Opel Ampera-E Presented To Pope

9 months ago by Mark Kane 6

The Vatican City State become the second locale, after Norway, to get delivery of an Ampera-e, as Opel handed its flagship over to Pope Francis.  Some days its good to be the Pope.

Opel Ampera-e

The white Opel Ampera-e will become another electric Popemobile, and perhaps will let Pope Francis runabout through Rome without the use of fossil fuels..

Vatican City would like to become first C02 free “country” in terms of energy, so they will switch to electric cars and renewable sources (with help of Italian utility Enel).

“During Laudato Sì, a sustainability conference addressing key environmental issues and future mobility, hosted by the Vatican earlier this week, Opel’s CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann presented his Holiness Pope Francis with the keys to a brand new Opel Ampera-e.”

Dr. Neumann said:

“We are proud that we as Opel can contribute to the ambitious goals of the Vatican City. Our new Ampera-e will make electric mobility feasible for everyday use without any compromises,”.

source: AutoGuide.com


6 responses to "Opel Ampera-E Presented To Pope"

  1. notting says:

    Sadly he didn’t criticize that in the next few years the numbers of that vehicle will be very limited and only via leasing (no purchase), so that will have only a very limited effect in Europe…


    1. unlucky says:

      You mean he didn’t look a gift horse in the mouth?

      How very un-Christian of him.

    2. Mikael says:

      You do know that buyers in Europe have already recieved their non-lease all bought car?
      But you can probably lease it if you don’t want to buy it.

      And you have no idea about how limited or not it will be in a few years.

  2. Someone out there says:

    This car is good enough for Jehovah

  3. Iletric says:

    He won’t be able to sit in its 15-inch wide seats. Sad.

    1. unlucky says:

      He drives a FIAT 500. He used to drive the ole FIAT 500. I assure you he’ll fix in the seats of this car just fine.