Watch Some Of Trump’s Meeting With Elon Musk And Tech Titans (Result Update) – Video

DEC 14 2016 BY JAY COLE 88

Happening now, President-elect Donald Trump is meeting with the who’s who of the tech industry for a special summit on jobs and how to make trade easier.

President-Elect holds tech titans meeting in New York today, a group that includes Tesla/Space X CEO Elon Musk

President-Elect holds tech titans meeting in New York today, a group that includes Tesla/Space X CEO Elon Musk (via YT/Live Satellite News)

As mentioned earlier, in attendance is Tesla’s Elon Musk who has just been named to the President’s advisory council.

Reportedly, Mr. Musk and also Apple CEO Tim Cook will be ‘staying after class’ for a special smaller (and more private meeting) with the future President.

The small group dynamic should be more than interesting, especially in regards to the Apple Chief and his interactions with Trump, as the two have had a very rocky relationship up until now.

Here one can check out the first few minutes of the meeting, which we have to say, seems a touch awkward.

Trump soothed the room with positive vibes to kick things off saying,

“We want you to keep going with that incredible innovation.There’s nobody like you in the world. There’s nobody like the people in this room,”

Trump noted that many “huge” companies wanted to be in attendance, but didn’t make the cut, although the President-Elect’s kids did.

“There’s nobody like the people in this room, and anything we can do to help this go along we’re going to do that for you.  You call my people, you call me, it doesn’t make any difference. We have no formal chain of command.”

Once over, we’ll have some follow-up just how things went and what specifically was discussed.

Update (post meeting) and new embed video (above) including Musk’s opening comments:

It seems all the tech executive's left the meeting with only positive things to say, as President-Elect Trump had a

It seems all the tech executive’s left the meeting with only positive things to say, as President-Elect Trump had a conciliatory tone – perhaps to mend some broken fences from earlier during the election

Not a lot of specifics details were released, but sources say that Trump had a “conciliatory tone” to the proceedings that lasted about 90 minutes with the various technology leaders.

According to Trumps transition team the meeting touched primarily on job creation, but also stretched to corporate tax cuts, manufacturing and trade in China, tax cuts, repatriating foreign assets, as well as regulations that prevented US businesses from doing business overseas.

Also, the meeting of the select group may not be a “one-off” as originally anticipated.  In fact, it could meet as often as quarterly…although we suspect many of the high-powered execs looked at this first invitation as a must-attend to show good faith; meaning regular meetings likely would not be as well attended.

Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, one of Trump’s adversaries during the campaign (saying Trump “erodes democracy around the edges” after the President-Elect accused Bezos of buying the Washington Post to shape politics in the US), seemed to come away from the meeting positively.

 “I shared the view that the administration should make innovation one of its key pillars, which would create a huge number of jobs across the whole country, in all sectors, not just tech – agriculture, infrastructure, manufacturing.  Everywhere.”

Trump’s pick for commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross, told the media afterwards (via the WSJ) that the summit was “constructive” and that “both the tech guys and the administration got to know each other a lot better.”

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So touching, the kids came

I was born in Africa and I can tell you that it is quite normal to invite your children to an event like this. The older ones will inevitably hold positions of influence in the government and the younger ones will essentially be the next generation of power brokers so it is really important that they are all there.

The next step is for some highly paid but essentially pointless roles created within these companies to be filled by various family members. This will provide a revenue stream, allow for a detailed oversight of the various companies and a potential back door control of the company via the “payment” of your offspring in shares. This is how the world works just look at Russia, China and Africa – perfectly normal to invite your children. I’m surprised Elon didn’t bring his cousin to meet in the sidelines with Trumps nephew.

Have we drained the swamp yet?

The one in your head? No.

Can’t tell if you missed his sarcasm or your an alt-chaos-fascist weirdo.

Thank you for pointing all of that out for the rest of us EV Dolts, and keep up the “Captain Obvious” routine!

Trump is our first African president lol

Trevor Noah and the Daily Show really did a great bit on that.

I need to see his birth certificate! He’s a Muslim! /s

He wants to ban Muslims, start a registry then eventually round them up. Sound like the 1930s? Hot button BS for the red state rubes.

