Opel Ampera-E Debut Video From Paris


Ampera-E World Debut

Ampera-E World Debut

At the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Opel hosted the world debut of the Ampera-E, the automaker’s first long-range, affordable electric car.

Like its cousin the Chevrolet Bolt, the Ampera-E can go well over 200 miles on a single charge (over 310 miles NEDC or 238 miles on the official EPA rating system).

Video description:

At Paris Motorshow 2016, Opel revolutionizes electro-mobility with the new Ampera-e. The new battery electric car premieres at MondialAuto and exceeds all expectations. With a range of more than 500 kilometers*, the Ampera-e continues the largest model offensive in Opel’s history.

But that’s not all! The SUV-inspired Opel KARL ROCKS also celebrates its world premiere at Paris. The mini car can handle the daily challenges of the urban jungle, while dazzling onlookers with its trendy SUV look and feel.

Another highlight: the world-premiere of the new Opel Cascada special edition, a convertible with the certain something. As of November, the four-seat convertible can be ordered in three exterior colours.

*Preliminary value, measurement based on the standardized New European Driving Cycle (NEDC). Naturally, the maximum range in everyday use deviates from the NEDC values. In practice, factors such as road characteristics, weather conditions, driving style or additional load influence the range.

Prior to the Ampera-E hitting the stage in Paris, the electric car was driven some 259 miles to the show to prove that it’s real-world range is more than sufficient for everyday driving needs and even those occasional longer journeys.

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Very compelling Video. Other YouTube vids show Opel marketing the car to upscale millenials.

They are so far and away in First Place with a practical, low cost, high-performance, essentially 300 mile EV with optional fast charging (50 kw) that sales just have to be fantastic, and certainly GM is preparing for huge numbers of conquests if they are marketing this car this unashamedly.

Myself, I’m currently enjoying my ‘new’ (for me) 2012 VOLT.

In Europe it will be as expensive as the Ampera 2-3 years ago and fail.
If you look all TOP 30 car sales in Europe, in the last 10 years, than you will notice that NOT ONE car is produced in US and a bestseller in Europe.

Thats what I fear, too. That they punish it with a huge EU markup.

I mean it could sell very well in Europe, compact hatchback actually sell pretty well in the EU. But if they screw up the price, nobody will be interested.

Did you get rid of your Cadillac?

Nope… Loaned my 2011 Volt to my nephew ten days ago who totalled it on an expressway. Since the insurance adjuster said he was 0% at fault, I got $14,100 cashout, so made $1000, which was just about worth the headache of trying to find a replacement EV.

The text here doesn’t say that, besides driving 259 miles, there was also 50 miles left on the gas gauge, making the car good for 309 miles. I want one.

Seeing how Bolt gets similar MPGe (hence, mi/kWh) as SparkEV while having 3.25X bigger battery, you can extrapolate SparkEV range. I got 95 miles at 55 MPH, which means Bolt would do 308 miles. At 45 MPH or less, it will definitely clear 300 miles with many miles to spare.

Now big open road may not reach 300 miles range, but traffic clogged road will probably easily clear 300 miles. I suspect the Opel guy encountered some traffic, making his average speed close to 55 MPH.

Great info, thanks

It has a gas gauge? What is it doing in an EV?

Ha! I don’t think many gasoline powered cars have a gas gauge in them anymore either.
Although it hasn’t existed in my lifetime, the cold thing in the kitchen I still call an “Icebox”; what the French call a “Frigidaire”.

That is right, mhpr! The official designation now is Guess-O-Meter! LOL!

“and certainly GM is preparing for huge numbers of conquests” ?

GM will build less than 50K Bolts a year, and only 7-8K will be for Europe. LG Chem has simply no capacity to build more batteries.
There is a good reason for Tesla to build a giant battery factory – if you plan to build EVs in large numbers, you will need much more batteries than the total current manufacturing capacity of the whole planet.

LG is only using 30% of their capacity and the have more than enough cash available. So it really comes down to demand.

