OTA fix.

It almost always rains in Norway, Sweden, The UK and in Holland. Who doesn’t pre productionstest a car for the weather conditions in it’s main markets?

You forgot Denmark 😉

It seems like a big deal. Yes it’s a design flaw but it isn’t that big of a deal Those few drops of water are nothing to when you unload a good grocery shopping spree when it rains.
Somewhere more up is a post from someone who lives in Vancouver and doesn’t fin this a big issue and it does rain there.
Honda, Alfa and others had this problem too but there wasn’t that big of a outrage about it. Tesla cars tend to be extremely well observed and every single thing is being watched with envious eyes.

I would expect a car in this price class to at least match my old Volvo. The trunk I can maybe live with, but the drivers window having rain pouring in is simply not good enough. I have to open my window when paying road toll on bridges, opening gates at my work and many more places.

You still have to open the window when paying a toll road? The Italians solved that problem many many years ago. Which is actually kind of interesting as they always drive with the window open.

You shouldn’t compare to Honda, though Accord did fine in this regard. Compare to similar price BMW Mercedes. My old BMW did not drip water into trunk, but it did have large gap for water channel.

I have noticed this annoying thing myself just the other day when I opened my Model-3 trunk in my garage after driving through the rain.

Interesting, because literally every other comment posted to this ridiculously long comment thread from an actual Tesla Model 3 owner says they don’t have this problem.

Perhaps you, like Bjørn, need to get an adjustment at a Tesla service center to deal with the problem.

The others don’t actually own a Model 3.

Most cars do the same thing if you open your windows with hard rain. My Volt does it, my Golf used to do it. If you don’t want rain to rush in with slightly open window, you have to install aftermarket window deflectors. Obviously if you open your window completely, you will still have rain coming in. Duh!

As for the Model 3 trunk, Tesla could redesign a new gasket that is taller than the glass so it can stop the water coming in.

That is not rain “raining” in, that is rain from the roof pouring in. Do you actually mean your Golf does that???
I’m liking my Volvo more and more 🙂

My 2016 golf doesn’t have that problem

Well I guess you are lucky. My 2008 rabbit used to do that. Always some water rushing in and going in the windows switches. Same thing with my 2014 Golf. Usually it does it when your not moving and the window is slightly opened and raining hard enough. If you are driving fast enough it is fine with the window slightly opened.

Is it a mk7? Difference between driving in the rain with the windows down and opening the trunk on a stationary car.

Use the frunk instead?

It has easy software solution.
They just need to provide OTA update to prevent trunk opening if weather forecast in the area predicts rain. It should be very low probability event as it rarely rains in California, where most Teslas operate.

Problem solved, NEXT!


Another flaw of Californian designs where it doesn’t freeze or rain.

You do realize that California has the highest mountain in the contiguous United States or that California has a rainforest?

… which nobody lives in.

California does have a second smaller Rainforest (Westminster, Ca), it’s just not quite as popular, for all the usual reasons.

I guess owners in Northern Europe will be very happy about this. In the UK or the Netherlands you have more rainy than sunny days.

Not really true 😉 It varies for The Netherlands between 122 and 150 days for raining days. And it almost never rains the whole day. “” gives a statistic for 10 years that the guy took the bicycle to work and back. As you can see it’s really not that bad. In England it can be different though. However I take the bicycle and car and public transport to work, just what I think that day. I do carry a bag with me and sometimes another one with more tools but I had this exact same thing in an Alfa. If you open it just a tiny bit slower there is not a problem with the water.

A Dutch guy really doesn´t care about a couple of raindrops. He is preparing for the Dutch Headwind Cycling Championships.

Oh man – I am seriously considering ordering a model 3 to be delivered in march (!?) in Denmark, but have serious concerns on the durability, quality and running cost of the car. The cheapest model 3 is $70.000. Seeing videos like this makes me more convinced to stay with a “legacy carmaker” that has control of basics like rain not entering the cabin. What else, and more expensive to fix, may come along in the next 10 years of ownership?
I have a Volvo V70 now, and closing in on 200.000 miles it still has had no repairs, just replacement of wear-and-tear parts.
I really look forward to get info on how the model 3 runs in Scandinavia – I suspect we deem other stuff important than US customers?

Any new car model will have issues. For example, Bolt seat is made better for 2019 model.

If this problem bothers you, delay buying Tesla for a year (or few years). As S and X have shown, they will fix the problem eventually.

Yeah, I’m trying to control my “but-it-impulse” – waiting for a RWD model with fixes for most issues, and maybe $20k cheaper in Denmark….