It is quite disturbing to see his children in a meeting like this. The countries that you mentioned are not known for their democratic acumen. This attitude (ridiculing American democracy) won’t end well I believe.

Just_Chris asked:

“Have we drained the swamp yet?”

No, in fact swamp has had alligators added to it… in the form of plutocrats including billionaires and millionaires. Not even counting Trump’s offspring.

Seriously, the kids being there is F***** UP. His fake ‘blind trust’ thing is to have his kids run the business . . . . and then he keeps inviting them to meetings?

Trump is retarded or amazingly corrupt.

What’s screwed up is that the Republicans are turning a blind eye to Trump’s nepotism.

Can you imagine if the situation was reversed and the stink they would raise?

Trump’s nepotism…who cares, he’s a white guy, nothing to worry about because America will be great again on January 20th…BELIEVE ME instantly lol

What do you expect from someone who appoints a cabinet where it is the exception rather than the norm not to have massive potential for conflicts of interest?

Maybe he just doesn’t care. During the race, he could do or say whatever he wanted and always got away with it. Why stop now?

He has been using this same tactic since the beginning of his campaign and it has worked flawlessly.

He continually and relentlessly makes outrageous moves any one of which would sink any campaign or political career by themselves.

The trick is to keep them coming like waves on a beach. Before people gather themselves and respond and do something about it the next wave hits and disorients. And it then seems that the waves just pick up frequency making it even more difficult to focus and do something about it.

Humans have a limit to their attention span and he know this because he has none himself. So the idea is to keep whatever shady things you need done coming and don’t let up so people can only really be upset with you over the current thing your are doing but aren’t able to remember or process the previous grievances accurately.


Great insight and analogy philip.

To quote a line from Apocalypse Now, “The bullshit piled up so fast in Vietnam, you needed wings to stay above it.”

I think its more interesting who was not in the meeting. Aviation, Biotech, and Pharmacy companies are missing. If this was going to be about manufacturing and technology companies, I would have expected companies like General Electric at the table.

And how about Theranos? Where the h i Ms Elizabeth Wunderkind Holmes?!

That is all you can take away from a meeting like this? Pretty pathetic.

“We have no formal chain of command”

Maybe I’m mistaken, but I was under the impression that a formal chain of command is one of the things that the government has the most of. Its in the Constitution! 😉

Also, why the F are his kids there? Are they representing his business, do they have nothing better to do, are they part of the administration? There really need to be clear separations there.

Yes. Trump has conceded that his business will have to be put into a trust and will be run by his kids.

Run by the kids is not a “trust” that is a cabal. Only an independent board of trustees will do.

In a proper blind trust, he does not know the board members. I don’t see that happening here, and it a future point for impeachment. It is in direct conflict with the Constitution.

Actually, it’s not. I fully agree that it is obviously wrong morally, and it just as obviously breaks with protocol, but not the law. If he were a congressman he’d be required to put his assets into a blind trust, but as president there’s no legal requirement, astonishing as that may be. However, as I understand it, the president can be set aside without impeachment, thanks to Section 4 of the 25th amendment. It requires the vice president and a supermajority in both houses to act in concert, but in the case of Trump I’m not sure it cannot happen (but it hopefully doesn’t; things will have to get seriously ugly for this option to even begin to look relevant). In such an event Trump would remain president only in title, with all the powers of his office in the hands of the Acting President, Mike Pence. Read the amendment on Wikipedia and see if your understanding differs, but here’s the simplified version of the process as I read it: 1) Pence declares to the Senate president that the President is incapable of executing the duties of his office. This immediately makes him Acting President. 2) Trump declares he is… Read more »

If his family runs the businesses and they have an office in the west wing, THAT can be a conflict of interest, which can be legally dealt with. The president is exempt from conflict of interest laws, but not his family.

Yes a blind trust with the kids that sit in with him on meetings on the very things they shouldn’t have information on in order to be blind.

He’s supposed to not know himself what his assets are, and thus free of influence when deciding policy matters. The blind trust not only doesn’t know any more than everyone else about the plans of the government, it is free to actively manage the portfolios and reinvest in completely different assets.

Incredibly, there’s no legal requirement that applies to the president. There is for members of congress.

Ivanka should be able to provide a buffer to keep environmental policies in place or slow the removal. Her husband is from a family of hard core Democrats. that could also be some influence.

