Opel CEO – Videocast On Ampera-e


Opel CEO In Ampera-e

Opel CEO In Ampera-e

Three weeks ago, Opel confirmed that the Ampera-e (based off the Chevrolet Bolt) will launch in 2017 (see details here).

Now, Opel CEO Dr. Neumann has created a videocast specifically on Opel’s electric car efforts and the upcoming Ampera-e.

Video description:

“In his February 2016 videocast, Opel CEO Dr. Neumann explains, why he is convinced that electric cars will play a defining role in future mobility. The game-changing technology of the Ampera-e is a significant step toward realizing that vision. The #AMPERAe is also another boost for Opel’s reputation for making innovative engineering widely accessible.”

You’ll see a heavily camouflaged Ampera-e in the video, but below is what it looks like when unwrapped.

Opel Ampera-e

Opel Ampera-e

And here’s a recently released shot of the boot space in the Chevy Bolt:

Chevrolet Bolt Cargo Space

Chevrolet Bolt Cargo Space

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In Europe this will be all they need. With their real fuel cost, shorter driving areas and goal of cleaner air and water it will be the perfect vehicle.

I certainly hope so but I’ve long been puzzled why EVs have sold so poorly in Europe considering their very high gas prices.

But I’ve come up with a lot of potential explanations:
1) Many Europeans park on the street or in parking lots where they cannot install a charger. A charger for an overnight parking location is essential for an EV. (I think this is by far the biggest issue.)
2) Europeans use a lot of public transport such that their cars are more important for taking long trips which EVs are not good for.
3) Insufficient incentive programs.
4) High electricity prices in addition to high gas prices.

Europeans have paid leave.
They use it to travel. Typically they take their cars and drive across europe on highways in one day so that they can enjoy more of their time at destination.

This means thay they currently need a traditional ICE car as their primary vehicle. The electric car must come second. There are very few people who are ready to completely abandon long distance car travel and trust public transportation.
Because no matter how good and subsidized public transport is in Europe, it’s still much more expensive than just taking your car with 3 or 4 people and lots of luggage.

Living in Europe I fully agree with what you wrote. Another explanation is average efficiency of cars compared to the US. In Europe having a car that averages 40 mpg in everyday use is nothing to brag about. Just normal figures. This partially compensates for high fuel costs. If many of us had to drive Ford pick up trucks we would have all passed to EV’s back in 1975 yet.

I am a German. All four points are right, at least for my country.

0.30 Eur/kWh electricity prices don’t allow much savings. And city dwellers typically live in multi store buildings, most often without dedicated garage/parking/electric outlet. It certainly can get much wider market than 100 mile city-only cars, but it is not for majority.

Depends on location and tarif – I pay around €0.08 per KWh.

I wonder if the Ampera is his daily driver.

They should boycott GM in Europe as well. Shame on GM for what they are trying to do to

And reserve a Model 3, but probably it is no matter for some people that GM is a lobby club.

GM should lobby to get rid of dealerships.

I don’t like it but I can’t fault GM. They are not allowed to avoid the dealership system so they just want a level playing field.

Yeah, those laws should be scrapped but that is a long and difficult goal.

Forcing Tesla to play by GM’s rules — that is, forcing Tesla to sell its cars thru a dealership system — wouldn’t be leveling the playing field, it would be rigging the game in favor of GM… which of course, is exactly what GM wants.

GM has the advantage of large volume manufacturing, giving them an economy of scale which Tesla can’t possibly match. Nor can Tesla match GM’s long-term relationship with suppliers.

Tesla, by getting rid of the middleman of the dealership, has found a way to compete despite these handicaps. No doubt many who work for GM have convinced themselves, and others, that this is “unfair”.

I agree Boycott GM! That video was load of BS Hungawa..Right from the butt of the Bull Elephant..They build EV’s for “carbon Credits 0nly” The self serving bandits!


Because you Tesla lover said so?

Dr. Neumann talks like they have developed the Ampera-e by themselves. I find that distasteful.

