Opel Taking Reservations For Ampera-E In Germany, Won’t Arrive Until 2018

JUL 1 2017 BY MARK KANE 34

Opel has already opened its Ampera-e reservation book in Germany, accepting €1,000 pre-orders for its first all-electric model, based on the Chevrolet Bolt EV with 238 miles/383 km of real world range.

Opel Ampera-e

The bad news is that reservation page states a 2018 delivery date.

In Germany, the Ampera-e starts from €39,330 (≈$44,900), but there is also a fully-equipped First Edition for €44,060 (≈$50,300).

Norway was the first market for the EV, as Opel has already begun Ampera-e deliveries from May.

Preliminary registrations data suggest that more than 300 will be registered in June (some 550 total YTD).

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Where is the surprise? It’s ICE biased business as usual for GM…And more, as now OPEL is part of French PSA auto-maker (a very well known specialist in Diesel cars), there is almost no chance to ramp up production and speed up sales, not in their both interest of ICE and diesel car producers. But, please GM and PSA, prove me wrong as I would love to be!

Price for electricity will continue to drop aa more people will make there own.

Price for BEV will drop. Battery price will drop and as that is the most expensive part there will soon be cars without all these cool autonom features like cameras computers radar and so on the price will be much lower probably as low as the cheapest ICE.
Free fuel and almost no service these are the parts that will free car owners from a lot of cost that can be invested in something wise.

That will be the real breaking point.

Not sure why anybody would want to actually reserve one at a price point that’s in all likelihood equal to that of Tesla’s upcoming Model 3. This car is not competitive with Model 3 at the same price point so demand will likely be as weak in Europe as it was in the US so really no need to try to be in front of the queue because there won’t be a queue.

I’m guessing the quoted price is including 19% German VAT while the prices quoted by GM and Tesla are excluding VAT.

The $35000 model 3 becomes $41650 with VAT, possibly even more with shipping.

Yes it’s Including VAT, just like in The Netherlands.

So basically the same price as Model 3 which is my point.

It’s a bit like trying to sell a Sonic for 3 series money minus (maybe)$2K.

More like trying to sell a Golf GTI at the price of a 3-series…oh wait. It sells pretty good.

Just put the Ampera-E out here in numbers and it will sell.

The Model 3 is probably a year and a half or two away from being available to anyone who wants it in Europe anyway. So there is plenty of time to sell it with little competition.

I don’t think people see Bolt as a VW GTi alternative, despite its performance. If they did I think it would sell pretty good but it doesn’t, GM just didn’t manage to come up with a concept that would fit the price tag a bit better.

Bolt probably does have the market to itself for a while, but that didn’t do it much good in the US and I doubt it will help much in Europe. Model 3 is casting a long shadow, people will wait for the much better value they expect. I think Bolt needs to sell for at least $10K/€10K less than Model 3 for value parity.

The Golf GTI sells very well because it starts at $10,000 less than the BMW 3 series.

Says someone with no knowledge whatsoever of how much an M3 will cost in Germany. News flash. Different countries have different cost structures.

In the US Bolt starts at $38K (minus the quick charge option..) and Model 3 will (presumably) start at $35K.

Since both cars will be US imports in Germany they will both face the same cost structures so it looks like Model 3 might actually be cheaper.

You mean besides the fact that the Bolt/Ampera-e is a hatchback which have historically sold pretty well in Europe while TM3 is a sedan…

I’m sure €40K Compact hatchbacks are just as tough a sell in Europe as $40K compact hatches are in the US.

However plenty of Europeans will buy lower luxury class sedans.

“lower luxury class sedans”

The model 3 is a pretty low on luxury sedan allright.

Probably true, but the reservation list speaks for itself: people do see the value.

Consider that all Tesla’s to date, the S and the X, are full utility hatchbacks. Also that Musk stated the Model 3 not having a hatchback was a “problem” and he was going to “fix it”. Not able to do that due to the accelerated production schedule so it is is still a problem for the Model 3’s utility.