If you think she has any different notion about the world than him (hint make as much money as possible) then you are mistaken.

brian f said:

“There really need to be clear separations there.”

I think Trump has made it very clear, both by his actions and by direct statements, that he has no intention of making any more separation than he will be forced to. He has said repeatedly that there “isn’t any conflict of interest” because the laws governing that don’t include the office of the President.

Yes, Trump is quite literally saying that if he can get away with it, then it’s acceptable behavior. Of course, that’s been his business strategy all along; remember Trump University? Remember Trump regularly refusing to pay contractors’ bills unless he is sued? So why would he change now? It’s not like he can be shamed into doing what’s right; he’s clearly immune to shame.

This attitude is reminiscent of Nixon saying “Well, when the president does it, that means it is not illegal.”

It’s like we are living in a King Ralph movie.

I knew America had become a stupid country, but I really thought better of my fellow Americans until now. I never imagined a guy who encouraged white nationalists, and has one as his top advisor, would ever become president in the modern era. I hope California secedes, takes rest of West coast with it.

California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia could form a new country called New Columbia.

New Columbia, eh? Well, that name could make sense, considering that the Pacific Northwest could easily dominate the cannabis trade with artfully blended legal and illegal weed operations.

Wait a minute, I didn’t vote for Trump.

Neither did the majority of Americans who went to the polls.

And I didn’t vote for Obama…your point?

My point is that you can’t blame me for the mess that is coming. But I did vote for Obama twice so I will take credit for low unemployment, rising property prices, stable economy, no foreign invasions, dispatching Bin Laden, affordable health insurance for the self-employed, fighting global warming, awesome Electric vehicles, Wallstreet in check, same sex marriage, etc…

What a load of crap ..
I really hope Musk won’t have to deal with any of this ever again, and that if he gets “re-summoned” he’ll find a good enough excuse. One wouldn’t want that vindictive dip shit turned against him.

It might turn out to be good to have smart and knowledgable people help him out.

If Trump doesn’t dump Scott Pritt and Rick Perry than he is not serious about listening to Musk. The whole thing is a scam to calm the waters before he pulls the plug on the EPA and climate science research.

Whats the point in calming the waters if it’ll stir up again later? That makes no sense.

“I prefer not to attend”, “I’m busy” and “f*** off” are all “good enough”. Even the president doesn’t have the power to enslave anyone; people don’t have to work for him if they don’t want to.

What he’ll do to people who let it be clear they won’t cooperate remains to be seen. As I understand it there’s every reason to think he will abuse his power to make them suffer.

The worse he behaves the more he may need to rely on scaring critics to silence. But perhaps even he understands how quickly things could spiral into chaos and force his removal..? So far the signs are ominous.

Just wow, so this is what real technocracy looks like?

For that someone competent and highly prepared for such position would have to be in command. I dont see Trumps record as anything that would deserve such description.

Most of Trumps cabinet + WH picks are frankly best described as either crazy (Flinn) or idiots (guy selected to lead EPA).

Worse, they are people who are generally opposed to the existence of the departments they will be in charge of.

I’m beginning to wonder of Trump is just playing his appointments a huge (yuuuge!) practical joke. Not only has he appointed someone to head the EPA who wants to destroy it, he’s now picked Rick Perry to head the Department of Energy. Perry famously said he wanted to get rid of three Cabinet departments, and when asked to name them, famously couldn’t remember the Department of Energy as one of the three!

Am I kidding? I wish I were! It’s like I went to sleep and woke up in a “Twilight Zone” episode… 😯

“…anything we can do to help this go along we’re going to do that for you.”
And after camerase left:
“But someday, and that day may never come, I’ll call upon you to do a service for me.”

So . . . Could this mean Trump might actually promote EV adoption?

Not EV adoption but American manufacturing. Elon Musk is singing his song. All USA all the time. Trump sees what Musk as doing as fitting right in and would be willing to back it up perhaps. Not on the grounds of anything existential like the environment mind you. Just pure ‘stick it in China’s eye’. That works I suppose.

Nope, Musk has plans to build in China. Only makes sense.

Musk’s presence at this cabal has nothing to do with Tesla or manufacturing. He is there because of SpaceX alone.