I can’t believe they are reusing the name of a flop for this, either.

I knew LG wasn’t going to get a lot of media credit released from GM, for their significant role in this electric vehicle’s creation.


Because Teslas have a large “Panasonic” logo on the side of their cars?

Panasonic doesn’t make 50% of the vehicle(I’m guesstimating here I know its a large percentage if not exactly half)

They manufacture the cells to Tesla spec based on one of their models, they may make the touchscreen and speedo-cluster (these are probably LG though) but not the motors, processors, etc.

So what is the % where you are required to put their logo on the car? LG is building to GM’s design. Ford has had cars that Magna almost 100% built for them, but they were still sold as Fords.

BTW, my question was rhetorical, because Anon it just stretching for another way to bash GM.

Tesla build motor, charger or display and invest heavy in the Gigafactory. For the size of GM, the investments and the sales forecasting for the Bolt are a joke and they buy nearly everything from LG.

The design was all done by GM. So Apple is really a joke since their phone is really a Foxconn phone?

Ambulator said:

“I can’t believe they are reusing the name of a flop for this, either.”

I find that rather boggling, too. It’s as if GM is intentionally setting up the European version of the Bolt to fail. I hope I’m wrong about that!

The Aussie’s did a lot of the design work. GM should use the Bolt name worldwide.
I was picking up my ICE car after a service last week at a GM dealership and asked the new car salesman if he could register my interest in the new Bolt, he said that this dealership will not be stocking the car and I should try another dealership in the bigger city.
I thanked him for his help and that is the last time I will be going to that dealer.

Gm doesn’t care if they flop ! It’s taxpayer & the share holder’s monies that they lose , not theirs..

Dr. Neumann is fishing for green creds. e-Ampera is for show only.

I love the drivetrain but this is GM – they don’t love their own cars. Why should I? Oh wait the drivetrain is from LG!

Just the build.
So you don’t think a single Ampera-E will be sold? I’ll take that bet.

I meant the purpose is for show only. It will not be at every Opel dealer. It will have limited after-sales support. It is not meant to be sold in meaningful quantities.

Are you going to buy one?

30.000 which will be build is a joke :-). Tesla will get 30.000 reservation on the first day of Model 3.

GM has said they have no limit on the number of Bolts they can make and LG has plenty of capacity if needed. If Tesla can get their gigafactory going in a year why is it so hard to belief LG can’t use existing capacity in their current factories in less time?
Tesla doesn’t have a silver bullet. They just have a public plan. Just because they have a plan to sell 500k doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. And they will not have the capability for years, if ever. Likewise for the Bolt the 30k number was based on battery production being done in Holland, MI which we now know isn’t the case, so only GM and LG know how many Bolts can be produce in year 1, 2, 3, etc…
People are also dismissing the fact 30k Bolts being sold in the US would be an EV record. It would also make life harder for under 200 mile EV’s and other 200+ mile EV’s that come on the market later. They would have a first mover advantage.

Tesla only sold 25,000 Model S in the US last year. I guess that was a really big joke then.

Heck, Nissan only sold 17,000 Leaf. Hardy-har-har.. right?

But I also like to point out that I do hope that Bolt will sell in meaninful numbers to inspire other manufacturers.

For years commenters on this site have demanded a 200 mile EV for a mainstream price. Now it’s (almost) here, and there’s nothing but complaining.

“But they don’t really build it!”
“Compliance car!”
“They are mean to Tesla!”
“They don’t really want to sell it!”

Damned if they do, damned if the don’t. 🙂

It’s mostly from Tesla fanboys. I like Tesla, but the fanboys/purists are irritating. All companies should be supported for producing EVs, whether they are supposedly compliance or not. The car business changes slowing, it will be decades before EVs achieve a meaningful percentage of vehicles sold.

“All companies should be supported for producing EVs, whether they are supposedly compliance or not.” – I know you mean well but one should not blindly support everything EV. One should support genuine desires to make EVs. What good does it do if you cheer EVs that the producer didn’t actually want to make?