Opel Unveils Grandland X PHEV


No exact details have been given so far.

Opel is bringing a bunch of new vehicles to this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, including the new Insignia GSI in sedan and wagon variants and the Insignia Country Tourer.

During the company’s official press conference, attended by PSA CEO Carlos Tavares, Opel’s new boss Michael Lohscheller announced the Grandland X crossover, also making its world public premiere at the 2017 IAA, will become the first model of the brand to receive a plug-in hybrid system.

It appears to be the GM plug-in utility vehicle we always wanted…but never got.  Now a Peugeot platform makes it real – maybe GM can work out a deal to re-badge this as a Chevy for the US market (as it does with the Bolt EV /Ampera-E in Europe for Opel).

Opel Grandland X

2017 Opel Grandland X

“Our new Grandland X as plug-in hybrid is the next big example of the opportunities that await us as a member of the PSA group,” Lohscheller declared in front of about 300 journalists during the press conference. “We will follow this path closely.

“The biggest model offensive in Opel’s history” will also include the launch of a range-topping Grandland X model, equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission and (most likely) a biturbo diesel. Despite this powerful setup, the car is offered exclusively with a front-wheel drive system. However, as Opel promises, the electronic IntelliGrip traction system ensures “best traction and stable handling” regardless of the situation.

2017 Opel Grandland X

Based on the Peugeot 3008, the Grandland X is Opel’s fresh entry into the ever-growing compact SUV segment in Europe. It is one of the brand’s most technologically advanced models, offering customers adaptive full-LED headlights, electrically operated handsfree tailgate, Wi-Fi hotspot, and a 360-degree camera.

Press release below:

Three world premieres: Opel Grandland X, Opel Insignia GSi and Country Tourer

Efficient propulsion: Grandland X to be Opel’s first plug-in hybrid

Opel stand opened: Press conference with Opel boss Michael Lohscheller and Groupe PSA CEO Carlos Tavares

Rüsselsheim/Frankfurt. Opel CEO Michael Lohscheller opened the Opel stand (D09 in Hall 8.0) at the 67thInternational Motor Show in Frankfurt (open daily until September 24) with a press conference today. With 300 journalists and Groupe PSA CEO Carlos Tavares in attendance, the Opel CEO presented three world premieres. The Rüsselsheim-based carmaker is bidding to take the booming SUV segment by storm with the compact Grandland X. Lohscheller also announced that the newcomer will soon be available with a new top-of-the range diesel and an eight-speed automatic transmission. Furthermore, the Grandland X will be the first Opel to be offered as a plug-in hybrid.

“Our new Grandland X as plug-in hybrid is the next big example of the opportunities that await us as a member of the PSA group,” said Lohscheller at the press conference. “We will follow this path closely.”

Elsewhere, the new top-of-the-line Opel Insignia models also took center stage. The dynamic GSi continues Opel’s long tradition of sporty limousines with that certain something while the all-wheel drive Country Tourer is the right choice for adventurers.

“We are continuing the biggest model offensive in Opel’s history with these three world premieres. We have made decisive additions to our portfolio this year with the electric range champion, the Ampera-e, the Crossland X crossover, the Vivaro Life recreational vehicle and the Grandland X SUV,” explained Lohscheller in Frankfurt. “We at Opel are proud to be part of the PSA Groupe now. Together we will create a European champion. We will do so by continuing to make technology ‘made in Germany’ available to as many customers as possible, thus staying true to our brand credo the future is everyone’s.”

The full press conference can be found here as well as on Facebook and YouTube. Video sequences with the key messages can also be found on Twitter under @OpelNewsroom.

Opel Grandland X: Dynamic compact SUV for booming market

Modern, dynamic lines, a cool off-road look and the elevated seating position with good all-round visibility typical of an SUV, along with a host of top technologies as well as plenty of space and comfort for up to five passengers – this is the new Opel Grandland X. The portfolio of ultra-modern assistance and comfort features for the Grandland X is first class: Automatic Cruise Control with pedestrian detection and Automatic Emergency Braking, Driver Drowsiness Alert, Advanced Park Assist and the 360° Camera are just some highlights. Opel again delivers on its commitment to leadership in lighting technology, equipping the Grandland X with bright driving light thanks to Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL) LED headlamps. And the newcomer offers driving fun all year round and on every surface. This is also thanks to the optional electronic IntelliGrip traction that ensures best traction and stable handling regardless of whether the Grandland X is travelling on snow, mud, sand or wet surfaces.

AGR-certified ergonomic front seats (Campaign for Healthier Backs), heated steering wheel as well as seat heating front and rear ensure top comfort. The tailgate that opens and closes with a simple foot movement enables easy access from outside. In typical Opel fashion, Grandland X drivers and passengers enjoy top connectivity with the latest generation of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatible IntelliLink systems as well as the personal connectivity and service assistant Opel OnStar including Wi-Fi Hotspot[1] and new services such as booking hotel rooms[2] and searching for parking[3].