Doesn’t stop it form selling as hotcakes, unlike Bolt. I would like to see a more practical wagon version though.

News Flash. The preferred body style in Europe is by far the hatchback.

Newsflash: that doesn’t pertain to the lower luxury segment, thing Audi A4, BMW 3 series, Mercedes C-class. Only the BMW has a hatchback version. A wagon version would sell well in that version though.

I love these predictions of Tesla dominance without really knowing what the Model 3 will actually cost, or how it will actually be equipped, or how available it will actually be, or even how good it will really be. The assumption many now treat as fact is it will be fully loaded, rolling off the assembly line at about 10,000 a month or more available everywhere and all sold for exactly $35,000.

Hmmm, clutching at straws…we should know a bit more about Model 3 after Tesla’s “news” show tomorrow though.

Model 3 is holding Bolt sales back a bit but mainly GM makes to few. So they are also holding Bolt sales back.

When Model3 pricing and specifications are revealed then a lot more will go for the Bolt because the combination price and range is the best in the market at this moment.

Bolts piling up in CARB states followed by an accelerated national roll out schedule indicates that GM is demand constrained rather than supply constrained despite very limited production. Turns out demand for $40K compact hatchbacks is limited, especially with an alternative underway that actually does look like its price tag and actually does come with convincing quick charge support.

Success in the EV market is about getting the concept right. Tesla did, GM didn’t, or at least not if it needs that $40K price point to cover cost/limit losses.

The Bolt is priced Eben cheaper in Canada and includes DCFC so…

How many are holding off a Bolt purchase because they want to know exactly what the Model 3 is going to be? Others likely are waiting for news on Leaf 2.0. It may well be that when the facts are known about the competitors and not just speculation, Bolt sales could go up… or not. However, I think it’s very safe to assume many taking a wait and see approach.

In The Netherlands, the Ampera-e starts from €40,995.-

Delivery will be in the second half of 2018.

Delivery in Norway is right now.

(some) Americans were eager to say that GM will blow Nissan and Tesla out of the water with Bolt EV/Ampera-e but it always seemed to me that the next big EV-thing that you can actually take home after the 41kWh Zoe will be the Leaf 2. M3 and Ampera-e will arrive much later, especially if you didn’t preorder.

Nissan has 3 plants for the Leaf covering the world. Bolt EV v1 will never catch up and M3 will do so only sometime in 2018.

The only thing that can screw this up for Nissan is a horrible price/battery capacity ratio. Zoe managed to avoid that so I have hope.

There seem to be a lot of people taking home Bolts in my area. I see 3 a day not counting my own. A month ago it was 2.

You’re probably right about LEAF vs Ampera-e, but there’s no question Bolt beat Nissan and Tesla to the punch in the North America.

Oh my bad – I totally forgot to mention that I am talking about Ampera-e specifically and not about Bolt EV which is in a much more favourable position in North America.

Over time you’d see more of a new model even if sales are static or falling.

I’m seeing more gen 4 Priuses, but it doesn’t mean that it’s selling well.

USA list price starting at USD37500 + 20% VAT would be $45000 which is pretty close to list price in Germany starting at $44900 or €39,330.

Opel has loyal customers in Germany (like most car brands), and currently the only AER range competitor would be Tesla Model S / X, which are in a higher class segment and more costly. The new Zoe has a bit less range.

There also was a lot of free media buzz about the superior Ampera E.

With the Model 3 being about one or two years away from European deliveries, this would be the perfect opportunity for GM to “move a lot of metal”. What a way to f*** this up, having only a handful of vehicles for the German market. They could sell them by the thousands in Norway, too. The reason why the rise of the EV share in Norway has slowed down is the fact that many thought that they would be able to get an Ampera E this year and have waited buying something else (whole car market is down a bit). I figure those buyers will get their EVs eventually, but might consider a different brand on account of being lied to by GM about availability…