Of course he has the opportunity to promote both now that he is “in”, but the invitation and the new position on “the team” are 100% because of SpaceX.

Most likely Elon Musk was asked to be an advisor not because of climate change or fossil fuel issues but for job creation within the US. Remember all Teslas are assembled in USA and will soon be making batteries here, too. So not so much because suddenly Trump administration is open to climate change and environmental causes BUT purely on the basis of job creation in the USA.

On a positive note they have all made their once in a lifetime pilgrimage to Trump Tower, so their Trump Taj is completed.

Yeah don’t be too hasty in the evaluation here. As I say, I’m a reluctantant supporter of MR. Trump, but many people are having surprising reactions after meeting him. Jim Browne yesterday, as an African-American, seems to have been Bowled over by him, he now saying ” I’m in Love with Mr. Trump”, recounting how his experience has been analogous (obviously its not an exact comparison, since a Billionsire can always get by, somehow) to that of many black americans. I’ll let readers research the surprising acceptance, and dare I say, enthusiasm toward Mr. Trump by many of the more quiet black and hispanic Americans, on their own. The reality is, other than EGO Stroking I suppose he could be accused of, at 72, Trump didn’t need all of this admittedly hard work, and frankly, personal danger he has put himself in, as so many people, for various reasons do not like him. Mr. Browne compared Trump to John F. Kennedy. I hope the comparison is not too exacting: Jeb Bush has stated, to Trump, “You will Never be President”. Although normally a brush off, seeing it as coming from a member of the Bush Crime Family, it brings to… Read more »

I hate to make the Hitler comparison, but people loved Hitler. Especially after there was an attempt on his life.

You aren’t supposed to love your leader. You are supposed to follow them.

Loving a leader assumes you will look over their weaknesses. Loving a leader is blinding to their lies. Trump followers will drink the Kool-aid when it is presented. And there will be Kool-aid, the suicidal type.

As per this meeting, it’s interesting but weird. It’s Trump trying to say, “I’m here for you guys, now have my back.” The reality is the people in the room may benefit from Trump’s policies, so long as he doesn’t go batshit crazy and do something like use the nukes…

What times we live in. I’m preparing for the major bullshit.


Ha! The main worry was from the war-monger Bush/Clinton Crime Families – after all it was Hillary who approves the use of a ‘First Strike’ against the Russians. When it comes to death and destruction, there is no comparison between them and Trump – they have killed millions, and Trump is blameless. When Leslie Stahl interviewed ex-sec-of state Albright she said that the DEATH of 1/2 a million children was ‘Worth It’. Hillary on an interview afterwards said, in a Caesarian cackle: “We Came, We saw, (Kadaffe) Died”. (when he was trying to surrender). Libya, incidentally went from the poorest to the Richest country on the African Continent under Kadafee’s leadership. Free Health care, free farm animals and a tractor, free electricity for domestic customers, free education. And he was planning major irrigation projects to make his country even better. Libya right now, in agreement with your Screen Name, is quite a bit like Mad Max. There is basically a destroyed Civilization. Those warmonger leaders – which I was forced to pay for in taxes against my will – destroyed 11 countries – the latest being Syria and Ukraine. I notice how there is absolutely no sympathy for the dead,… Read more »

Bill, love that rant. All the left wingers who want to force people to pay even more taxes have no idea that the government is swimming in money and all that extra goes for dropping more bombs. At least $7500 of that is not coming from me since someone paid that much less taxes thanks to SparkEV.

Incidentally, South Korean President got indicted for running a scam like Clinton Foundation. She might go to jail after conviction, but She-lery got pardonded by Dump. US politics is corrupt as hell, yet the left (mostly Democrats) want to give even more money to them.

Yeah, the government is swimming in money because they’ve cut many many programs, except for military and law enforcement. Things like welfare, infrastructure, earth sciences, NASA, and research have been cut to the bare bones. This is purely a Republican agenda. You probably agree with this policy. As for corruption, we are one of the least corrupt countries in the world. That is until Trump comes into office. He’ll be the most openly corrupt president since maybe Andrew Jackson… You are showing your age when you talk about how corrupt our country is (I’m thinking assassination of JFK, watergate…) When talking about corruption, you bring up Hillary, but you don’t mention Trump. He is in bed with Russia and Russian interests. He is openly using his presidency to better his business interests. If that’s not corruption, I don’t know what is. But as a Trump supporter, I’m sure you don’t give a crap. Hillary was the “devil”… You won’t be able to blame Hillary in a few months. People don’t care about Hillary anymore. Trump will have to stand on his own. As far as military and bombing, well that’s part of the duality of our two party system. If… Read more »

Now tells us about Chemtrails, Bill . . .