DCFC is standard, not optional, on the Bolt in Canada. It’d be extremely weird then if it’s not also standard in Europe, where the infrastructure is better.

Please price it right Opel. Do that and you can have a winner

3000-4000 cars for Europe, thats the number which will come to Europe.
So offer and demand determine the price. I would gues this price must be high.

I hope Opel puts its best efforts in northern European countries where EVs have the highest percentages of domestic car sales.

No. I have just signed for a Premier edition, it is where you would expect it to be.

I thought there was no pricing information yet for Europe… If you have any, please spill.

Supposedly 330,000 NOK for the Premier. Don’t know if it is accurate, but it has cropped up a couple of places.

So ~37K Euro? I know Norwegian prices are structured differently in terms of the one-time & annual tax, but if it’ll be ~37K Euros incl. VAT and before incentives in most European countries, that sounds reasonable.

If they do that, you said it yourself, it will fail, why would they want that?

I’m afraid it’s gonna be priced around 40k € and will therefore sell in no more than 2.000 examples in first year. Hypothetically, should it bear a 25k price tag than 100k copies would be no problem to reach.

If that’s true it is a real shame GM hasn’t set a much higher target. They can sell that many in Norway alone in two months.

Fantastic car, fantastic range, I personally love the looks and its going to be very practical for my usage needs. I’m really looking forward to owning a RHD version in the UK very soon… I hope.

Hope as you may there will be no rh version, very soon, soon, or even in the near future.
You may have a long wait.

Didn’t you see the article, on this site, that said Vauxhall is working on it??

Another Euro point of view

This car has a lot going for it but looking at all the videos I can’t get excited looking at it no matter how much I want to. This Elon Musk got it exactly right with the M3. Long range EV’s are still expensive, so if one is going to pay in Europe around EUR 40K he probably wants to have the looks that goes with the price tag. With this Opel people will pay around EUR 40K for a car that looks like EUR 20K. Still a very hard sell IMO. Hope I am wrong.

I think it will vary a lot by country – in some places it will fit in well (Norway, Belgium, Denmark) while in others it is still much of no-go like most of Eastern Europe with limited CCS stations. The value proposition just isn’t that good when you also factor in the import premium. Leaf 2 (whenever it arrives) will stand a better chance due to the Sunderland plant in UK.
The best thing about the Bolt EV/Amepera-e platform is that it different from its competitors with its boxy design – very practical for urban and suburban areas.

In Norway the question isn’t if they will sell, but how many we can get.

I think it’ll also do well in Germany. There are plenty of EV-bashing autobahn-going BMW/Audi/Porsche drivers who will hate on it, but also a lot of highly motivated greenies who will embrace it and come to love it.

The closet Germans in Austria and Switzerland will also embrace it. 🙂

It might even do well in France. Opel isn’t a strong brand over there and the Zoe will be the top seller again, but Ampera-e may well be number two and help expand the market.

Just look around you. Do you see only sedans? Only SUVs? Only Toyota? Only Mercedes? No of course not. There is every shadow, size, model, manufacturer on every road. Same will be true for EV. You want a Tesla, no problem. Others want a SUV, no problem. Let’s just be happy they want an EV and some manufacturers are stepping up and making them. Personally, price is the problem for me. Tesla looks good, Bolt looks good, I even like Leaf. Which one I can afford is the one I will get.

> You want a Tesla, no problem. Others want a SUV, no problem.

Actually, right now that would be a problem. Tesla makes the only electric SUV on the market – or the closest thing to an SUV in any case.

I think anyone wanting an SUV is in itself a problem. The problem of idiocy.

You must not have a large family nor live off of the beaten path then. It’s like saying anyone who lives in a city should not have a car, just take the bus, ride a bike. It’s short-sighted.

I agree that gasoline / hydrogen powered SUV’s are idiocy. But a BEV SUV / CUV opens up many utilitarian options, making that form factor far more reasonable / desirable / sustainable.