Opel Slashes Over $10,000 Off Ampera Price


Opel Ampera Now Considerably Cheaper

Opel Ampera Now Considerably Cheaper

Per General Motors:

“The Opel Ampera is unique. No other European electric car can transport four people up to 80 kilometers on pure electric power and more than 500 kilometers in bi-fuel operation without making a stop to re-charge. In the framework of the model offensive that is now in full swing, Opel is making another clear statement and investing in the future of electric mobility. The German automaker is significantly reducing the Ampera’s purchase price in selected markets – as a boost for this environmentally friendly type of mobility that is still not widespread enough. In Germany the innovation leader Opel Ampera is now available from just 38,300 euros, a substantial reduction of 7,600 euros.”

Production Streamlining in Hamtramck Lead to Reduced Priced

Production Streamlining in Hamtramck Lead to Reduced Priced

The price cut of 7,600 euros roughly equates to $10,027 US, but still the Ampera isn’t cheap.

Its new German price of 38,300 euros works out to be $50,533 US (the 2013 Nissan LEAF costs less than $40,000 in Germany with the battery pack included).

General Motors says this of the price cut:

“Opel is one of the pioneers in trendsetting electric mobility. Since its market launch at the beginning of 2012, Opel has made significant progress with its first electric car. By streamlining series production processes, leveraging savings in components purchasing and maintaining an unwavering commitment to making electric mobility affordable for everyone, Opel is now able to considerably reduce the Ampera’s price.”

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(Some words on this)


Yeah, I haven’t understood why the vehicle was so expensive over there. I mean almost nobody was buying them because of it.

why opel or gm dont make the volt pure electric version ,that would be two options market without much invest,that would broad the pure electric market ,they only have to quit the petrol motor and put baterries liek the leaf .
listen Opel or gm do a volt or ampera pure electric !!

The Ampera should do well in Europe. With this price drop, it should help to double the current Volt sales globally. Owners can have just one car for the household with no range issues like a full EV.

The Ampera’s initial price was 45,900 euros and after the Opel 7,600 discount it’s 38,300 euros. Then after the 10,000 government incentive it’s 28,300 euros.

Also, the conversion from euros to dollars would only work if someone earning lower value dollars, tried to buy the car in Europe based on higher value euros. The conversion just just creates a high dollar number that really has no meaning.

Product pricing in Europe is based on the higher European incomes and the value of the euro. Just as product pricing in the US is based on lower American incomes and the value of the dollar.

10.000€ incentives? Well, France and GB (at least until now) have about 7000€, in Germany they are 0.- €. Netherlands and Norway could have incentives in the 10k area.

Appart from Luxembourg all the EU countries have lower average dollars per person income than in the US.


So there is no justification for higher prices, even less so expressed in euros.

The i3 killer.

Just to give a perspective of things, last year, the Opel Ampera ended the year as the best selling plug-in passenger vehicle in Europe, with 6.631 units sold.

This year and until July, there were just 1.216 Amperas sold and just counting passenger vehicles, it’s down four positions to fifth place, losing even the best-selling Plug-in Hybrid title for the Prius Plug-In.

The Ampera needed this shot in the arm. Badly. Maybe now the Renault Zoe and Nissan Leaf can have serious competition from Plug-in Hybrids.

Great Jumping Grandmas this is a monster price cut I think this is the largest price cut I have seen for any one car out there on the road. This really shows how over bloated the price was above reality that people where willing to pay for this car and this price cut is resetting it.

I hope customers continue to squeeze hard: make them charge for the engineering, not the experience.

the car looks awesome lots of people in the US have modded their volts with the front end and rear end… still think the volt and this should be pure electric 120+ range at least

Great pic tho … looks like White Day at the country club.

BMW i3 am cry. GM is taking advantage of its first-mover advantage because they are in the cost-reduction stage while the German companies are still trying to get their first PHEVs out the door.

Ohhh, another plug in hybrid. Let me smooth out the goosebumps….

I have forgotten the starting price of the i3 in Germany. This is still more expensive than the i3 right?

e35k i3
e??k i3+REx. So the Beemer will be a little more expensive than the Ampera, but I don’t know about comparable options.

Much too little much too late. Usual pathetic.

They still need to give a full back seat in order to make real sales.