Opel Ampera-e Spied in Germany


2017 Chevrolet Bolt will spawn a cousin in the form of the Opel Ampera-e.

The Ampera-E is expected to make its grand debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show this fall, but ahead of that unveiling, the folks over at Auto Evolution captured a prototype of the car out on public roads in Germany;  looking essentially the same as the US Chevrolet Bolt EV (see below for comparison)

Auto Evolution states:

“This is the first time a pre-production Opel Ampera-e has been spotted by the carparazzi out in the open and, from the looks of it, we’re in for a much prettier car than the Ampera.”

And by Ampera, AE means the Opel/Vauxhall Ampera (see picture at bottom) that was a re-skinning of the first generation Chevrolet Volt

The Chevrolet Bolt EV (shown here from NYIAS 2016)

The Chevrolet Bolt EV (shown here from NYIAS 2016)

The Ampera-E is expected to have the same specs as the Chevrolet Bolt, which means 200-plus miles/325 km of real world/EPA range and ample power to zip from 0 to 60 MPH in under 7 seconds. Pricing for Opel’s version is unknown at this time.

Original Ampera (Chevy Volt) Getting A Charge In Europe

Original Ampera (Chevy Volt) Getting A Charge In Europe

You’ll find loads of high-res, large images of the spied Ampera-E at the source link below.

Source: Auto Evolution, Hat tip to Teng Y

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Great to see this. GM and Opel have been utterly silent on the Ampera-e since February, so I was beginning to doubt a spring 2017 launch – but this gives me some hope!

Can’t wait to see what impact it will have on the market. I believe the 60 kWh pack is near the sweet spot for a lot of folks, and since they’ve also exploited the efficient power potential of EVs (unlike current-gen affordables which simply match typical ICE performance) it should outsell the rest of the bunch combined if there’s any logic… which remains to be seen!

It would be interesting to see how reviewers and markets respond to this. Well, we’ve been knowing about this for a long while now, but a lot of people thought of Opel as mediocre and their Ampera is hardly known. If all of the sudden, a new 60kWh car at the same cost as a 30kWh Leaf comes by, people’s lids will be blown off…

What I bloody hope that GM won’t do is hold back or full out ignore smaller markets like Ireland. EV sales have stalled over the anticipation of the Bolt… eer ah Ampera-e, which is far better to hope for than the Model 3 – of which Tesla is still not officially here yet.

Personally I like the Ampera styling better than the Volt. While I will not benefit from it, I hope Europeans get a better styled Ampera-E too. The Bolt itself is not very pretty front end from the preproduction photos I have seen.

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Hey Terawatt,

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“and, from the looks of it, we’re in for a much prettier car than the Ampera.”


Auto evolution really has a great sense of humor!

The range of Hyundai Ioniq is 280 km NEDC (9,3 km/kWh) in Europe with 30 kWh battery. Tesla S60 only 412 km NEDC (6,8 km/kWh) so I think the Ampera-E will have easy the same range under NEDC like a S75 (only 480 = 6,4 km /kWh and Ampera-E would be around 8 km/kWh). By by Tesla with good price&range value.

No one cares about the NEDC range. This number is useless. The Ampera-e will probably have 350km EPA range. This is the one that is achievable in the real world.

I would guess 95 % in Europe don’t know about EPA and don’t care :-). And if Tesla can’t get efficient NEDC rating its their fault.

Well, I’m european and I know pretty well about EPA. NDEC is so irrelevant that most automotive media in Europe use the EPA rating when they write about/review EVs. Also most EV sellers will tell you the “real world range” in addition to the NDEC when advertising the car. This will be usually the same number as the EPA.

What European in his right mind would be comparison shopping a full-size high-performance luxury sedan like a Model S against a reskinned Chevy compact? Of course one costs more than the other, just like a Mercedes S-class costs more than a Golf. I mean, are there human beings out there too stupid to comprehend that cars are more than just appliances for moving from point A to point B?

Europeans loves small hatchbacks (like actual hatchbacks, not liftbacks like the Prius and Volt), don’t they? At least compared to the US. Should be interesting to see how the euro Bolt EV sells.

The euro Bolt EV sells will be severely limited by GM’s manufacturing limitations. They have already announced that they will build only 7 to 8 thousand Bolts for Europe a year.

Hans Marius Torgersen

Where/when have they announced that?

The euro Bolt EV sells will be severely limited by GM’s manufacturing limitations. They have already announced that they will build only 7 to 8 thousand Bolts for Europe a year. — tosho

I have been following stories of the Bolt Closely no where have they every put a limit in the number of vehicles they are planing to sell. They have put out a few est on what they expect to sell but never how many they can produce and could pump into the supply chain in the event it turns out the Model 3 reserves were a sign that people wanted an EV they could afford and that get at least 200 miles and the model 3 is the first 1 opening up reservations. Do I think Chevy could produce 100,000+ cars if they they could sell them? Likely not I can’t see them pushing production to 100k in 2017 however is they were that short in the supply change I would bet they could by 2018 :).