I love Gaddafi has become a new hero on the right.

You know, Gaddafi . . . . the guy responsible for the Berlin Disco bombing that killed two US servicemen. Ronald Reagan bombed him.

You know, Gaddafi . . . the guy responsible for the Pan Am Lockerbie bombing that killed all 243 passengers and 16 crew and 11 people on the ground in Scotland.

Now Gadaffi is Bill Howland’s humanitarian hero. Go Figure.

Well, he was to the people of Libya – and you guys prove that you are jerks by laughing off the deaths of 500,000 kids. Or the permanent contamination and deformities caused in Faluja. I note there is no criticism of Bill Clinton getting his highest commission from a speech he gave in Moscow. Or that Russia now owns 20% of the Uranium in this country thanks to the Clinton Foundation’s efforts. But the one thing you said IS true: I trust the Russians with it more than I trust ‘our’ guys. As far as corruption goes, the military just misplaced another $7 Trillion. Brings to mind Donald Rumsfeld’s admission that $2.3 Trillion was missing on 9/10/2001. The accounting office, computers, and the accountants were working in those offices that got hit. Rumsfeld’s side of the pentagon was the easier side to hit, since to hit the accounting office a decending corkscrew flight pattern was necessary. But in all these cases there isn’t the slightest problem because dim bulb Speculawyer said so. As I said before, there isn’t the intelligence level here to rationally discuss these things. But then this is a car blog. Its rather like show me where… Read more »

And that same judge also ruled:

…he also stated in the ruling that the film is “substantially founded upon scientific research and fact.” The judge also said he had “no doubt” that the defendant’s expert was “right when he says that: ‘Al Gore’s presentation of the causes and likely effects of climate change in the film was broadly accurate.’ ”

Yes, it may have had a ‘scientific foundation’ but GORE getting things “Arse-Backwards” is not an irrelevancy,
and of course, the fact that his stance has been very profitable for him (about 50X growth in net-worth) and, that of his mentor Maurice Strong I suppose you “Jello and Pudding” types would say is just a coincidence.

The knee-slapper to me is, if all you guys HATE THE OIL COMPANIES, why do you listen to big-wigs from Oxydental Petroleum, and Dome Petroleum, (Gore-Strong), respectively?

“Brings to mind Donald Rumsfeld’s admission that $2.3 Trillion was missing on 9/10/2001.

The accounting office, computers, and the accountants were working in those offices that got hit.

Rumsfeld’s side of the pentagon was the easier side to hit, since to hit the accounting office a decending corkscrew flight pattern was necessary.”

There we go. 9/11 Truther stuff. Nice.

Now tell us about the chemtrails. Was Sandy Hook a false flag attack? Are we turning the frogs gay? Was Boston Marathon bombing a false flag attack too?


Haven’t seen any intelligent thought out of you lately. And you don’t have the curiousity necessary to investigate much.

I thought at one time you made some semi-serious contributions to the discussions here, but lately you are as RUSH states one of the ‘Low Information Liberals’. All you do is react without bringing the slightest info to the table.

Oh, and in honor of all the news this week that Russia is supposedly responsible for ‘stealing the election from Clinton’, which I’m sure “Low information Liberals” like you and Pushi have fallen for Hook, Line, and Sinker, its interesting that a few unimportant people have said there has been
Zero Russian Involvement.

James Comey, Director of FBI.

James R. Clapper, recent Director of National Intelligence.

Jullian Assange of Wikileaks, who, 1). has never been caught in a lie, and 2). has said there has been “No State Actor” involved in the information released.

John Kerry, – Secretary of State, has admitted no Russian Involvement.

Of course, all the self-important superdopes here I’m know better.

