Opel CEO Confirms First Ampera-E Deliveries In Norway Set For May


With a simple, single Tweet, the CEO of Opel has confirmed that Norway will get its first batch of Ampera-e electric cars starting this May.

Karl-Thomas Neumann, CEO of Opel, took to Twitter during the 2017 Geneva Motor Show to announce that Norway will be the first country to receive the Ampera-E (Chevy Bolt cousin) starting in May.

Eye-catchers: The new Opel Ampera-e and the Golden Gate Bridge.

That’s a full month ahead of the June target for deliveries announced in February.

Opel has been slowly moving up the launch date of the Ampera-E in Norway due to overwhelming demand. Previously, Opel spokesperson Stein Pettersen stated that in Norway alone, customers have already placed “4 digits” worth of orders, with a hint that the figure is actually approaching 5 digits.

Norwegians with Ampera-E orders now have less than 3 months to wait for first deliveries.

Germany and France are expected to be next in line to receive the Ampera-E following Norway.

Peter Christian Küspert, Opel Group Vice President Sales & Aftersales, previously provided this input on the Ampera-e’s roll-out in Europe

“The availability of the Ampera-e will be limited due to a slow ramp-up of production at the Orion plant in Michigan. Therefore, we made a decision to go with a staggered introduction plan going first with the countries that already have some form of EV infrastructure in place or countries that have shown ambition to become EV leaders. This has created the pecking order Norway, Germany, Netherlands, France and Switzerland.”

“However, we are flexible here and will be able to add countries or change the order at short notice if somebody becomes so attractive because of changed policies for example. Our goal is to have enough capacity by 2018 so that we can offer decent volumes in most European countries.”

“Our current plan has the Ampera-e being sold by e‑agents selected from the Opel dealer network in all markets, except Norway where it will be sold throughout the entire Opel dealer network as the Ampera-e will soon be Opel’s bestseller there.”

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BUT GM is selling off Opel so why are they sending Bolts to Europe when in a few months Opel will not be GM anymore.

Save the BOLT for the US market. Don’t let any of those Forinerrs have them !

This car would likely be more useful in Norway, than in Wyoming! Or than in Texas! For some years to come!

See: http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1109117_chevy-bolt-ev-800-mile-trip-in-238-mile-electric-car-shows-challenges-remain – for better understanding!

GM gets paid either way. Sales is sales. When Opel gets taken over by PSA, they will be buying the Ampera from GM. As to keeping them for ourselves, there will soon be more than enough here to satisfy demand. If California is an indicator for the rest of the country, so far demand is not all that great. GM and LG are capable of making as many Bolts/Amperas as anyone wants to buy.

Nope! GM could sell 15-20K of those in Europe alone. And the “low demand” is probably due to low production numbers.

We won’t know what stable long term demand for Bolt/Ampera-E is until LEAF 2.0 and Model 3 is fully ramped up.

It’s hard to say GM/LG are capable of making as many Bolts as people want to buy when we don’t really know how many people want to buy. Surely GM has projections of demand. If the demand were to fall well above those projections GM/LG couldn’t keep up.

Maybe the one month ahead of schedule delivery in Norway is due to low demand in the US.
The Bolt/Ampera-e seems to be more of a European form factor. Perfect urban car (super compact) but yet polyvalent (long range battery)

PSA will be happy to sell these electric cars because they are currently late in the game. Their first Peugeot and Citroen models are coming not before 2019 (PHEV & BEV). As for DS BEVs might be even later.

Given it’s only available in a few states this doesn’t seem to make sense. Once it’s available nationwide and on lots then you can start talking about demand.

That’s good for US exports to Europe.
It’s quite rare to export US cars to Europe. The market does not have the same needs
Tesla is however successful despite the low volumes.

Are you stupid? To reduce the use of fossil fuels electric cars have to be sold everywhere not only in ‘merica. It’s also a good deal for GM. I hate protectionism and patriotism trying to split people and the world…

Quite logical to start getting these out to places ready to handle decent levels of local CCS access, as well as good L2 Charging access!

I wonder when some creative Electrical/Electronics Engineer will start some Kickstarter to offer a CHAdeMO to CCS adapter? Or Vice Versa, for that matter!

Adapters already exist.

references ?

Most chargers have dual adapters. Only most of the older chargers are single.

And the adapter to charge a CCS car at a CHAdeMO chargers will be more popular. Their are twice as many CHAdeMO chargers as there are CCS chargers in Europe.

In Germany (biggest car market in Europe) it is the other way around: far more CCS chargers then ChaDemo: no need to pay for an expensive adapter.

The big problem for a CSS/CHAdeMO adapter is the different type of ground isolation specification and test between the systems. A adapter would properly need to fake a good signal for this important security test or come with it’s own grounding cable, that the user must stick into the ground every time, very inconvenient.

I had a chat with Opel dealer in Trondheim, Norway few days ago. He said more than 3700 reservations were already placed in Norway alone, with estimated deliveries for new orders in June 2018.

According to recent information maximum production capacity at GM is limited to 30.000 annual. Will be reached not before 2018. 2017 production capacity <<30.000 because of limited battery supply by LG. Maximum number scheduled for Germany is 3.500 in 2017. Price tag to be revealed in June 2017, start of deliveries to Germany later in "mid 2017".

Knowing GM needs Bolts in the US for compliance reasons (e.g. to sell more SUVs in California) I am curious to know the German price tag. Read, that GM looses 9.000$ per car in the US. Their is no reason to accept the same loss in Europe since they sold Opel/Vauxhall. And a 48.400 € price tag will soon shrink demand in Europe.

Just replied to the other article. I’m sceptical, Opel did not mention the further proceedings after PSA takes over and the Ampera-e was not part of the press release. As I can see it, it just makes no sense for PSA to go ahead with the Ampera-e.

just want say I think GM shouldn’t sell Opel, it seems at present time it is quite popular brand in Germany

Popular brand but loosing money year on year. Financially its a great disaster.
And GM paid more to get rid of the pension fund liabilities than they got paid for the brand.
GM seems to be happy with the deal. Thanks to sound US revenues they could now afford to cut all liabilities to Opel/Vauxhal.

Late to the party, dammit.. Mary, -WHAT- are you thinking? The Ampera alone could make Opel more profitable than it has been in years! Handing over the Bolt’s R&D and tech?

Major Mistake — color me bummed..