I can sympathize. Had Tesla been available when I had to get a car, I probably would’ve bought Tesla 3 on impulse. You gotta admit, it’s a damn good looking car.

The Model 3 will delight you.

The list of joys goes far far beyond the superficial notion if it’s appearance.

“Bolt seat is made (a little) better for 2019 model”. Still not that great after the “fix”.

The lack of quality test and controls in Tesla is embarrasing.

Lack of critical thinking by those reading articles on the internet is embarrassing.

I can’t understand how this articles can make the water goes into the trunk. But a bad design and how Tesla didn’t detect and solve properly that issues, yes. Maybe the lack of critical thinking is a problem from the fanboys that seem members of a sect.

Oh hell!!!!! Don’t buy a Model 3!!! When you sit around with your window open, your arm will het wet!!!! I want my money back!!!!🤣 118 comments so far and all the trolls are oresent and accounted for….holy shiiiiiiiit. I A) Live in Seattle B) Own a 3 C) Don’t have this problem. It rains in Seattle. A…..LOT!…….Just in case ya don’t know. Last night I packed two pretty full bags of groceries, including 4 litres of ginger ale, into my frunk. It was raining pretty steady. Usually I keep a portable umbrella in tbe door pocket. Last night I neither used it nor did I park close to the supermarket front door. I still am in that new car phase where a door ding would ruin my month. It wasn’t raining when I went inside. When returning to the car, I was getting soaked. Yet I stood there marveling at how dry the hood kept my groceries and even me as I ducked under it. The trunk hasn’t leaked at all. It rains here, folks, and I have zero complaints. Maybe if I dumped a bucket on the roof, things woukd be different. Maybe if I washed my car… Read more »


Stupid people are moving from Facebook to YouTube, nice, we humans are evolving.

The EVolutiory knuckle dragging of humanity does takes its time. EVen during a rainstorm, and in the middle of the first wave, of a North American Model 3 Teslunami.


Parking on a downslope so the rain falls forward would solve this too.

Youtubers and Teslatubers need ideas to constantly come up with material to shoot that next episode.

They also copy each other. After all, there are only so many subjects pertaining to Tesla to obsess over.

Ben Mullens of Teslanomics, a big Tesla fan and promoter copied Kim of Like Tesla by crushing fruits and cucumbers with his Model 3’s trunk. Then he had his wife reach up and shut the trunk…Ew, is it too much effort??? Come on, Ben….Gimme a break! My very petite 15 year old daughter and my 5’3″ wife have used the trunk multiple times with zero complaints.

Owning this car has brought me such joy. I’d quantify it as 3 or 4 times better than any car I have ever driven, let alone owned.

So watching this nitpicking just makes me want to puke. I live in Seattle. Here’s my advice: When driving in pouring rain, it is advisable to roll up your windows.

Would not have happened if they had stayed with the hatchback approach of the S.

And not at all good for customers living in 🇦🇹. (Snow!)

The probability of getting in line for an Y has been upped considerably.

How are you supposed to get the stuff out of the trunk in rain so that they remain dry? This is not a problem.

Stay tuned. Right here on these very pages in one year we’ll be watching video reviews of the water that enters into a Porsche Taycan when you dump a bucket on the roof!!!

Nayhhh, aint gonna happen. Will water enter the Taycan? Yes, indeed it will. But the Taycan isn’t a threat to change the world. Tesla is.

So this is the media garbage we get. Posing as, “news”….

Yes, because Porsches are famous for their low build quality.

Their diesel engines do have software problems though.

Hey James, honest question: does Tesla pay you by the word, or the hour?

Does a Russian troll farm pay you by the post, or by the hour?

He’s still trying to get the Condo upgrade, to a higher floor in the Moscow Trump Tower, just below the top floor of The Putin Penthouse Suite.

Hey Shane, honest answer. The articles I’ve written here and on other sites to date have not received any compensation.

I waited many years to be able to afford and the opportunity to obtain an all electric car that had the range, resale, features, safety and performance that my 3 avails. Add the gorgeous looks and surprising safety and this is the car.

So, yes, I am going to point out it’s benefits in the face of those who posit that videos like these typify the ownership experience. In short, they do not.

Maybe like you, I wait and wait and wait some more for another company to mass produce electric cars so we can compare them. At this point, in the West, there is but one such company doing so.

Do you despise Tesla, or EVs in general?

I guess they hired some former Chrysler engineers. Embarrassing.

Actually I’m thinking that the Koch Heads have hired some more trolls.