To more accurately characterize John Kerry’s response last Wednesday to NBC reports of Putin being responsible, Kerry refused to confirm this, saying:
“….I am not going to comment on anonymous reports from intelligence officials that are not identified that have quotes around the concept of intelligence officials,” Kerry said at the press briefing.

DNI chief Clapper; as related by Rep Peter King: “..
There was nothing at all, ever told to us, in fact they said they couldn’t prove it, that there was an attempt to favor one candidate over the other. [James] Clapper, the director of national intelligence, said that publicly on Nov. 17,”
“This violates all protocols and it’s almost as if people in the intelligence community are carrying out a disinformation campaign against the president-elect of the United States,” the congressman added. “It’s absolutely disgraceful and if they’re not doing it, then it must be someone in the House or the Senate who’s leaking false information and there should be a full investigation of this.”

“Ninety-nine percent of the people in the CIA are great,” King concluded. “There’s somebody here, though, that’s behind something that’s totally irresponsible.”

Regarding James Comey, FBI Director”

“…In telephone conversations with Donald Trump, FBI Director James Comey assured the president-elect there was no credible evidence that Russia influenced the outcome of the recent U.S. presidential election by hacking the Democratic National Committee and the emails of John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.”

So there you have it:
Now be honest: How many of you REAL tin foil hat wearers believed otherwise?

Of course, I’m reading the headline of this morning’s paper, and because of a Short, Late yesterday meeting with Obama, NOW Comey has denied the whole thing and changed his ‘view’ 180 degrees… I mean just because he happens to WORK for the guy? I’m glad we have such principled men in office.

That Obama must be just a Wealth of Information – they should just get rid of the FBI and have him be the one man show, since obviously all of the FBI’s information, with a flick of a pen, can be made invalid.

And the fact that Obama appears in Hillary’s emails, and Comey has accepted monies from the Clinton Foundation are of course totally unrelated.

It’s bit naïve to compare a man who has spent zero days in public office, with others that have spent their entire lives in politics in regards to someone not having blood on their hands. This is not a justification, but simply pointing out the inadequacies of your comparison.

Also, that’s not the quote. But good use of artistic license.

BUSH: Motherly. And fatherly. I mean, that’s just a normal reaction.

But the same would be true if something happened that was difficult for Jeb or for Doro or Neil or Marvin. And you can criticize me, but don’t criticize my children and don’t criticize my daughters-in-law and don’t criticize my husband, or you’re dead.

It doesn’t matter when you tell me this, because really, who are u? You and I in the scheme of things, do not matter.

When someone from a big crime family, of whom there is a well known track record of how they ‘handle problems’: statements from members of those families have greater import, and Larry King is smarter than you are giving him credit for.

Anyone else getting ads for Michelle Malkin on this post ??

Sigh. I’ll go look for a safe space now….

I’m referring of course to NFL legend Jim Brown, not Dr. Jim Browne

Boy this is getting way over nasty in the comments section. I’m not even a big Trump fan but I think we should slack off a little in the name calling department.

The worst thing we can do is start to make EV’s a political football. We are much stronger with EV fans from both parties.

Give it a break.

EVs are a political football. Period. And I will be scoring my third touchdown with a model 3. My first two touchdowns were with a 2012 Leaf and 2016 Leaf.

None of those companies are dedicated clean air or renewable energy companies. This is consistent with Dump’s climate change and innovate-in-US view. As I suspected, he won’t harm EVs; rather, he’ll promote them seeing how US companies make the best in the world.

“None of those companies are dedicated clean air or renewable energy companies.” yeah, it’s not like Tesla, Amazon, Apple and Alphabet are all industry leaders when it comes to self-powering with renewable energy.

The camera guy fell in love with the blond woman (sorry, I didn’t get her name), then got spotted by her, and decided to film the opposite side of the room.


I’m glad Elon Musk have been invited to the party.

this almost makes me want to watch the video =)


Ivanka Trump*

Maybe it’s consummation bias kicking in, but to me this looks like the most obvious propaganda, designed to create the impression that The Donald is making things happen, making America grate again (pre-grated is just lazy, and everybody knows Americans puts copious amounts of cheese on absolutely everything). Why else release a video 100% devoid of ANY CONTENT AT ALL except who was in attendance?

Confirmation bias. FFS, Google’s suggestions are getting worse by the day now…!