Ideally equipped, the 4.48-meter long Grandland X and third member of the Opel X family is a true contender in the booming SUV class and will further revitalize the segment. In the compact class alone, the SUV share has increased from seven percent in 2010 to nearly 20 percent today. At the same time, the Grandland X expands the extensive Opel portfolio in the very popular compact car segment.

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What’s the AER?

It’s TLA (Three Letter Acronym)

Actually it’s not an acronym, and you still didn’t answer my Q.

It is. You’re probably confused because some people incorrectly believe TLA to mean “three letter abbreviation”. To which the response “actually it’s not an abbreviation” is appropriate.


Do you pronounce TLA (t’la)? If not, and I’ve never heard it that way, it is properly an initialism, or more loosely, an abbreviation. The same is true of AER.

TLA and AER are not acronyms. NASA, NATO, those are acronyms. If it’s pronounced as a word, it’s an acronym.

Geez, you would all argue about anything.

All Electric Range

Let me rephrase…

What is the A E R, as in, what is the all electric range?

It’s a TLA (three letter abbreviation).

It can be used in sentences like:
The Opel Grandland X is very much related to the 31 miles AER Peugeot 3008 PHV. This makes me believe the Opel Grandland X will also have 31 miles AER, when measured in the NEDC.

Duh. I know what AER is. I’m asking what is *THE* AER of this Opel.

(and AER is not an acronym, see above)

Go find out then tell people.

But you obviously don’t get what a joke is ?

(Read my example sentences)

Ok..ok..ok… Nothing at all about the electric range..????

A glaring omission. Oh well, another concept.

Interesting the interior shot shows GM’s standard infotainment system the same as in the Volt etc. In fact it looks very Chevy/Buick inside generally. So how much of this is Peugeot DNA and how much GM? Is it possible this is actually Voltec underneath?

Chevy should just bring it to the states, it will be top of my list of if here 40+ AER. But where is the AER info or specs

This actually looks very close to the FNR-X Concept Chevy showed off in the Shanghai Auto Show.

I can see that. production versions are often more bland than the concepts.


What’s the electric range? Doesn’t say.
Is it Voltec-based? Doesn’t say.
When will it be available for sale and at what price? Doesn’t say.

Press releases like this are worthless.


The title is misleading. The Grandland X was unveiled. the PHEV version was only announced for sometime in the future, whenever Peugeot is ready with it. And no, it has nothing to do with Voltec. The Grandland X is basically a Peugeot 3008, and is manufactured in the same Peugeot factory alongside the 3008.

I can see it as a Buick or Chevy Capitva sized Crossover PHEV. This thing would sell very well in the US if priced at $35K.

What about if it was priced at $35k with 18 miles of AER?

That is basically a Ford Energi for same price. Sure.

Why not? especially if AWD is part of the deal.

I would say the C-Max Energi is already in this segment, and it’s not exactly setting the world on fire.

CMax Energi isn’t CUV, at least it doesn’t look like one. It also doesn’t have AWD.

Of course, 18 miles is on the “low side” by today’s standard. But if it uses anything like what Volt has, it will sure get at least 30 miles. I mean if Pacific can get 30 miles+, then all those compact CUV should at least get that much.

I don’t think that AWD is a reasonable expectation at the $35k price point.

If Subaru ever decided to make a PHEV, they’d probably be able to do it for $35K or under…and it would have AWD…so it’s not too much to ask, especially if AER is around 20 miles.

Subaru, who offers exactly zero hybrids (of any sort) in their lineup, has only sold one production hybrid model in their history, and has yet to offer a plug-in vehicle, cannot sell an AWD PHEV with 20 miles of AER at a profit for $35,000.

Yeah, this looks like their answer to the Ampera-e. Which looks to me to die on the vine, unless some arrangement could be made with GM as to pricing.

The press release clearly says the PHEV will be PSA technology, not GM: ““Our new Grandland X as plug-in hybrid is the next big example of the opportunities that await us as a member of the PSA group,” said Lohscheller at the press conference.”

JP, I thought I just said that.

Honda and GM reportedly entered into an agreement for Honda to use Voltec tech in their cars (the Clarity PHEV likely has Voltec-based guts).


It would not be out of the question that PSA is also licensing Voltec, especially since PSA was until recently under GM’s umbrella.

I look forward to details on the specs/price for the PHEV version, if only to illustrate why GM chose not to make the Volt an SUV/CUV.

The article states that this “will become the first model of the brand to receive a plug-in hybrid system”.

Not sure what was meant by this, maybe it is an incorrect translation or the person who originally said this misspoke. In any case, it is not correct, since the Opel Ampera already had a hybrid system.

He says it’s the first Opel they’ll bring to market as a plug-in hybrid in the future.

https://youtu.be/xOo6XjN2-gA?t=286 (German)

He also calls this a SUV, and mentions the Crossland X as being a CUV.

Under New Management…

“Grand opening”…

Call me crazy but I’m seeing similarities to the FNR-X

I keep hoping GM will launch that as an all BEV vehicle.